FULL MATCH – Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse: Hell in a Cell 2018

Tonight, Daniel and
Brie stand side by side as husband and wife to combat a team they’ve
called a couple of cowards.>>That’s pretty spot on. As Daniel Bryan and
Brie are no position to throw stones. We heard the Miz talk about
how they’re the sure couple. Sure, I’ll marry you. Sure, I’ll deal with you. Sure, you can live at my house. Sure, we can eat.>>That’s a sure way, yeah.>>Non-GMO food together.>>And it looks like, guys,
Brie wants to start this match. Remember the rules of Mixed Tag Team
Action; The women must face the women, the men must face the men. So it’ll be Brie and Maryse to start off
this matchup here at Hell in a Cell.>>How inspiring is it that Maryse-
>>Of course. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah of course.>>That was profoundly inspiring Graves.>>Yeah,
it’s like SmackDown all over again.>>It’s a psychological tactic,
it’s crazy.>>No, it’s called dodging and evading. Now Maryse has tagged her husband the Miz. So that means Daniel Bryan must
now enter the match to face Miz.>>Do you guys remember at SummerSlam
when The Miz beat Daniel Bryan?>>With, boy, was it brass knuckles,
it looked like?>>I don’t remember the actual details.>>Of course you don’t.>>I just look in the record books.>>Selective memory.>>[NOISE]
>>Now, Daniel Bryan has been dying to get his hands on the Miz ever
since then at SummerSlam.>>Ho!>>That is teamwork. How cleaver.>>That was cheap was what it was.>>And Maryse provided the distraction and
the Miz takes advantage. I mean, think of all the obstacles that
Miz has put in the way of Daniel Bryan over the years, just so that
Daniel Bryan cannot actually get to Miz.>>And it’s all about image for
Miz and I know deep down inside. I think The Miz,
knows he’s threatened by Daniel Bryan. That’s why he tried to
create all these boundaries.>>Hardest punch in WWE.>>[NOISE]
>>Some believe that Brie Bella actually has the hardest punch in WWE, cuz-
>>No one believes that, Phillips->>[INAUDIBLE] punching Miz in the face.>>Daniel Bryan able to
evade on the run here. Miz misses wildly,
Daniel Bryan Bryan dropping the A lister.>>How much do they pay you to spew this
Bryan and Bella propaganda, Phillips?>>You’re one to talk about propaganda.>>Found it pretty entertaining
when Brie punched Miz in the face actually a couple weeks ago.>>That’s the money maker. Daniel Bryan, The Miz has got to
make a living, not in the face.>>Poor thing. And now Daniel Bryan sending The Miz and a boot there creates a little space. And wait a minute, Daniel Bryan trying
to wrestle Miz down to the canvas for the Yes Lock and there goes Miz. Miz will run away.>>Miz is strategizing for the record. See?>>He’s even pointing to himself. Is this the smartest competitor in the ring right now? [CROSSTALK] Well,
he’s not legal in the match anymore. Brie Bella and Maryse are. Round two, and the official declaring
that was a tag so Miz is now legal.>>This is getting big.>>As is Daniel Bryan.>>We got time to pose.>>Look at Maryse.>>Maryse has time to pose but
she can’t fight.>>[LAUGH] Unreal, that is spectacular. Look at how frustrated Brie Bella is,
Byron. Past week on SmackDown Live for
the main event against Maryse. Maryse just kept running out of the ring.>>Look at how frustrating it is to wake
up next to Daniel Bryan every morning. A guy who is unkept, ungroomed
>>That’s got to be frustrating. How do you.>>Who cares how he looks, Story? Who cares what he likes to
do in his private time? Daniel O’Bryan is a heck of
a competitor and so is Brie Bella. [SOUND] Wait a minute. The dragon screw to knee. And Miz is in trouble here. Daniel Bryan zeroing in on the Miz.>>Hands up, hands up, protect yourself.>>Eight years of frustration,
incredible rivalry here in WWE. And Daniel Bryan-
>>Man.>>Wants a modicum of
retaliation here tonight.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What exactly is it Daniel Bryan
wants to retaliate for? Because Miz and Mrs have a better reality show that’s
more successful than the Bella’s? Is that what this is about?>>It’s more than that, Corey.>>Miz!>>But you do admit it’s
partially about that, Byron?>>No, this has been about Miz.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Wait a minute.>>It’s been about Miz tarnishing
the name of Daniel Bryan. Tarnishing the reputation,
everything’s Bryan’s worked for.>>Miz and Miss is not anymore successful
than Total Bellas, I might add.>>Says who?>>Question is and
maybe it’s successful without each other.>>Daniel Bryan and Brie I’m sure Brie
would do just fine on the market. Bryan, I don’t know about.>>My god.
