FULL MATCH – Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton: WWE TLC 2009

>>Ring the bell. [SOUND]
[NOISE]>>All our armed forces protect the world from bullies and you said that Randy Orton
is used to bullying people around. How will Randy Orton react when
an opponent like Kofi Kingston does not back down, does not acquiesce?>>Well, we’re gonna find out. This rivalry, of course, began couple
of months ago when Orton blamed Kofi Kingston for
costing him the WWE Championship.>>Randy Orton can sometimes
make you acquiesce.>>Spell it.>>Along the road to TLC-
>>[LAUGH] Spell it?>>Kofi Kingston pinned Randy Orton
at Survivor Series in the Kofi versus Orton Team match.>>Kingston eliminated Randy Orton from
the Breakthrough Battle Royale on Raw a couple of weeks ago. [NOISE]
>>While Randy Orton will enjoy a hype and experience advantage,
Kofi Kingston is far quicker and perhaps more athletic than Randy Orton.>>Kofi, we never knew it existed
before out of this rivalry. Vindictive and vengeful at times,
fears at others.>>And there’s the agility and
athleticism. It’s very unique style of Kofi Kingston. Michael, can you see it
every Monday night on Raw? How will Randy Orton come
back with this unique style?>>Well, as you saw, it’s almost like
the gears are turning in Orton’s mind. He’s trying to figure Kingston out.>>The thing is Kofi is insisting
on the fact that Randy has tried to intimidate him. In the last week, he has,
but Kofi is not intimidated. But on the other hand,
nobody intimidates Randy Orton either.>>And
what you’re seeing here is Vintage Orton. Now, those long long limbs on
the offensive end floor who keeping distance from Kingston, but
also allowing him to stomp Kofi as well.>>You might get the best
of Randy Orton on occasion. You might even beat
Randy Orton on occasion, but I don’t think you’re gonna intimidate him. And somehow I think that’s what Kofi has-
>>And a scoop slam by Orton, beautiful. Hooks the leg, Kingston kicks at two.>>There’s the reach you were
referring to coming into play there. Orton catching Kofi Kingston halfway
across the ring and now going to a very, very painful potential submission hold.>>I believe Kingston does not
wanna get into a pounding ground battle with Randy Orton. Kingston needs to pick up the pace, needs
to fly, use that controlled frenzy of his.>>Now with Sheamus as the WWE Champion, the door is swung wide open
in the Raw locker room.>>How the landscape of Monday Night Raw
changed tonight in a second when John Cena crashed through that table. And the doors could open for
both of these men. Remember, Randy Orton could not get a shot
at the championship as Cena was champion. But with Sheamus on top now,
Orton is back in the title hunt. Look at Kingston, hammering away with the right hands
of Kofi Kingston there as well.>>Closed fists, closed fists, illegal.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I’m sure that Randy Orton would probably like to consider himself
the number one contender.>>And because of the title change, think about the landscaping
complexion of this match has changed. The winner of this match-
>>Whoa.>>Look at Kingston, shoulders down,
it could happen here, and a kickout. The winner of this match could be
aligned for a title opportunity->>Well, that’s what I was gonna say, if Randy loses tonight to Kofi Kingston, he wouldn’t be considered
the number one contender.>>But Kofi could be.>>All right.>>Here we go.>>And look at Orton,
knew what was coming. The veteran instincts of The Viper.>>Now, that was only a boom-boom,
instead of a boom-boom-boom.>>Look out. Side step.>>It’s like he’s on rubber, look at Kofi.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That was mad.>>Wow.>>There you go,
there’s some broken ribs for you. That was awesome.>>I gotta agree, that was awesome.>>Kofi Kingston was
awesome setting it up. Watch Kofi flying over, then Orton.>>Watch Orton, watch Orton fly.>>Watch him, watch him.>>Catch him in mid air.>>Bam, right there.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>There’s a reason Randy Orton is a six-time World Champion.>>Randy seems to be pawing
at his right shin or knee. There’s a sense of urgency
now within Randy Orton.>>Well, that wasn’t just a normal drop
