FIGHT with DOOMSDAY PART 2 [Ultimate edition] | Batman v Superman

FIGHT with DOOMSDAY PART 2 [Ultimate edition] | Batman v Superman

Oh god.
Projectile one impact
Striker’s Island, east of Metropolis
It’s uninhabited.
Projectile two..
No apparent re-entry.
President: Projectile two?
Superman, Mr. President. projectile two was..
Its moving.
*Doomsday Roars*
The shock waves are getting stronger
Every time we hit it, we make it more powerful
We can’t attack.
President: What are you saying Calvin?
I’m saying it’s unkillable.
Master Wayne, are you receiving me?
It’s kryptonian. Only kryptonite weapons can kill it.
They might, if you had any left.
I’ve got one *unintellegable* left
The spear, Alfred the spear
It’s pure kryptonite, it’s back in Gotham.
if i can penetrate the skin
the spear will kill it.
It would in theory.
I’ve got to get it to chase me, back to the city
back to the kryptonite.
Oh shit.
Why did you bring him back to the city?
The port is abandoned.
There’s a weapon here that can kill it.

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  1. So Doomsday conveniently lands on an uninhabited island and Batman wants to take him to Gotham City. What an embarrassingly poor written character this Batman was. Good riddance.

  2. The movie I think was mixed, about half good/bad. It had flaws and points of contestion and I have my opinions, but there are gems scattered about it like the action, visuals and some soundtracks that I gotta give credit to. Zack could've improved had WB not interfered and ironically lost faith in the hero that inspires faith in people.

  3. Why did Batman leave the spear behind?? Even if he didn't know about Doomsday, leaving a weapon made of a material that could kill Superman around is a big risk.

  4. Wonder Woman's epic entrance is ruined by the fact that she was just thrown in there at the last second. If this had been released after her solo film it might've worked better because the audience would actually know and care about who this random other person is.

  5. Ok seriously everyone this is not Doomsday, this is Nuclear Man! Everything is actually a ripoff of the worst Superman movie ever the 4th one! This is too much😂!

  6. What an incredibly stupid plan. Maybe get the kryptonite and come back to use it after you find it. Don't get the super-powerful monster to chase you when you have only a vague idea of where you are going. And Batman is supposed to be smart. If Wonder Woman hadn't saved him, this would have had a very predictable ending.

  7. In All-Star Superman, Jimmy Olsen took a serum that turned him into Doomsday, who by the way also had heat vision. In Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, Doomsday has heat vision.

  8. Way to fuck up doomsday. "He is the only being supposed to be strong enough to kill superman. How should he look. Remember when Harry Potter fought that troll in the bathroom? Let's just copy that."

  9. The spear is a portable weapon, when you want to kill some thing you bring the weapon to kill it, not bring the thing to the weapon.

  10. HOw do you ruin doomsday? Make him into superman, just uglier.Christ this was the dumbest shit they could have done.

  11. for some reason it became popular culture to hate on anything Ben Affleck touches but he is quite good he's much better than Damon

  12. Если ракета ядрённая мутанта не убила, то зачем на топливохранилище его бросать. Мутант не столько нанёс ушербка сколь супергерои. Они и ломают здания своими падениями и врагов кидают . Не уж то супергерои появляются из тех что живут по закону "Сила есть, ума не надо". Когда смотришь фильм, главное это отключить свой мысленный процесс. А иначе ждёт психбольница новых пациентов.

  13. The might of a tactical nuke, Doomsday and Superman? One of my punches makes all three, combined, look like pansies! I have the tactics and strategy of Bruce and the fighting ferocity and agility of Dianna. Doubters. Come at me! i'm 6ft4. I'll end you fast!

  14. Why did Superman wait for the bomb? He could've easily continued to fly Doomsday in to space and just leave him there to drift forever.

    This is mindless idiocy.

  15. actually, in theorie, Wonder Woman can kill it without kryptonite if her sword is magic and since she cut one of his limb, i believe it is.
    Batman a really told to Lois where he had hidden the weapon who can kill Superman?

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  17. superman: ress me plzzz !
    the sun: wait a sec need mana
    after he dies again
    he gets soul stone by his raid groupe raid leader batman.

  18. Have people figured out this Doomsday was the result of the procedure that Lex Learned how to do? Or are they being dumb and still fail to pay attention?

  19. If you watch this movie – this part of it specifically – you understand, how trashy the portrayal of Superman's resurrection is in Justice League. He had zero reason to blame Batman for his death. He was bathed in Solar radiation in space and was operating at his peak upon re-entry to Earth. He chose to sacrifice himself of his own volition.

  20. Wonder Woman is the reason Superman got killed. She cut off Doomsday's arm which caused the bone to grow, and Doomsday used the bone to stab Superman.

  21. 4:11 after Wonder Woman when Superman came in fucking up several sound barriers even during change in direction; powerful!!

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