>>Now Miz onto the top and->>A nasty fall here, Miz all tangled up there
in the turnbuckle. And now Daniel Bryan’s got Miz right
where he wants him here in this mixed tag team match.>>This is completely unfair. Daniel Bryan needs to get
The Miz out of that predicament.>>He will. He’s on his way towards doing so,
don’t you worry. From the top rope and there goes Miz. Sent for a ride by Daniel Bryan.>>Daniel Bryan is feeling the moment.>>[SOUND]>>This could be it,
looking for the running knee. Miz is able to avoid it once
the cover shoulders down. Uh-oh, this is it could be looking for
the S-lock, double for the A-lister big trouble. And there is Maryse to
break up the submission.>>That is love. That is love in its purest form.>>Now Brie trying to run down Maryse.>>Maryse is like a gazelle. She can’t be caught.>>Like a gazelle.>>And Maryse out of the ring and
the official trying to control Brie Bella.>>Look at this. Maryse is running for her life.>>Caught from behind.>>Now, wait a minute.>>Here we go.>>Trying to set up
the skull crushing finale. Daniel Bryan to cover and
a kick out by Miz. What an uppercut. A brief moment of interference from Maryse [CROSSTALK]
>>As Daniel Bryan stealing the Miz’s world-famous.>>This is actually pretty fun to watch. Man.>>Yes, it is.>>Not that part.>>Daniel crashed and burned.>>You see how emotional
Brie Bella is on the apron.>>Yeah, she’s mad, she’s gonna end up with the loser’s
share of the paycheck tonight. For Dan, if her husband
doesn’t straighten things out.>>Man, into the top turnbuckle and
a rough landing for Daniel Bryan and now Miz has an opportunity.>>Brie obviously concerned about
the health of Daniel Bryan, the health of her husband. I think Brie is concerned as she gets
a sizable amount of alimony if this match doesn’t go their way.>>Are you kidding me? See? Look at her glaring at her husband.>>Two! [SOUND]
>>[INAUDIBLE] [SOUND]>>Miz, making Brie Bella watch, taunting Daniel Bryan’s wife.>>It starts right there!>>This is how low the Miz stoops.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The WWE Universe trying to help Daniel Bryan
rally here in this matchup. Brie Bella wants in,
wants to get her hands on Maryse.>>Counter by The Miz.>>Old backbreaker
neckbreaker from The Miz. Can this put away this matchup? The Miz can’t put away Bryan. Miz doesn’t look too concerned. sI mean, he knows he defeated
Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Why not do it again? It’s just a matter of time.>>Not defeated, cheated to defeat Daniel
Bryan at SummerSlam maybe even find a way to do so again tonight.>>But it’s even sweeter though I really.>>Call it like it is. Miz is going to get to defeat
Daniel Bryant infront of Maryse again. And this time and in front of Brie, it’s
really romantic if you think about it.>>It’s a Hallmark story, right? And again right in the face of Brie Bella.>>[NOISE]
>>One, two.>>Now Miz, burying the shoulder
right into the ribs of Daniel Bryan.>>[NOISE]
>>[LAUGH] Here they come! I’ve been waiting for these all night.>>Yeah,
the stolen yes-kick from Daniel Bryan.>>Remember the it-kicks,
made famous by The Miz himself.>>No, no, no!>>Trying to rub it all in
the face of Brie Bella.>>[SOUND] How do you know Miz isn’t just
doing it to impress his beautiful wife?>>Because he’s staring
right at Brie Bella here. Are you not watching the monitor? [SOUND]
>>This is great psychology by Miz. [SOUND] Aaron,
I really wish you would speculate.>>I’m not speculating. I’m-
>>This has got to be humiliating for Daniel Bryan.>>You’re asking me what
I am seeing right now.>>Miz trying to rip Daniel Bryan off the top turnbuckle here. And Daniel Bryan fighting back to the ribs of the Miz. Various position for
The MIz of Daniel Bryan here. Bryan getting the edge.>>And a big head butt. Daniel Bryan pulled the moment. Up on the top turnbuckle. Bryan trying to psych himself up. Bryan going for it. And missed with the diving head butt. And that could be catastrophic for
Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella in this match.>>But they say go big or go home but
after Daniel Bryan loses this match, the last place he’s gonna
