Fairtex BGV1 Universal Training Boxing Gloves Review

Fairtex BGV1 Universal Training Boxing Gloves Review

hey guys this is Arron from Fight Quality
today I thought we’d take a look at a
pair of gloves I used a lot when I first
started Thai boxing which is the Fairtex
BGV1 boxing gloves let’s check it out
right so who are Fairtex
well that is one of the biggest brands
in Thai boxing all the equipment is
produced directly in Thailand it may be
only rivaled by companies such as twins
Yokkao and Top King but also beat Thai
well that takes have a good reputation
for producing really durable equipment
so this is the fair taste PG v1 which is
probably their most common boxing glove
on the market this is a glove great for
Thai boxing that’s why it’s gained lots
of popularity because it’s a good
all-round glove for whatever sort of
training you want it for right so there
are actually two different versions of
the BGP one box with US version that
we’ve been testing out is a non
breathable version which doesn’t include
a grip bottle so the whole palm is just
leather on this version and the other
version you can get has a breathable
palm and also has a grip bar which is a
little bit closer to what people tend to
expect from modern day boxing class of
course bear that in mind that the two
versions will be slightly different but
a lot of the points made in this review
should carry over so this gloves
available in 10 ounce 12 ounce 14 ounce
or 16 ounce which gives you a lot of
flexibility depending on what you want
to use it for we’ve got the 16 ounce
gloves because when I first got these I
really wanted to use them for sparring
but I have also used these for a lot of
pad and bag work as well over the years
so the planning on this glove feels
fairly well distributed you have a lot
of padding on the back of your hand as
well as the knuckles and the thumb so if
you’re worried about blocking case
you’ve got plenty of protection just as
much as on the knuckles in terms of
visuals bear Takes introduced a lot of
colored versions over the years a
version of we’re testing out it’s just
black with a dash of red but there’s all
sorts of colors so you should find
plenty to choose from on the back of the
hand of course is the classic fairtex
logo with a little made in Thailand
genuine leather symbol there the cuff
patch that’s really nice it does get a
little bit dirty over time we’ve clean
ours up a little bit
it’s just something to bear in mind but
it doesn’t stay clean forever sometimes
like that slightly more rugged looking
look where it’s just being used and
being tested out a lot more so I do
really like the style of these gloves I
mean I think the design is classic and
instantly recognizable but it’s also
plain enough that it could go with
anything so if you have other equipment
you want to match it with you could
easily find a color combination that
look really well and fits in with
whatever you’re using sometimes think
when brands tried too hard to make their
gear look different it sometimes makes
it a little bit of pain because you
can’t really find anything that looks
well with it some people that doesn’t
really matter too much but if you’re a
bit like me I like to match up all my
equipment together just look that little
bit better so style isn’t that important
in reality or what is is materials and
at the end of the day these are premium
but leather on these is one of my
favorites it’s really sturdy and rugged
but also quite smooth so you get a nice
good material that when we’re comparing
the durability of other gloves I always
tend to go back to these fairtex gloves
just because they are really a good
specimen of what sturdy pair of leather
gloves should be so as well as the
ultimate feel the inside is really nice
as well just around the inside of the
wrist it’s covered by leather but the
rest of it is a nylon feeling material
which just fits really smoothly against
the skin it’s not too soft but at the
same time it’s not very rough and you
don’t really notice it too much I don’t
think the inside of these gloves it’s
got quite a wide hank of all and I think
there’s quite a lot of room in there it
doesn’t feel like it’s holding too
snugly against your skin which might not
be to some people’s liking but then if
you have a slightly bigger hand these
are pretty fit really well I think this
is mainly because the padding is a
little bit thinner on these gloves it’s
a little bit more dense so it leaves a
lot more room inside I also really like
the velcro on these gloves just because
it’s really strong but also the strap
has plenty of soft velcro at the end um
and I have tight your bullets you
shouldn’t have too much of an overhang
or any like hard velcro that’s going to
scratch your opponent’s inside there are
no tags or labels either so there’s
nothing to scratch against the side of
your hand that’s not normally something
I really haven’t problem with it is nice
to know if you have had a glove which is
a little comfortable because of it so as
well as the materials these gloves just
really well put together as you can see
the leather stretch around really well
the sides and all the stitching is
really sturdy I mean we’ve used these
for years and they’re absolutely fine
they’ve really hold them together quite
well actually
my only real problem with these glasses
I wish there’s a little bit more freedom
Bertie but that’s why you do have the
alternative version with the breathable
