First Fight || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

First Fight || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

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Hell with Jones, man! He is always late.
– Yeah! And because of him, even Goldie comes late.
They’re in a relation and you still haven’t gotten over her?
– My feelings for her will always stay with me.
You wouldn’t get it.
– Here they are.
‘Shit, they are always together.’
– Hi! – Hi, guys! – Hi, Shobhan.
Hi, Goldie!
– Hi, Shobhan! – Looking pretty today.
Let’s get the party started.
‘Once we’re in, I’ll sit next to Goldie.’
What do we order, Goldie?
– What do we order, Jones?
Almond Terres!
– What do we order? – Whatever.
Jones, you can’t eat ice cream!
– Well, this is for you.
Doctor told you not to.
Eat only the cake.
Is Goldie some baby that he had to spoonfeed her?
– Man, let them be already.
In the three of months of their relationship,
these two have never quarrelled. I can’t wait for them to.
They won’t.
That’s why they are the perfect couple.
Eat up, guys!
– Yeah, we know.
“I’m no longer like what I was until yesterday.
– I’m straying into dreams about you.”
Oh, cut it! Get this, you can never seperate them.
– That is what bothers me too.
I can’t watch them together.
Jones, you’re crossing your limits!
– What! Are they quarrelling?
So are you! – What? Me?
– Yeah, you. – You’re crossing limits again!
Bloody sadist!
– You’re the one who started all this. – Oh, is it?
What happened, bro?
– Nevermind!
What happened, Goldie?
– I was at no fault at all, Shobhan.
This is the first time they’ve quarrelled!
– Isn’t it lovely?
‘She is online, yet she isn’t pinging me.’
‘He is online, yet he isn’t pinging me.’
‘Hey, Goldie!’
– Yeah? – ‘There is lot of traffic on our route.’
‘Ask Jones to take some other route.’
I’m coming in a cab today.
– ‘Why not with Jones?’
Because it is my choice
and don’t always bring him up!
Shobhan, how come you’re here?
– To work? Hop on. – ‘Won’t Jones be coming?’
Since Jones quarrelled with you,
he won’t come anyway. So, I came by to give you a ride.
‘Is that guy Shobhan?’
‘Couldn’t she have just given me a ring
instead of going with him?’
Why haven’t you been answering my calls?
Why aren’t you talking now? What’s your beef with her?
Nothing much.
– Nothing much? You both quarrelled. You both!
So, what happened?
– I said nothing. Forget it. – I’ll check on Goldie.
Shobhan, how is Goldie now?
– Like always, she is cute.
I meant how is she doing? Jones here is looking pissed.
– She looks moody. But no worries, I’ll cure her.
Don’t you bloody poison her ears against him.
– Let me run the show now, bro. Hang up.
Hi, Goldie!
– Shobhan, please..
You seem moody. May I help you with your work?
– Will you?
I can do your work if you wish.
– Will you? – Yeah, sure.
Thank you, Shobhan.
– Anything for you..
She hasn’t even started the work.
Now, I’ve to finish this?
He still didn’t ping me.
Goldie always gets you lunch. She didn’t today?
– She didn’t. I’m not hungry either.
How can you not be hungry?
– I’m not. You have your lunch. – If you don’t, I won’t.
Bro, don’t irritate me. You have your lunch.
– Shobhan, please..
Wonder if Jones had his lunch.
– Jones again?
Hey, Goldie, had lunch?
– Yeah, I did. – Are you sure? – Yeah!
Is it? Didn’t Shobhan have all of your lunch?
– No, he didn’t. Did you have yours?
I think you’re lying. Show me the picture of the empty box.
– Well, I only had a few bites. But, I’ll finish it.
You’re hardly eating lately.
Quit dieting and start eating.
Yeah, I will.
– Alright. Pass the phone to Shobhan.
Shobhan, come here.
Jones wants to speak with you.
Bro, Goldie isn’t having her meals on time.
– Is it? I’ll talk to her.
How rude! He hung up.
– If I were Jones, I’d have personally come here.
Is it?
– Yeah. – Alright.
Rectify the error in the code.
– Bro, call Shobhan and enquire if Goldie had her lunch.
Man, I’m busy. Call him up yourself.
– Bro, just do as I say.
Kiran is calling.
– Ask him if Jones had his lunch.
I was planning on calling you.
– Why? – Did Jones have his lunch?
Even Jones wanted to know if Goldie had her lunch.
– I tried to make her have her lunch, but no use.
Tell her he didn’t have her lunch.
Jones didn’t get his lunch either.
But he went to KFC and had his meal.
He isn’t regretting that he yelled at you.
I don’t know what happened last evening
but I’m sure it was all his fault.
– Yeah, it was. Don’t know why he’s become so insolent.
That idiot is always like that.
– Don’t you dare call him an idiot! – ‘What the..’
You were saying something?
– W-Well, I think Jones is now finding you boring.
No way!
– When did he last speak to you? Yesterday?
18 hours, 25 minutes, 30 seconds.
– I mean, hear me out..
32 seconds..
– How can he not talk with you for so long?
35 seconds..
– Forget about him. Rather, you can try me..
40 seconds..
– Whatever! It’s time for the meeting. Let’s go.
41 seconds..
– Oh, cut it, will you?
18 hours, 30 minutes and 27 seconds.
– Quit counting, will you?
We’ve never not spoken with each other for so long.
– I didn’t expect you both would quarrel.
What happened last night?
– Don’t ask me that. – Whatever.
She didn’t have her lunch either.
That just tells how upset she is aswell.
This is your first fight, so turn it
into a sweet memory instead of acting so egoistic.
Take out your phone
and call her. Now!
Concentrate, Goldie.
She isn’t answering.
– Guess she is more egoistic than you are.
Let’s go now.
15 missed calls from Jones?
Screw him!
What could her password be?
Her lucky number is 7.
I’ll delete all of her call logs.
Hi, Goldie!
– 19 hours and 30 minutes! – Hell with this.
You’re waiting for me, huh?
I’ll go get my bike.
Why are you doing this, Jones?
Goldie, I’m sorry.
Please, say something.
It’s been 20 hours and 30 minutes since we spoke.
– 32 minutes, actually. Your watch is 2 minutes slow.
Even Jones doesn’t know that.
You know everything about him and also his stuff?
You guys are made for each other.
I don’t like you both not talking.
Had your lunch?
– Had a meal at KFC, you mean? – What do you mean?
Didn’t he go to KFC?
– No, he had nothing since morning.
Couldn’t you have called me instead?
– What do you mean? I called you 12 times.
What? I didn’t receive any.
– But I did. – I know what happened.
Oh, shit! They are back!
What a cheapo!
– So, it was this guy’s doing. Anyways, are you now cool?
I’m sorry, Jones, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.
– You yelled maybe because I crossed the line?
But still..
– What happened last evening?
I hope she isn’t seeing me.
I told you not to eat any ice cream!
– Well, I was only..
The doctor ordered you not to.
– Just a spoonful won’t harm. – You don’t pay any heed?
Stop controlling me, Goldie!
– What? Me? What did you say?
I asked you to stop controlling me.
– Jones, you can’t say that to me!
Alright! Let’s go get my car.
– Bye! – Bye!
Promise me you won’t have any more ice cream.
– They fought over ice cream?
When did you come back?
– Right when they were explaining what happened.
I promise you I’ll break them apart completely
the next time they argue.
I’m sure you too would’ve had arguments
with your loved ones.
But see to it you sort out your differences
without becoming too egoistic, else such people would take advantage.
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