Entrevista a Becky Lynch: Charlotte va a acabar con Asuka en Wrestlemania 34

[Music] you know baby walk away from Sasha okay and I want to ask you for your another friend do you think that channel is going to end the Atticus record at WrestleMania yep yep yep okay everything will come to an end on the sheeted Street Journal sure look at one faith at one stage sure the biggest undefeated streets and paper news maybe wasn’t of all time but certainly no female females she was what 13 or knowledge oh my god and she was refused every difficult one is bigger ghost one hand doin it sir look Arthur taker okay and my last question if you could choose a partner from indirectly who would you choose if I can choose which Pataki pertness from Indy rustling yes well what am I gonna see one of my people is called knocking how about a chicken okay Aaron’s Romanick see my next team that’s fancy booking they make you think you so much for your time and see you at WrestleMania thank you

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