mesh panel there so it’s not a huge
issue at the end of the day back in the
hand and the thumb are all couple oh one
piece of leather which also just really
helps the durability it’s one that’s
been itching to worry about breaking but
also it means there’s a nice curved
rounded field to the glove as well
especially around the side here so
something you might notice about these
gloves especially if you compare them to
other brands if they do seem slightly
small what I mean by this is compared to
other 16-ounce gloves these would be a
lot more compact which just means that
they’re really good at sickening gaps if
you’re sparring if you’re doing pass a
bag work they just feel nice and slim as
well they are also very short golf that
is because there are more tie gloves so
they’re designed to have a very short
cuff as opposed to boxing gloves where
you need the wrist support with these
ones you need a little bit more wrist
movement for clinching and they use a
bit extra protection in the wrist as
well for blocking kicks for example
so without the grip bar you can still
get a fairly natural fit just by
clenching down and there’s a nice bit of
padding underneath the fingers there as
well just to make it more comfortable
but they do have a very natural slightly
open hook shape to them there’s a little
bit and movement so you can open your
fingers a little bit but they’re really
meant for hooking on to those kicks or
perhaps the back of your neck if you’re
clenching while your arm so that’s
really what I meant before you’re not
meant to be open high and parrying it’s
very much more of a hook shape with
these I do like that especially when you
are quenching just because you can
really latch on to your opponent and
they do pay off which is one of the
reasons why they’re highly regarded is a
great white tie glove so in the UK you
can find these gloves for about 80
pounds sometimes a bit cheaper sometimes
a little bit more expensive it can
depend on things like the size and the
color options you go for obviously
harder to find colors are going to be a
bit harder to get hold of so possibly a
much more expensive so you got remember
in Thailand is slightly different than
is over here and they tend to have one
pair of gloves they can use for
everything so obviously these are
designed to be really sturdy in the last
four years
if you’re looking for a glove that maybe
isn’t the cheapest but will last you for
those good years then these be a great
choice because they’re not going to
break down anytime soon the materials
are there the quality is there and the
stitching is really great it should hold
together really well
right so to summarize let’s go for a few
pros and cons with these gloves these
gloves are really durable and really
sturdy and they’ve become a bit of a
benchmark for what we look for when
comparing other gloves in terms of
durability the wrist support is really
good it’s they’re really good at
blocking kicks there’s some nice thick
padding there as well inside it feels
really nice once you break them in you
can give quite a nice comfortable fit
slide the hank apartment can feel a
little bits wide sometimes which if you
do have smaller hands it’s not
necessarily the best thing but then on
the flip side if you have larger hands
these might be great the velcro can be a
little bit hard to grip hold of but
that’s just because it’s really solid
velcro and then finally the lack of a
grip bar may put some people off doesn’t
really bother us personally but it does
depend on what you’re using for if
you’re using more for boxing then it’s
going to be something your wish right so
this is our video on the fetish BT view
on boxing gloves you like that hit the
thumbs up and subscribe to us for more
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I have to fight quality comm for more
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21 thoughts on “Fairtex BGV1 Universal Training Boxing Gloves Review”

  1. hey, how can you determine if a glove can be used for both bag work and sparring? does it have to be a mexican style glove?

  2. I have a pair of this and it is really good. First time using it, man it was like hitting hard surface and the glove felt really tight. But after 3-4 uses its just the best gloves ive ever had

  3. Do you know how the 8 oz fit? I was looking to get some for pad work cuz that's my competition size but I've heard that they fit really tight.

  4. i have hand circumference 8.6", will they fit on bgv 12oz?
    last time i tried twins 12 oz, it was super tight and I hated it.

  5. I have fairtex and rival gloves. Fairtex dries fast because of its nylon inner lining material. Rival dries longer than fairtex because it uses cotton fiber on its inner lining and it tends to hold sweat.
    I put both on a container and use dehumidifier.
    Can u pls review hayabusa and rdx inner lining material? Pls always mention inner material for your future videos. I will avoid cotton from now on.

  6. Just bought these via Amazon Canada (14oz) and I noticed that the inside of both Gloves has the weight and size written inside (14 M) is this normal practice for fairtex gloves or does this indicate that they're not legit / not new?

  7. Would you consider these to be a sparring gloves? I'm looking for a muay thai glove that i can comfortably hit the heavy bag and then hit pads, but if that doesn't exist ill settle for something

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