Freestyling African Teen is Fighting Racism, Sexism & Islamophobia in Europe

Freestyling African Teen is Fighting Racism, Sexism & Islamophobia in Europe

I just made one video about it [freestyle]
and after that, a lot of freestylers followed me and they said to me ‘keep going’ and all that.
me and they said to me ‘keep going’ and all that.
And there are also Sudan freestyler who come there and say
to me ‘don’t stop’ even if your mum or your dad
say to, so I just keep on going and that gives me so much positivity.
When I was playing football, my team was so racist.
Kind of racist but they showed me that, they showed me but didn’t
tell me that. When we played, they didn’t show for me or give me the ball or anything.
They thought it was better to lose the ball than give me the ball, that’s what I hate.
When I was in the team, I felt as if I wasn’t in the team because I wasn’t with them.
I’m just alone every time. But when I first started freestyle,
I felt so good and that made me stay as a freestyler

I don’t know, maybe they judge you because you’re a Muslim, you have a hijab
on, ask why are you playing freestyle
For example, my mum and my dad don’t like that I play freestyle because they and football in the street and things like that.
think that it’s a boy’s game and, yeah, they just don’t like that
Okay, my favourite football player is Mohamed Salah.
Why do I like him? He’s Muslim, he does all of his Islamic things and he also plays football.
He supports everyone, he’s so positive. I just don’t know, he’s just so good.

69 thoughts on “Freestyling African Teen is Fighting Racism, Sexism & Islamophobia in Europe”

  1. Islamophobia???? How about Christians who are being daily killed in arab countries and Islamic controlled areas… amnot buying into this bullshit unless if she stands for freedom of worship to every human being

  2. Dear Nacheki,
    There is a Malayalam film from South India which has Nigerian actors and is based on football and friendship called Sudani from Nigeria.

    You should see the film on Netflix here is some info about the film from IMBD.

  3. Lost me at Islam. Give it back to the Arabs. Most of us are the real Jews. YAH only. No Islam no Christianity no worship of men and human sacrifice jesus.

    One people, One God.

  4. Racism sexism islamophobia homophobia do not exist, these are made up words by political groups, in reality there's only right and wrong Good and Evil.

  5. Bro! This sister is very talented and amazing. I don't see Muslim in her, i see the beauty of African in her, strong lady. This Islamization need to be stopped, because at the end of the days its not Africans things, you can lives with Arabs in middle east or north africa and face this racism even if you are Muslim, so Islam is to promote Arabs language and their culture, that's no good

  6. Breaking News: Sudan agrees to hand over president al-Bashir to ICC aka White man's kangaroo court in Europe to stand trial.

  7. Don't worry about my sister the problems you're facing isn't new to us, just keep doing what you do good 👍🏿👍🏿

  8. DOPE!!!!!

    I thought she had bars and was gon start spittin that fire 🔥 though.
    However, I’m not disappointed, she’s awesome.

  9. We are proud of you sister, continue and never stop living your dreams and pursuing your beliefs. Trust the life, trust your instincts and get the money.

  10. Its called gaslighting. The common affect practiced to begin victimising and exclusions. Take notes of there actions and Just continue to shine

  11. We are Global African Indigenous people!! Love and Unity is the best key for us all together!!💯

    Also Giving thanks to the Great Mother's/Goddesses and Great Father's/Gods and the Ancestors and Guardians!! Saying from Snefer aka Bashiyr!!🤴🏿👸🏿

  12. Fight also for the "right to live" of many Christians in Muslim countries.
    Rise up against Islamic "honour killing" where family members are killed for converting. Then I will be interested.

  13. Since racism is a matter of psychological power, of "someone who thinks he is better than you", in this case, Africans should not try to fight racism by appealing to the morality of those who discriminate against them, but by becoming racist. Not because it is right, but because it is the only way to fight racism. Because it is a psychological fight, you cannot change people's minds by begging, but by showing that you are stronger than they are. Patience can't change anything. If you want to change something while being patient, you have to follow your patience with actions.

  14. Don't please ur desires and others, please ur creator. This life is just a temporary life. She is beautiful n may God guide her n all of us Ameeen.

  15. Putting racism and sexism in the came category shows she is foolish young woman. The white women running the feminist satanic cult scam are the beneficiary or promoters of racism. You cannot support the slave owners cause and the slaves causes at the same time.


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  18. Islam is one sexist religion, how come she is still involved with it, she doesn't follow her own advice ? Who is she try to fool ?

  19. Our Blackness and Melanin is their Excuse for Racism.
    They teach their Pink Skin Children at Homes 2 b Racists. White Supremacy is their Religion, Nothing else.

  20. Under Sharia she would likely be imprisoned and stoned to death.
    Christians did the same to Johanna d'Arc.
    Organized religions are not progressive, but dangerous and destructive ideologies.
    Don't be fooled by the religious apologists propaganda.

  21. She shouldn't let these neanderthal racists get to her because they are simply jealous of her intrinsic athletic abilities. Don't pursue white acceptance because that is an outward sign of defeatism -we DON'T need them and never have -remember they stole from us -even our history! Why would any sane black person wanna be like them?!👊🏿

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