55 thoughts on “Full Fight Broly AND Jiren Vs Godslayer Hearts! Epic Team Up! English Dubbed”

  1. Mmm I like the new effects you put into this fight. At 6:28–6:40 I like how u slowed down the scene a little bit so it doesn't go by really fast and the fight is taking its time instead of a instant scene. After u fixed part 2 up and uploaded it into this u can see wat is happening to who for example like the attack that KO broly in the last part 2 version of the fight 7:19. I also love that close first person combat scene with jiren at 7:27 definitely should do that sometimes. Btw one more thing I like how jiren powered up and said nothing and only stared at hearts at 8:39 pretty badass how hearts says nothing back and just sent balls after jiren lol the music for that specific part fit in so well and lets you know its gonna get serious. Keep up the awesome work ur getting better at this👍👍

  2. Veo tus videos iniciales de este tipo, y los últimos que subiste como este y tu nivel de evolución en la edición es realmente admirable y respetable, la verdad me ganas por mucho❤ sigue así

    Una consulta, como haces esos efectos de aura/fuego alrededor de ellos?

  3. Es increible qu a hacer tu primera vez haciendo que 2 personajes peliarian juntos pareces un experto y buena idea en que broly recuerde su pelea que hicites contra jiren
    Amo tus peleas bien hecho jaja
    Un corazon plis

  4. Damn, this fight was fantastic, I think hearts could solo those 2 before they get wrecked, plus Jiren and Broly fight together in full power mode.

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