Fight For The Future [FAN FILM] *Dino Charge vs. Time Force*

D on’t worry dude I’ve got no plans for
today so we can stay as long as we want
Yeah, all right I’ll see you soon.
Okay, not Wes!
Who… what are you?
this is getting ridiculous.
Dino Charger, Ready!
Energize! Unleash the
Why are you fighting me?
Okay enemy a few words!
Your timing sucks
dude! I’m supposed to meet my friends for
a night out.
I’m sorry I had to do this man. But well,
if I’m right then you wouldn’t even know
why I had to do this.
Hello, Jill?
Hey babe, I’m sorry I’m
running late. I know I’m supposed to be
early for our wedding anniversary dinner
No no it’s fine I’m also running a
bit late with the set up. So take your
time and be safe.
Thanks babe. I’ll see you
in a while. Love you!
Love you, too.
Oh my God… I have to order some food!
But wait…
who was that Ranger I was fighting?
Zordon I think it worked.
And you’re sure
your past self didn’t recognize you?
Don’t worry,
I was careful. I didn’t let myself see me.
Oh look the house isn’t destroyed, and
still married. I guess that means I
didn’t forget my wedding anniversary, and
I didn’t ruin my marriage! Which also
means I didn’t lose all those battles
against the monsters led by…
Remember Chris
this was a one-time thing.
Don’t worry Zordon. Who would have thought
that a forgotten anniversary would lead
to actual ruined lives right? Never gonna
let that happen again.
May the power
protect you.

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