Finn Balor 2019 Return Update (WWE Leaks) Famous WWE Superstar In Hospital WWE Raw News Today

We’ve got some sad news now
to report now as
WWE Hall of Famer Billy Graham
is back in hospital.
According to Graham’s wife, the
Superstar is being treated
for congestive heart failure,
though doctors didn’t find
any blood clots in his lungs,
which is certainly a good sign.
The current belief is that the
legend suffered a heart attack,
though nothing has been
confirmed by his medical team
Though he’s a former WWF
Superstar and Hall of Famer,
Graham is a known critic of the
company, and after
WrestleMania 35 this year
lambasted the choice to have a
women’s main event
and encouraged new WWE
Champion Kofi Kingston
to take steroids to keep a spot
in the main event
Despite this, we at Slat Rock
would like to send our very
best wishes to the 76-year-old
legend, and we’ll keep you
updated on his condition as
more information is made known.
We’re starting today with some
news from RAW, as a number
one contender’s match for the
Universal title will take place
In just a few hours, Rey Mysterio,
Shinsuke Nakamura, Ricochet,
AJ Styles and Robert Roode
will face off, with the winner
getting a shot at Seth Rollins
on next week’s Season
Premiere of RAW.
Though the Architect is
scheduled to face Bray
Wyatt at Hell in a Cell
the card is always subject to
change, though the Fiend
will also premiere
a new edition of the Firefly
Fun House on tonight’s show.
Other matches announced
include Sasha Banks Vs. Nikki
Cross, with the Boss having
Bayley in her corner, and Cross
having Alexa Bliss, as well as King
Baron Corbin Vs. Chad Gable, a
rematch from last week’s King of
the Ring finals, and a follow-up
from Gable attacking the Lone
Wolf on the latest SmackDown
Fans should enjoy these cross-
promotional matches whilst
they can, as the WWE Draft
is set to take place next month,
and will reportedly spill the end
of the Wild Card rule.
Though nothing has been
confirmed about what Brand
Brock Lesnar will end up on
fans do know that the Beast will
challenge for the WWE
Championship on
SmackDown’s debut on FOX,
and it seems a title change
is imminent.
In addition to the title match with
Kofi Kingston Lesnar is now
being advertised
for the October 11, October 25
and November 15 editions of
the Blue brand.
Though the Beast is also
scheduled to appear on next
week’s season premiere of RAW
that could be the last time fans
see Lesnar on the red brand
in quite a while.
There have been hints for a
while of Lesnar moving brands,
with advertisement
during FOX’s Nascar shows in
March teasing Lesnar moving
to Friday Nights.
It’s interesting to see Lesnar
have so many TV appearances
scheduled, as his previous
contracts only called for Pay Per
View appearances and limited
live events,
with his live matches going
less than five minutes.
It’s clear that WWE are putting a
lot of focus on SmackDown
ahead of the Fox launch,
and this could mean fans see
a new WWE Champion
crowned very soon.
Speaking of live events, the WWE
will be returning to Australia on
October 21st through 23rd,
and PW Insider have reported the
card for the shows, which could
indicate upcoming storylines.
Of note, Roman Reigns and Erick
Rowan are set to lock horns again,
as it seems
seems their feud will continue,
and the show also has Finn Balor
on the card, despite the Demon
taking a hiatus after SummerSlam
in August, as separate reports
have suggested the Irisihman
will feud with Shinsuke
Nakamura upon his return.
Kofi Kingston is set to defend the
WWE Championship against
Randy Orton,
though this could all change after
the Kingston Vs. Lesnar match at
SmackDown’s debut on FOX.
Buddy Murphy and The IIconics
are both booked for the shows,
which makes sense
given they’re Australians, and the
WWE want to give the fans some
homegrown heroes.
One Superstar who isn’t
scheduled to appear down
under is Dolph Ziggler
though that didn’t stop the RAW
Tag Team Champion from
making a scene
the other night in Las Vegas,
with Hall of Famer Goldberg.
A video of a heated altercation
between the two emerged
online, and unsurprisingly
the IWC has already come up
with some theories.
On Twitter, Ziggler wasn’t in the
mood to explain his actions,
even calling Goldberg
Goldberg a dips**t, and though
this isn’t PG, many believe this
could be
leading to a rematch between
the two.
It’ll be interesting to see what
WWE have planned though,
as Ziggler is currently
part of the RAW Tag Team
Champions, but is obviously
still bitter about his loss
at SummerSlam, and is looking
to get revenge.
Over to AEW news now and
though he may be a heel
on-screen, Chris Jericho
has saved the day yet again,
for another professional wrestler.
In a prior video, we noted that
Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs needed
help to cover medical costs,
and though the $10,000 target on
his GoFundMe seemed difficult, it
was no problem for Y2J.
In a truly generous act, Jericho
donated a cool 1 and a half
grade to the cause
and this isn’t the only time he’s
given to help his fellow wrestlers.
Over the years, Jericho has
donated close to $30,000 to
help wrestlers,
including paying for medical
costs for stars like Rico and
Jerry Lynn, helping save
the home of Kamala, and paying
to the funeral costs of ECW’s
Balls Mahoney.
Though he may be on SOB on
AEW TV, it’s clear that Jericho
has a heart of gold, beneath
his scarves.
Back to WWE now, and Lacey
Evans has a knack for staying
in character, a talent that
has caused many fans to want
to meet the Sassy Southern
Belle at Meet and greet events.
