‘Fight or Flight’ Behind The Story: 68 Whiskey Ep. 6 | New Series on Paramount Network

‘Fight or Flight’ Behind The Story: 68 Whiskey Ep. 6 | New Series on Paramount Network

– And action.
– Where does your talent end?
– You can’t talk over
all the footage okay,
I’m sending this to stunt coordinators,
this could be my ticket
out of the military.
(helicopter whirling)
– You ready?
– Fuck my dad’s balls ready.
(exhaling heavily)
– Strong, agile.
– I feel like I should be sparring
with an actual person not a camera.
– Me?
– You scared?
– No madam.
It’s kinda cute to see the relationship,
when I’m trying to help
her with her stunt reel
and how enthusiastic Sasquatch is
about giving her what she wants.
– It’s really sweet.
– Yeah.
– Okay, so there are two tricks
when throwing a stunt punch,
the first is distance.
You don’t actually hit the other person.
Camera angles do most of the work.
You have to really sell it when it lands,
so when I punch, you snap your head
to the side, got it, okay?
– Okay.
– Okay.
– Okay.
– Come on baby, snap.
– I’m trying.
– Okay, new deal.
You try to hit me this time, okay?
– Okay.
– Shit, hun are you okay?
Are you okay?
– Now that’s how you sell it baby.
– It was kinda fun to
shoot it the way we did,
we were using the camcorder
and we actually used some
of the footage from that,
so it’s kinda a different
look for the show.
– You did really work at that thing.
– I mean, I was hitting the record button
and saying my lines, I hope,
maybe they got to use
some of my actual footage,
but I guess I should talk to somebody
about getting a camera credit for that.
(crowd cheering)
(crowd cheering)
– You rolling?
– Yep, rolling.
Go for it babe.
– You’re sure the cardboard
boxes are safe yeah?
– This is exactly how
the professionals do it.
Now come on.
(crowd cheering)
(breathes heavily)
(boxes crunch)
(upbeat music)
– You okay?
– I think so.
Oh I mean obviously I’m the one who
did that fall because I’m so awesome.
Yeah right, my incredible
stunt woman, she killed it.
– Cut.
– Fun, fun to film,
Kathy the stunt coordinator
is absolutely incredible
and just seeing her being like,
we actually jump into boxes like this.
I was like, what (laughs).
– She’ll go on go unless
it’s really windy,
and then we’ll just wait
and I’ll do a recount as
soon as the wind dies.
– Man I wish I was doing the jump,
because I really would, it’s not too tall.
Like that’s a cool stunt coordinator,
when they give you that
confidence that you could do it.
– All I need is a decent stake.
And I know exactly where
I’m going to get it from.
– Where?
– This big fight, that
everyone on base is throwing
all their money down for.
– You gotta win though.
– I’m not worried about it.
– I’ve heard about the guy
you’re fighting, be worried.
– I saw him sparring the other day,
he’s blind in his right eye.
– How could you even
know something like that?
– I totally clocked it, he
didn’t see punches coming
from his right, it’s a huge weakness.
– It is.
You and Davis need to switch your bets
to Sasquatch in the fight.
– Look, I think it’s nice
that you have confidence
in your boyfriend,
but don’t let that get all over me, okay.
– It’s not that, the bodyguard,
he has a weakness that no one knows about.
– Except you.
– And Sasquatch.
– Okay, what is it?
– Durkin told Roback the weakness
of the bodyguard only because
she wants to help Davis.
He’s gonna lose his
home, his mum has cancer,
this might even be helping Alvarez.
I mean so many people are in
need of money in this base,
the side hustle game in
this base is so real.
(crowd cheering)
(crowd cheers louder)
– One.
– Come on.
Come on honey.
– The Mets are so in.
– She just wants to help
and then when he threw it,
it was just like, what?
– Yeah, I mean it was a totally
different perspective too,
from Sasquatch because he wasn’t aware
of the whole David situation,
and he thought that it was more of a test
to see if she was true to
Roback or to Sasquatch.
So it’s really one of the
most interesting moment
for Sasquatch in the show I think,
it’s because everything kind
of turns in just one moment
in the middle of the fight.
– Stay down!
– Six.
(dramatic music)
– Durkin has definitely
failed the loyalty test,
like I said, it was
all about their future,
he was planning on putting
his money on the fight
so that they could move to L.A. together
and she could continue working on stunts,
and then Sasquatch would
do private security.
The way it unraveled was not
what Sasquatch was planning.
– We just suck at communication.
Durkin and Sasquatch, they
gotta be on the same page
if they’re gonna do this.
– Yeah, very true.
(upbeat music)

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