El Torito vs. Hornswoggle – WeeLC Match: Extreme Rules 2014

The competition doesn’t get
any bigger than this, and these fans are in for
one great match right there.>>And, look,
somehow this show is trending, guys. [LAUGH]
>>This is just going.>>I don’t know why you guys were
surprised by the giants giant.>>It’s almost as good as-
>>On the JBL show.>>It’s rolling blunder.>>We have five million and a half views.>>Wow, almost a pinfall right there.>>Take it down a half. He did. He did, he did. Hey, Michael, Cole. Tell everybody how to download the WWF and
JBL. You did a great job at the JBL and
Cole show.>>Move, get out of here.>>Wow.
>>No, he’s got up on the announce table. What’s he doing? This is crazy. My goodness. Do they realize that
they are not big guys? This is high.>>He does not need to be doing this.>>That coming from Jerry Smaller. [LAUGH]
>>My goodness, I can’t believe this.>>I can’t believe what’s happening here.>>What?
[CROSSTALK]>>Hang on.>>The bull is about to get crushed,
here we go! [LAUGH]
>>My goodness.>>My God.>>My goodness.>>[LAUGH]>>[NOISE]
>>Aah!>>Let me tell you, this match has all of a sudden
become two and a half against half.>>Watch out.>>Wow.>>Grab him, grab him!>>That doesn’t happen in the barn,
doesn’t it? [CROSSTALK]
>>According to the rain though->>What is Horswoggle doing right now?>>He only had a-
>>This ain’t gonna be good.>>King, he’s got a chair. What do you think he’s gonna d.>>[NOISE]
>>He went down town on that one. [CROSSTALK]
>>I agree, inner shelf>>I think that one I’ll put under my belt. [NOISE]
>>Well, I think a lot of things
go below your belt.>>The role and seeing as Drew McIntyre.>>And [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]
>>No! No! No, no, no, no!>>That’s the equivalent of like 40 feet.>>No!>>Come out.>>This is not gonna end well.>>Torito cut this thing off. What is going on? He’s pulling his tail,
wrestles [INAUDIBLE] tails.>>Hey, look out.>>My goodness. [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE]>>Joe, you get him. You get him. Right now.>>Look out, look out!>>Torito moved out of the way.>>That Drew McIntyre was not cleared for
>>No.>>This micro-Cole is pretty witty.>>This micro-Cole is
actually really good.>>You’re a halfwit.>>[LAUGH]
>>Can he sit here tonight? [LAUGH]
>>Watch out.>>What you want me to sit on your lap or
something?>>That was a swing and a hit.>>The first time I say that.>>That horn right on the backswing.>>This is incredible,
I can’t believe that these guys.>>Through the table. He went through, he’s in two, three.>>The red tail.>>[APPLAUSE]
[MUSIC]>>And the winner is El Torito.>>Fear the bull.>>I can not believe what we
just witnessed here tonight.>>That looks like [CROSSTALK]
>>Rig Announcer.>>The legend lives.>>Wow, we just saw history in the making. The first ever WeeLC, and
we’re running with the bulls.

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