Fights For Us

Fights For Us

Living in a family that struggled economically
powerfully influenced my life and my values.
Bernie Sanders
Fighting to raise wages for American workers.
Leading the fight to guarantee health care for all.
Standing up for civil rights,
and our children’s future.
Whether it was Wall Street,
the drug companies
or other powerful special interests,
Bernie has taken them on. For us.
Now, our country is at a turning point.
A dangerous demagogue tearing our nation apart.
Hard working people, betrayed by Trump.
A health care system that makes enormous profits for drug and insurance companies.
And a planet on the brink of a climate disaster.
In this moment, we need a fighter.
Bernie Sanders.
We know he’ll fight for us as president because he always has.

43 thoughts on “Fights For Us”

  1. The video of your paid campaign Personnel threatening to burn down Milwaukee is very interesting. You might want to check that out

  2. Biden 2020
    Why? simple if elected Bernie from the simple joy of hearing the wins the democratic nomination will have a heart attack and there goes his ideas. His a millionaire who takes pride in a book he sold. But still advocates for the poor. And that’s great I admire him for that but he endorsed himself for sometime as someone who might barely be a millionaire or not a millionaire at all and possibly funded by other contributors. Well his ideas are interesting they’re too unrealistic. We all want Medicaid. Especially if you’re low middle class and below. Same for free university but he’s just telling you what you want to heart how trust worthy is a man that looks like he is 96 years old and in the verge of having a heart attack. And with very fantasious ideas about a future world. I choose Biden a serious candidate that will af the very least put an end to Trump and go back to the country we used to be. And I don’t mean the lacking a the Obama administration but who we were as people and respected each other. Because we need to start with human relations before we continue to be diplomatic and so called “intellectual” about much serious issues which deservedly deserve attention at its quickest. We need to think in terms of length and time and Bernie won’t be around much. We need someone with the political experiences such as Biden who is committed to bring back better relationships within ethnicities and minorities and extend our relations so we can progress and better ourselves. Calling our neighbor or fellow person “a rapist” “ a criminal” just because he is of hispanic or minority descent is NOT the way. Bring the soul of America first and then we can focus on the issues at hand that’s bigger to me than any policy ATM espies ally with what this president has stirred in Charlotte’s Ville but all over the world. Many of these we have access to via YouTube. Acts of hate:racism constantly shown and we can’t act like we don’t know where it stems from. Biden 2020 you know the right choice just do it. Let’s put the nightmare behind us together.

  3. Nancy and company are taking Bernie out of the fight. The DNC is doing it again through this impeachment to take out Bernie. The fix is in for Joe

  4. And the View idiots attacked Bernie supporters and called us farts and outright lied about him. Please support my petition so we can get them to apologize. Thank you.

  5. This is endearing, but I think Bernie has still not gotten to the core of it. Trump is a symptom, not the problem. The only candidate addressing that and the logical solutions for it, is Andrew Yang. A candidate that Sanders has said he likes, by the way. Please hear him out at least once before you go and vote.

  6. Does anyone here have one good reason why I shouldn't vote Yang over Bernie? I'm honestly open but heavily leaning towards Yang.

  7. @BernieSanders, I feel like it would be very helpful if you addressed how voters can participate in the Democratic primary. If there's anyone out there reading this that agrees with me please like or reply to the comment. If you have ever voted in a primary in your state please share your experience. Thank you.

  8. Little disappointed in Bernie. You say you will get xyz done by rallying and organizing the people. I had issue with unendorsing cenk uygur bc it its not even about getting a bill passed. your biggest achievement was pushing national discourse and creating room for people like aoc. In which cenk and TYT probably deserve as much credit. If a congressman is against M4A u said will hold rally in their district etc. I cant believe that when u wont even call Biden out now. corporate media is going to lie, cheat etc if u cowtailing now why should we believe u wont then either. Not U US

  9. If Bernie can't stand up for himself against 2 women, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, then how will he stand up for the American people? Bernie is s weak old man. #WALKAWAY #MAGA #TRUMP2020 #BUILDTHEWALL #WINNING #TRUMPTRAIN

  10. It pisses me off when people say that they cant vote for him because he’s 78 and he might die while being president. there are 78-year-olds who live till 120. He has twice the energy of all the younger candidates is just as energetic for the first hour of the debate as the third. He is clearly in good health and has stamina for his age.

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