100 thoughts on “Father, forgive me, I will not fight for your Israel (PL subs)”

  1. Well done , u r a brave young lady and wish all the best …Never stand for injustice..The Palestinians need to live like any one else..they have children , future aspirations and want to be treated like any one else..They deserve a good live and should be given one…good luck brave girl..

  2. @Ecdysiast96
    I have real hero Elinor Joseph is the first female Arab combat soldier in the IDF:“This will always be my home”

  3. @LeseMajeste

    Have you ever seen a map of the middle East ?? Israel is a tiny country surrounded by comparatively huge nations who would all like to destroy her.

  4. @Rev0lutionOfTheMind People like you are far and few, but the world is counting on people like you to make a different. It's not that you opposed, it's that you have a heart and may someday be in a position to make a different. I wish you well.

  5. I think I am in love, any links to her cell or jail or whatever. I have always wanted to write a letter to my heros in jail i.e. Pac. But never do. How can I send this awesome human being a letter or can I?? I think it would be badass and she would feel empowered if she got a lot of fan mail. THese are the people we need to invest in, people like this change the fucking world!

  6. @shadowofears Israel has a conscript Army. if you are legible to serve you have to serve. If you do not you serve a prison term. In ALL conscript armies the same rule applies in Turkey, South Korea, Russia Etc. conscientious objectors will always go to prison so stop implying that this is something unique. Idiot.

  7. @sooperfukker
    The Versailles treaty and the boycott of Germany wasn't appeasement at all. It just infuriated the nazis even more. And now the international community is repeating the same mistake with Iran. As long as a country doesn't attack another country, you can't really say it's appeasement.

  8. @sooperfukker
    The Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919, at the end of World War I. It required Germany to make substantial territorial concessions and pay heavy reparations to the countries that had formed the Entente powers. The total cost of these reparations was assessed at US $442 billion, a sum that many economists deemed to be excessive and counterproductive and would have taken Germany until 1988 to pay. The final payments ended up being made on 4 October 2010…

  9. @sooperfukker
    The reparations imposed on Germany in 1919 lead to its financial ruin, which lead to the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s.

  10. @sooperfukker
    Chamberlain didn't give Hitler anything. True appeasement only began a little while later, when Hitler invaded Poland.
    I don't know exactly what you mean by 'leftist', but your behavior is self-destructive too.

  11. What can I say, she is very nice and innocent, but very stupid as well. her attitude is completely childish, and also she misrepresented things right. The checkpoint was there because of many dozens of suicide bombers that came out of this area and killes hundreds of israelis in the last 2 decades. and she come and say that it's there for "no reason". why would anything be for no reason?

  12. are you truly justifying suicide bombers?
    and suicide bombers is a known way in the islamic "jihad" which is the fighting to kill anyone that doesnt believe in what they believe. If you will notice, it happens everywhere where there is a border between muslims and non-muslims. and why is that? because of the brainwash they get day by day by there leaders who command them to kill the others, and promise them a reward in the afterlife.
    Thas exactly why. It happens all over the world.

  13. Maybe she would know better since she experienced it , why would she lie? no reason for her to lie she made her decisions upon her experiences not what she assumed or thought.

  14. from her point of view, She is not lying, she telling "half truth" in order to justify her dids. she wanted to not serve in the army, and hiding it under ideology and the fact that a lot of the world is anti israel, which is also because of the islamic world lies. The paslestiains dont want to live in peace with israel, they want to destroy and kill all who live their and they actually dont ashamed to admit it, you get to see it everyday.

  15. i don't really agree with you , the actual massive lies are what her community is living in , she got over this community and stood up for her own opinions and believes , I think this is so much mature and not childish ! No she didn't fall for the propaganda she fall for humanitarian which is something to be proud of.

  16. This doesn't make any sense , she is isareli and she is specifically the daughter of the mossad 's chief so naturally she will be soo anti-Palestine and Palestinians she experienced what army is and how it can harm the earth from demolishing houses , killing , taking young kids to jail without any reason , humiliating on checkpoints , beating women , and she realizes how anti humanity this is so she decided to quit . it's not half truth it's reality!

  17. First of all, from her saying about the checkpoint been there for" nothing", I understand she is not honest, and the mossad is a very secret organiztion, so her father probably tells her nothing, as he have to. second, she tells only one side of the story, the idf NEVER takes kids for jail without them did something that justifying it, its under their laws. Second of all, why isnt she care about what happened before all those checkpoints and acts? about hundreds of israeli been murdered in a

  18. israeli land, about kidnapping civillians that did nothing, about 12 years of firing rockets almost every day(!) at small cities, schools, kinder gardens, etc, without israel responds to anything until 3 years ago? not caring when israel gets hurt, but shouting when israel finally responds, is exactly how the bi world media works, and unfortunately innocent teenagers like her fall for this propaganda.
    If the palestiains dont want israel to mess with them, they should stop starting all problems.