kick that Randy Orton just delivered, because he’s capable of delivering
some beautiful drop kicks. And that was spectacular.>>It looks like he wants to deliver
punishment as he breaks the count.>>Well, you’re right, the force that Kofi
Kingston was coming at Randy Orton with not that a different type of,
what’s this now?>>Right to the ribs where
the dropkick connected earlier on. Orton now focuses his attack.>>If you ever fractured your ribs,
it’s painful to even breathe. Even to take a simple breath in. That’s gonna compromise Kofi Kingston,
Michael.>>Just getting dumped over the barricade
like Kingston just did will hurt.>>Five.>>And Orton quickly rolls Kingston-
>>One, two.>>Pinning position, cover, hook in
the leg and a two, Kingston kicks out.>>What?>>Orton questioning what we believe
is a slow count for the referee.>>At least it’s not Mark Cuban slapping
the mat three times in one second.>>Well, remember, all that did was even
the series between these two after Orton had the advantage thanks to The Legacy’s
ambushes Kingston week prior.>>Is the plural of ambush ambushes? [NOISE]
>>Perhaps, you’re the teacher. [SOUND]
Randy Orton.>>Right now Randy Orton doing
a little teaching of his own. Taking Kofi Kingston to school so
to speak.>>And look where he has focused
the assault, the ribs of Kingston.>>The ribs and the sternum, that’s that
soft part right in between your pecs. You can put your thumb in there and
feel that.>>Orton,
forearm to the face as Kingston kicks out. Injured ribs can cause so
many problems for a guy like Kofi Kingston who loves to fly. Loves to move around the ring as fast as
he can gonna cause problems breathing among other things.>>Hard right hand there to the ribs
of Randy Orton from Kofi Kingston.>>At what cost? Even throwing a punch is taking
a lot out of Kofi Kingston.>>It almost feel, King, like Orton has
Kingston right where he wants him now.>>Which makes Orton so dangerous. [NOISE]
>>Then Orton turning it up a notch.>>Randy Orton, merciless.>>Well, shoots the half-
>>One, two->>Hooks the leg, and Kingston has to power at two.>>Let’s go back and think of the history,
I’m sure Orton is right now. I’m sure Orton has flashes of seeing
Kofi Kingston demolish that NASCAR. That beautiful, spectacular NASCAR
that The Legacy had given him. [NOISE]>>This has to feel so good for Randy Orton,
to have Kofi Kingston at his feet.>>Yes, it’s unsettling.>>For whom?>>For those watching.>>I’m enjoying it.>>[NOISE]
>>Classic Orton uppercut. [NOISE]
>>It’s almost like he’s saying what’d you expect,
did you think it would be any different?>>RKO, RKO, RKO. [NOISE]
>>Orton gonna let Kingston pull himself to his feet.>>Well, look at-
>>Whoa.>>You say Randy was giving Kingston-
>>The SOS from Kingston, bending Orton in half.>>No such a thing as
taking too much time. Letting your opponent recover too much and
I think that’s what we just witnessed. Watch this as Kofi able to hook-
>>Here it is, Kingston from top of your screen. Cover, cover,
Orton kicks out at two and a half.>>You’re right, that referee has not been to
the Mark Cuban School of Counting, has he?>>Thankfully.>>I think Kofi must be ready to start the
offense to get the momentum built here, can Kingston build on this? Mentioned before, Kofi has to
pick the pace up, he’s playing->>I think he’s about to, yeah.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well, there’s no bicycle in the basement of the Alamo, but
there’s fight left in Kofi Kingston. But look, look Kofi, clutching his ribs.>>He’s hurting.>>He is hurting.>>Yeah, Kofi threw caution in the wind
may have reinjured the ribs that Orton’s been focused on throughout the matchup.>>You have to try to watch Kofi’s mouth. See if he starts breathing
with his mouth wide open. That’s usually a direct
sign of an internal injury.>>Well, if he had internal injuries, he’s-
>>What a cross body. Lateral press,
hook to the leg, he’s got him. Kofi got him, no,
a kick at two and a half. And again, despite the injured ribs.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I gotta think, well, I don’t know. It’s almost like I think that the ribs
are not cracked or fractured or he would’ve never been able to hit that
cross body from the top I don’t think.>>Kofi, here we go.>>This is not the speed we are used
