Donald Trump Jr  Is Ready To Fight The Entire Biden Family

Donald Trump Jr Is Ready To Fight The Entire Biden Family

Yesterday, noted medical professional Donald
Trump Jr decided to go ahead and use his medical
expertise to diagnose Joe Biden with Alzheimer’s
Now, this was in response to that viral video
that we had already talked about, about Joe
Biden getting in that construction workers
face threatened to take him out back.
But Donald Trump Jr didn’t see that as just
an angry outburst that every human being is,
you know, guilty of doing every now and then.
He saw it as a symptom and he tweeted out
the following, he said, from the Alzheimer
association webpage, aggressive or angry behaviors
may occur in people with Alzheimer’s or other
A 50 year career politician doesn’t snap back
this way to a blue collar guy asking him a
reasonable question given his party’s stance
on the issue.
Now, before we get into the irony of Donald
Trump Jr accusing another candidate or another
politician, really, of having dementia or
other, you know, Alzheimer’s possibly.
Let’s actually talk for a minute because believe
it or not, folks, there is unfortunately a
little bit of truth to what Don Jr is saying
How many times over the last just few months
have we seen Joe Biden lose his mind when
talking to a voter?
You know, he yelled at the guy yesterday,
cursed at him, shushed his own aide.
He has told people, you know, remember the
look fat, blah, blah blah, making fun of that
guy, challenging him to the pushups or other,
you know, physical exercises because the guy
was heavyset.
You know, getting in voter’s faces and saying,
well you ought to vote for the other guy and
trust me they are.
They’ll remember that in November and then
when you whine about losing to Donald Trump,
maybe you need to realize, oh yeah, maybe
I shouldn’t have told everybody to go vote
for the other guy.
Now to the hypocrisy point.
Joe Biden has shown plenty of instances that
something’s not quite right mentally with
Forgets people’s names.
Forgets where he is.
Forgot what office he was running for.
Confused his wife for his sister.
But Donald Trump Jr seems to forget that he’s
living in that glass house of his and his
father is just as mentally unstable, if not
more so than Joe Biden.
Donald Trump senior has suggested nuking hurricanes.
He swore that this viral outbreak, the total
number of patients would be close to zero.
That never happened.
He can’t spell to save his life.
He can’t string together a cogent sentence.
He can’t stay on topic anytime he’s talking.
He has come up with some of the most asinine,
insane ideas that we have ever seen from a
So it’s very likely that Trump is also, who
by the way, is also prone to these angry outbursts
like Joe Biden, suffering from some kind of
And folks, that’s the saddest part of all
of this.
Our two big party choices in November are
very likely to be between the crazy guy and
the guy who maybe is not as crazy as the other
That’s where we’ve landed in American politics,
and it’s a really horrible position to be

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