  19. You cannot compare the pathetic little rockets and pebbles thrown by an OCCUPIED people, IN THEIR OWN LAND, to the outrageous high-tech military SLAUGHTER of the Palestinians. Please loose your brainwashing, the rest of the world sees the TRUTH.

  20. dude, you just proved me you know nothing about this issue.
    First, I can see how bias is your opinion when you say what they do is nothing, when actually a whole region of israel is leaving in fear for years, in THEIR OWN LAND! israel gave away gaza strip, and they use it to shoot further rockets on israel from their closer borders, on israeli land! with weapons from the millions of dollars ISRAEL give them every year!!!! The hamas take it for its leaders, but a lot of weapon, and leave the

  21. palestians poor, and later blame their misery on israel. And, despite its not true, EVEN if you dont want to include the rockets, what happen before? in the 90's and the early millenium? when there were no checkpoints and suicide bombers went out around EVERY WEEK in average to main israeli cities and bomb themselves, killing thousands of citizens in total? yelling "ALLA AKBAR" or "ITBAH EL YAHUD" (massacre the jews)? not isrelis, jews. not because of "occupation", but because fanatic belief.

  22. well it wasnt happening before 1948 so what does that tell you?

    it says to me to muster all their courage and face these invading murdering nazis

    how dare they take anyone's home – its sick

  23. You obviousely got brainwashed by anti-israeli media, and anti -israelies in general. Know your facts before you talk. No one ever "invade" paletians home. In the first half of the 20 century, jews began to migrate to israel, for escaping from antisemitics in europe, and because of their strong connection with the land of israel. The arabs that lived there, who were very little then, so that those numbers are getting bigger, and started migrating there themselves, in order to stop it. all over

  24. all over those years arabs killed and massacred random jews they saw. all over those years the jews tried to get an agreements, with the british help, to get 2 states, and the arabs always rejected it, and declare war to end the jewish state. in 1947, the UN declared 2 states, the jews accepted it, the arabs didnt. and together with 7 different arab nation armies, they started a war against israel. after 2 years and great loss, israel somehow won, and arabs escaped from this war to near arab

  25. states, while they promised them they will return after they will "finish" the jewish state. many arabs that lefet went to jordan and jordan is 95% occupied by paletiains. now, 20 years ago, paletians in israel started killing israelis in the first "intifada", while their whole reason for know is religious, and brainwash of the hamas and their other leaders. I suggest you to check more about this on the internet, and not just saying false propagandas.

  26. This is the most delusional video I have seen in a long time. This girl should be stripped of her Israeli citizenship and she is more than welcome to become a citizen of any surrounding Muslim country.


  28. This little girl has bigger balls than any Lemming in the Fascist state of Israel !
    Good luck to her, she is a real hero!!

  29. Can you do a video on Syrians and Iranians who refuse to serve in their respective armies and in particular what the consquences are in those countries for refusing to serve ?!
    How knowledgeable is this girl on the centuries of Muslim pogroms against Jews ?

  30. @userarefull:
    Did you read what I wrote? When I was introducing myself as german, this was to explain that my relation to israel is influenced by history. This much should be clear. Nothing of my statement could be misunderstood as nazi-thoughts. Nazis wouldn't discuss the right of refusing military service, they would not discus Israeli military issues, but rather call war on them.
    There are two values to be balanced: The value of personal human rights and the value of self-defence of a state.

  31. If only her intellect were equally large.

    She, they who populate this movement, this mindset, do not know the whole truth, do not see the entire picture.

    They are like the Liberals in the USA, all heart, no mind.

    They operate within a shell of propaganda, financed by they who would see Israel destroyed but work their lies carefully to keep hidden their agenda and the truth backing their goals.

    Too bad those cowards prey upon the naivety of children.
    They are those whom are truly evil.


  32. I don't understand how this girl feels because I have never been in her shoes BUT just know that the more of you (Israelis) think like this A LOT of strangers (religions) are SLOWLY creeping up into the land with strange beliefs to our Adonai and they will take over the Promised Land due to the lack of service and the cycle continues.

  33. You appear to be quite stupid, judging from your prose (both content and style).

    You are really in no position to pass judgement on others

  34. This is also a part of ISRAELI propaganda. because ultimately they are not going to ACCEPT the REMOVAL of ILLEGAL ISRAEL.

  35. It's amazing to hear what you have to say and even more amazing that there is support for this cause from within Israel. Keep up the great work.