want to go is home to Brie.>>Look at this soaring through the skies. Nobody home, the Miz with an escape
that would make Steve McQueen jealous.>>Look at Brie reaching,
trying to urge her husband, trying to urge Daniel Bryan to the corner,
to make the tag!>>And Daniel Bryan trying
to reach out here, Brie->>Come on!>>Just trying to reach out and tag her
husband, here in this next Tag Team match. And Miz, again, prevented a tag.>>Have you guys noticed that Brie’s arms
automatically got shorter when Bryan reached for the tag? It’s like Saxton paying for a dinner Bill.>>[LAUGH] That was funny.>>Out to the, man, and Miz,
Miz takes a tumble out to the floor, and Daniel Bryan’s got an opportunity.>>Bryan has the clear path to
make the tag to Brie Bella.>>Maryse is just trying to
get Miz back into the ring. She knows what’s about to happen!>>No!>>Maryse must enter this match.>>Come on, Maryse.>>Get her in. Get her in.>>Hey.>>Wow. That is, no!>>Wow is right!>>And
Brie got punch heard how that sound.>>I love it.>>[SOUND]
>>Brie got to Maryse.>>[SOUND]
>>Look Brie, go ahead Brie, actually Maryse into our desk and
then goes Miz. Daniel Bryan up on the apron. Brie directing traffic, and
a knee to the side of the face.>>[NOISE]
>>Brie Bella. Into the barricade. Remember, Brie and Maryse are the two legal competitors
in this mixed tag team match.>>All match long, Maryse has been trying
to hide, trying to run from Brie Bella. Now nowhere for Maryse to go.>>Maryse just gave birth
like five months ago. This is not fair.>>Now, she was cleared for competition. Well.
From the second rope with the dropkick, right on point. Brie Bella, can she close out
this match for the Yes Couple? Cover, and Miz-
>>What?>>Breaks it up!
>>[NOISE]>>Daniel Bryan!>>[NOISE]
>>Daniel Bryan going right after The Miz!>>Daniel Bryan,
making The Miz pay for it.>>This is no longer a wrestling match,
it’s a downright fight!>>Nobody touches my wife! You understand that,
do you understand that?>>Somebody needs to get control of this. Do your job, ref.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH] I don’t like the looks of this.>>Yeah, but Maryse and
Brie are still the legal competitors. All four in the ring.>>Ooh!>>This is just classless.>>This is how it’s done, Corey.>>[NOISE]
>>The Yes Kicks from husband and wife.>>And Maryse and
Miz both escape together.>>That is heartwarming and smart.>>No, you’ve gotta be kidding me.>>[NOISE]
>>Brie Bella, Brie Bella not gonna let it happen,
neither will Daniel Bryan. Miz and Maryse not gonna be able
to walk away from this fight.>>Yeah, we tried to Daniel Bryan and
Brie Bella with other plans.>>I don’t understand why Bryan and Brie need to take out their marital
discord on The Miz and Maryse.>>There’s no marital discord going on.>>Brie Mode.>>It’s going after The Miz and Maryse for
everything they have done to this company.>>I think Bryan and
Brie should have been disqualified.>>What?>>And the knee right there to Maryse and Daniel Bryan trying to run
interference with Miz. [INAUDIBLE] Now wait a minute, now looking
for the cover, could this put it away?>>No, what an escape.>>Wait a minute, Maryse.>>What a technician?>>Maryse has a cover. What the-
>>As the official Maryse and Miz win.>>True love prevails.>>Here are your winners,
Maryse and The Miz.>>Wow,
as if SummerSlam wasn’t gratifying enough. Courtesy of the A listers,
the hardest hitting couple in WWE. We got a sequel. I am elated right now.>>How the hell did that happen?>>I’ll tell you how, Maryse is
an underrated in-ring technician. She’s a two-time champion. She’s an athlete. She’s mother of the century. She’s half of the A-list couple. Should I continue? [MUSIC]>>Byron,
you look like somebody pantsing Christmas.>>I’m shocked. I’m in disbelief right now.>>My God, for all the frustrations that
Brie Bella has helped Daniel Bryan through now, Daniel Bryan is trying
to do the same with Brie. Brie is beside herself, she took so much
of this on herself to defend her husband.>>Brie is distraught,
because she was doubly embarrassed. She’s not quite the athlete
that Maryse is and she realizes her husband is
not quite as good as Miz. [MUSIC]

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