to seeing from Kofi Kingston.>>You’re right,
he’s damaged goods right now.>>Well,
Orton maybe damaged goods as well. Hook in the leg, Orton’s done. Orton could be done here. And a kick out at two and a half. This is bad and look at this.>>Look at this, this beautiful height,
beautiful execution, but at what cost? Watch Kofi’s ribs on impact. [SOUND]
>>Oof.>>There we go.>>The back breaker.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Randy Orton just literally slithers around in that ring, he is so-
>>What?>>Serpentine, yes, he’s serpentine. I would rather just use
maybe snake bite instead.>>[LAUGH] And look at The Viper coils.>>Yes, look at those eyes.>>And Kofi with a drop kick.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>He snuffs out the snake.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now is this gonna be a boom-boom-boom, yes it is, the Boom Drop.>>Boom Drop, now it’s Kofi Kingston.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[SOUND] Boom, [SOUND] boom.>>I know Kofi likes to build momentum
here, but this is not necessary. You’re wasting crucial, crucial seconds.>>Valuable time, valuable time.>>Trouble in Paradise, connecting. Trouble in paradise,
Kingston hooks the legs of Randy Orton.>>One, two.>>Randy Orton got the rope,
Randy Orton grabbing the rope.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And he survives.>>Credit our cameraman,
what a great shot there?>>We talked earlier about the long limbs
allowing Randy Orton offensive use, but-
>>Well, that Kofi->>Defensive this time around!>>Kofi made you and
I eat our words there. He wasn’t wasting time building
the momentum and it worked.>>The long arms of Orton allowing
him to get to the rope and forcing the referee to call off the count.>>Two. Three.>>And Orton is just out on his feet,
Kofi having to->>Four.>>Manhandling the lifting back into
that ring where you can hopefully get to pinfall.>>Well, Trouble in Paradise
connected dead on from Kingston.>>I’ve been hit with that kick right
behind from here, hang on a second.>>Uh-oh, Kofi-
>>Yeah.>>Randy Orton planting Kingston. [NOISE]
>>Mm-mm-mm.>>That’s the beauty of Randy Orton,
always thinking. You have to believe when
Randy rolled to the floor, he was immediately thinking of his
next move, which was right there.>>He is serpentine. He can lie there motionless and
then strike like a snake. [NOISE]
>>Both men struggling. [NOISE]
>>Yeah.>>Uh-oh.>>Randy has seen this so many times, the opponent is trying to push themselves
up off the mat, here it comes.>>Orton, his eyes just lit up. Randy Orton’s eyes have lit up, the punt-
>>Uh-oh, watch out, Kofi, watch out.>>And Kingston, I believe.>>Did he block it?>>Yeah, but Orton kicked his arm.>>Kofi Kingston got his
shoulder up in time.>>I could be wrong but looking at the way
that Kofi shaking that arm out, King, this could be a stinger which
is a neurological injury. Your arm feels like it’s on fire.>>It could be a broken arm as well.>>Right toward on the injured shoulder.>>I think Randy senses it. That arm, it gets very hot and
then it starts tingling like when your foot falls asleep and
then it becomes completely numb.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Kingston.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Randy positioning himself on that left slide.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Miss with the Trouble at Paradise, Orton wants to take advantage. He does, RKO.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lights out for Kingston.>>One, two, three.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>The winner of this match, Randy Orton.>>I guarantee you, ladies and gentlemen, Randy Orton realizes that
he was in a fight tonight. But Randy Orton prevailed
over against Kofi Kingston.>>Well, Kofi blocked that vicious punt
with his left hand, at what cost though? As you saw, Kofi’s left arm,
completely taken out of the picture. Randy Orton very wise to attack
from that side, Michael.>>And with the WWE Championship situation
turned upside down here tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Randy Orton may have
positioned himself for another title opportunity down the road. Impressive victory for
Randy Orton here at TLC.

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