Fight & Sniper Scenes 日军士兵和中国士兵之间的巅峰对决

Fight & Sniper Scenes 日军士兵和中国士兵之间的巅峰对决

Lu Mei, how far is it left?
Get down
Young master
It’s a sniper rifle
From the time of the gunshot to the bullet
It’s about 1.5 kilometers away
so far?
There was a Soviet sniper named Vasily Z
(Васи́лий Григо́рьевич За́йцев)
Killed the enemy three kilometers away
what? That’s from my house to the dock
Zhao Fei. Don’t mess around
Don’t move
Young master. Young master
Young master
The sniper should be in the woods opposite
Can you get rid of this sniper?
I will cover you. You guys slowly withdraw
If we are wasting time, their people will be here soon
We can’t just sit back and wait
What about you?
I’ll meet you guys after getting rid of this gunman
Then be careful yourself
I count from three to one. You guys move quickly
This is the base of that guerrilla
But no one is inside
Will there be any problem?
But this is the only way to go
Step back
Run. Young master
Get down. Don’t move
Iron Girl, use this
He is coming. Third Brother, what should we do?
Young master. You stay here. I fight with him
Third brother
Liu Jin. Liu Jin
Musashi. Sorry
I can’t take you to shanghai
Liu Jin
Don’t die. Liu Jin
Liu Jin. Liu Jin
Liu Jin

10 thoughts on “Fight & Sniper Scenes 日军士兵和中国士兵之间的巅峰对决”

  1. Very good: Chinese special forces beat Japan's very best of warriors. Kung fu v Ninja karate. Kung Fu won!

    I note that Japanese carried machine guns almost similar like our own British Stren guns of WW2, mostly used by French resistance and British Army including commandos.

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