  36. I wonder, if all Israelis had the same opinion with that girl, about army service, who would fight for Israel at 1967 and 1973 wars. Also she should answer about whether there should be, in Middle East, an Israeli state (what is her opinion) and how can it be possible without a reliable army, as the past has taught. Because, when you are under attack you have to answer protecting yourself, or not? Unless she believes that Israel has borders with Switzerland and Luxembourg….

  37. Seriously, is she retarded to think one can just walk in and take a check point down? I mean seriously try to take the airport search line down at an airport in the USA and see what happens. The West Bank is what Jordan named it when they occupied Judah and Sumara, violating the UN charter giving the land to Israel.

  38. Debunking Palestinian Lies.. h ttp s://w ww.youtube.c om/watch?v=O7ByJb7QQ9U&feature=related
    Why there are refugees… h ttps://w ww.youtube.c om/watch?v=g_3A6_qSBBQ&feature=fvwrel
    The Peace Process…
    h ttps://w ww.youtube.c om/watch?v=QAuBc_cbXo0&feature=relmfu
    The Truth about the West Bank… ht tp s://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=XGYxLWUKwWo&feature=relmfu

  39. I have no respect for this woman. Israel has the right to defend herself against the heathens that fire rockets at her and protect herself against suicide bombers. I'm not a Jew but I support Israel 100%. God bless Israel.

  40. Israel is slowly becoming the very evil that persecuted them 70 years ago. It's slow and insidious that even the citizens don't realize it's happening. Good to see that this young citizen understands.

  41. If everyone in Israel were like her either they would've just remained integrated in Palestine as a single state, or would've accepted less than +60% of the territory from the UN, seeing as they were a minority at the time.
    Or maybe after taking over Gaza and the West Bank they would've just given the Palestinians REAL control of the land and freedom of movement, which they never did at any point.

    Through all truces and other camera ready BS, the IDF has always occupied the WB since the War.

  42. I am Palestinian & people need to know how much it means to Palestinians when an Israeli Zionist chooses to reach out to us in peace. We know that violence has been tried & it has gotten neither of us anywhere. We really need to stop hating one another and just agree to disagree and move on. This conflict is boring the hell out of the entire world.

  43. Please sign and share the petition calling on The EU to boycott all goods produced in Israeli Settlements (copy and paste link)

  44. Young Lady, you are extremely brave and you deserve way more than you get. It is my only hope that there will be more people like you to stop this madness in Israel and Palestine. You are absolutely right to chose the only real and natural way of life – non violent. If Israel would chose your way and respect International law believe me there would be no terrorism in the world any more. Respect for respect would end all forms of violence. I wish you all the best in your life. Good luck to you.

  45. screw you state of hate and lies called is-ra-hell!
    this little lady deserves all my respect! she s intelligent and was able to see through all lies the truth, eventhough she grew up in a place full of brainwashed dumb sheep.
    her real friends will stick to her…the fake ones deserve dick

  46. Blessings from a Puerto Rican in Florida, you’re like the great Mohammad Ali I support you’re coss.🙏🕊💯🇵🇷

  47. Ludzie walczą zabijają się kłócą prowadzą wojny Ale czy jest w tym wszystkim Bóg Prawdziwy? Czy on ma upodobanie w zabijaniu bliźniego? Chociażby z innego narodu..
    Bo czym jest więc Izrael skoro zapominał źródło z jakiego wypłynął i na którym fundamencie miał być oparty?
    Nie zabijaj! Drugie przykazanie przypomnę, Miłuj Boga swego nade wszystko pierwsze i najważniejsze, A Izrael co? Polityka mamona władza i chęć dominacji nad innymi narodami wzięło górę nad rozumem. A to poi się krwią żądzy fałszu i obłudy! I niewinnych ofiar!
    Czy to że ktoś jest Palestyńczykiem nie znaczy że nie może być z dziada pradziada potomkiem Abrahama? Albo nawet czystej krwi Semitą? Czy i tego że w jego krwi nie płynie krew i tych uznanych za waszych przodków do których się chętnie przyznajecie zwąc się Żydami? Z skąd wiecie skoro tego nie sprawdziliście ile żyda jest w żydzie a ile w Palestyńczyku Abrahama? Bo kto ma większe prawa do kawałka ziemi? Jeśli to z woli Boga Izrael został ukarany za zabicie jego posłańca i jego syna i za to została ostatecznie zniszczona świątynia a Izrael rozproszony, a może tak nie jest i jakiś żyd temu zaprzeczy!?
    Boga się bójcie oddajcie mu chwałę jeśli naprawdę chcecie być Izraelem! bo Izrael bez Boga Prawdziwego to jak drzewo bez ziemi na której rośnie i drzewo bez korzenia!
    Uschnie jak wszystko usycha co rośnie na ziemi…

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