15 thoughts on “Feds warn Albuquerque ‘sanctuary’ policies may jeopardize crime fighting funds”

  1. It about time the government dose something about this shit out mayor and Governor are worthless and don't care about people in New Mexico

  2. On my Block I’m 1 of 2 non-immigrants. wifes go by maiden names & New cars every tax season. Husbands are landlords haha they figured it out!

  3. Cartel cash, flooding Albuquerque, buying every vacant commercial piece of land. Car lots / tire stores everywhere. They bought your politicians

  4. B.s. – you can't have your cake and eat it too.
    The choice is yours, either enforce federal law and receive the funding or disregard federal law and forego the funding.
    State government does not hand out state funds to those who don't meet their criteria and standards, why should federal government be any different?

  5. Kellar is the problem he needs to go, done nothing for residents of Albuquerque except sell us out and made Albuquerque one of nation's worst cities for everything from crime to employment. Vote Kellar out or lose your city to cartels

  6. Albuquerque has gone to hell, the criminals run this city, until we get better people in office to run this city it's going to continue to get worse

  7. Yeah, let’s reduce police funding, cease holding criminals and restrict legal ownership of firearms. That’s a strange way to assure your citizens your actions are in their best interests.

  8. Just give up being sanctuary and take care of your ppl. You have the worst state in the country, it’s sad to see that this is such a problem for you. There shouldn’t be any thought to it this is people’s safety

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