Edge Cleared for WWE In Ring Return

Hi Friends welcome to C4E Wrestling News Edge
Cleared for WWE In-Ring Return
It looks like WWE Hall Of Famer Adam “Edge”
Copeland has cleared a major hurdle in order
to step back into a wrestling ring The Fight
Oracle insider news Twitter account has broken
several stories in the past and he is now
reporting that Edge has been medically cleared
to return to in-ring competition As noted
last night Edge recently signed a deal with
WWE for a substantial amount of money and
he was brought in for the SummerSlam Kickoff
show to hit a spear on Elias Edge recently
left his podcast with Christian and talked
about wanting to wrestle again He also said
that he’s been feeling better and has been
looking into stem cell therapy for his neck
Christian talked about Edge leaving the podcast
and hinted that fans have not heard the last
of him No word on when he will return to the
ring but several names from the past have
returned for big paydays at WWE’s Saudia
Arabia show It’s quite possible that he
could step in the ring at Crown Jewel later
this month Goldberg and Shawn Michaels received
big paychecks for wrestling in Saudi Arabia
and someone like Edge could get paid somewhere
in the range of what they got if he comes
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