This week, Evans continued her
heel ways on the road, being
pulled over for speeding
whilst in Canada, but didn’t take
too kindly to the Police officer.
Keeping in character, Evans
lambasted the officer, before
uploading the video
with the caption “Canada is
terrible”, though it was the
Natalya Neidhart who got the
last laugh.
Though the officer claimed he
didn’t know who Evans was,
Natalya said that officer
GM Brettell was a cousin of hers,
claiming the Hart’s run Canada.
After the story was picked up by
the Calgary Sun, Evans
responded with her usual sassy
self, claiming the only thing that
Hart family run is quote
“Classless Canadian Mouths.”
It seems that the feud between
these two is getting more
intense with each passing day
as Evans even threatened to
retire the third-generation
when she returns home to the
United States.
Even if Natalya and the cop aren’t
related, this was still a pretty fun
and has shown Natalya at her
most professional,
and Evans to be someone always
ready to advance a storyline.
We’re looking at more news from
WWE’s Women’s Division today,
as the company recently
posted footage from tonight’s new
WWE Ride Along featuring Braun
Strowman and Alexa Bliss.
In the clip, the two recall their
teased romance angle from
the Mixed Match Challenge,
as Strowman says he was hoping
for the “Get these Lips”
movement with Bliss.
The Monster Among Men also
accuses Bliss of playing hard
to get
though the Petite Powerhouse
would defend herself,
saying she couldn’t go around
kissing everyone
Though the pair aren’t working on
screen together any more,
someone may want to tell
them both, as a recent video by
the WWE Women’s Tag Team
seems to have got Braun’s
motor running.
In a video with captions from
Britney Spears’ Toxic, Bliss got
plenty of positive feedback
as well as a “gulp” from the
Monster Among Men.
Fans quickly latched on to this,
encouraging the Greatest Royal
Rumble winner
to ask Bliss out, as it seems we’ll
have to wait and see whether
Team Little Big reunite in the not so
distant future.
We all know that WWE is moving
SmackDown to Fox on Fridays
starting October 4th
and the company is still trying to
get as much buzz for the big
move as possible.
Though Superstars have started
appearing regularly on FOX
shows to promote the blue brand,
one Superstar who didn’t quite
have the best time recently
was Rey Mysterio.
Mysterio, who captured two World
titles whilst part of SmackDown,
recently attended
a Vikings game and was
spotted in the crowd.
While this could have been a fun
moment for both Mysterio and
the fans
the announcer clearly hadn’t
done his homework, saying:
“Rey — he’s here! Look at him!
He’s in his mask he’s like a
luchador like Nacho Libre.”
The announcer obviously didn’t
understand the history of
Mysterio’s mask
and its symbolism in lucha libre
wrestling, and presumably didn’t
quite get the fact
that the master of the 619 will
often wear the mask in public,
especially if there’s a chance
he’ll be on camera.
Whilst Mysterio is a luchador,
and does wear a mask, that’s
pretty much all he has in common
with Nacho Libre, the priest turned
wrestler character played in the
Jack Black film of the same
name in 2006.
Needless to say, this probably
wasn’t the best way to feature
Mysterio at an NFL game, and
hopefully folks will have done
their research before they bring
him up again on Live TV.
And finally today we’re ending with
some news from Angelina Love
who has been a major focal point
of ROH’s Women’s division.
Since debut in in the promotion,
Love has worked alongside
long-time friend Velvet Sky
and Mandy Leon to form ‘The
Allure’, a group that debuted
at the GQ Supercard inside
Madison Square Garden.
Unfortunately for the former
Impact Knockouts Champion,
things haven’t been easy
for Love, as she recenly spoke
about experiencing a stalker
in the UK,
during a recent 10 Questions
series on ROH’s website.
She said:
“Unfortunately, I had a stalker in
the UK give me some of the most
uncomfortable experiences ever
One experience was when he
flew from London to Las Vegas
to watch one of my fitness
competitions and somehow knew
what hotel we were staying in
and where we would be
at every moment. Came to break
fast buffet and sat at our table
and also walked
10 steps behind us on the strip
the following day,” she began.
“He recorded me on stage in
my bikini. Bought me diamond
earrings and left them at the
front desk of my hotel.
Got on my Facebook page and
started asking me about family
members in my photos
(my page is now private). Waited
by a slot machine by the front
doors of the hotel at 4 a.m.
when I was leaving to almost
knock me over with hugs
before I flew home
There were more encounters
with him but that was definitely
one of the worst.”
Now back in the States, it seems
Love has finally been able to
lose her stalker, and is now
focusing on challenging Kelly Klein
for the Women of Honor World
The two fill face off on September
27th at ROH’s Death before
Dishonour Pay Per View
and Love also spoke about
the importance
of getting a title opportunity at
this stage of her career.
“It would mean a lot to me. I
worked a few shows for Ring
of Honor back in 2004
and now being back here again
with so much more time and
experience under my belt
gives me a tremendous hunger
to show everyone here, and
continue to show
the entire world, why I am one
of the best women’s wrestlers
ever. I am champion material,
always have been and always
will be,” She began. “I think The
Allüre have sent enough
messages to Kelly over the past
five months, but in case it’s still
not crystal clear to her yet,
your time is winding down, Kelly.
Shine that championship belt
up for me
because it’s coming home
to mama.”
Despite being in wrestling for
nearly 20 years, the six-time
Knockouts Champion has
never held gold in ROH, though
that may all change later this
week at Death Before Dishonor.

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