Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs. Heavy Machinery – Raw Tag Team Title Match: Raw, Sept. 30, 2019

>>Kane, you mentioned on social media, you were looking forward to this match-up.>>Well,
I was looking forward to watching it. I would not be looking forward
to wrestle Heavy Machinery. I’d rather pass a kidney stone
than wrestle those two guys.>>Kane,
have you ever seen anything like this? Look at the strength.>>Look at the core strength. The core of Otis Dozovic. Look at the size of the core.>>Hit it the cover another hook to
the leg for the tag team championships and another near fall almost had
new Raw Tag Team champions.>>Look out Dolph this guy might say,
get in my belly. He’s scary.>>Beck, I talked to Heavy Machinery and they said if they’re able to win the Raw
Tag Team Championships here tonight, they’re going to start
drilling all over Arizona. Dolph Ziggler turning the tables for
a moment reaching out makes a tag, Robert Roode in for the first time
tonight, this is part of what I was talking about King and just a short
time these two have gelled so quickly. Wait a minute. A tag was made Tucker’s now legal.>>He just charged right through those
that double elbow now look at this, double suplex.>>Strength on display tag team champions
thinking about it for a moment.>>Yeah come on!>>And Ziegler just mocking. Tucker wait a minute, Tucker.>>Tucker show off.>>He hit his head on the ring post.>>Sent him face first into the turnbuckle
and this is Tucker’s moment guys. Tucker’s got to make a tag. He’s got to get Otis back into the match.>>And Ziggler trying to get to Roode. There he goes. Trying to get to Roode.>>No.
>>Otis. And Otis is back in and
running down the competition.>>And
guys think of how big it would be for Heavy Machinery a SmackDown team,
to win the Raw Tag Team Championships. It’s been understated but Revival a Raw
team has won the SmackDown Championships.>>Let’s not count our
chickens before they hatch.>>He’s rumbling, he’s rumbling.>>Look out!>>No effect. [LAUGH]
>>Try something else.>>And again, that power on display. Otis just chucked Robert Roode.>>Yeah!
>>And Robert.>>Wait a minute.>>Roode got caught.>>Wait a minute.>>Otis makes a tag, in comes Tucker!>>Come on, boys.>>No.
No.>>Looking for the cup. [NOISE]
>>How smart is Dolph Ziggler.>>Super kick.>>Otis is rocked, Raw Tag Team Champions taking advantage
and remember Tucker is legal.>>That is it guys. And now Robert Roode glorious
DDT center of the ring.>>And that’s why they’re the champs.>>Into the cover, Robert Roode, Dolph
Ziggler retain the RAW Tag Team titles.>>Here are your winners and
still the Raw Tag Team Champions, Dolph Ziggler and
the glorious Robert Roode!>>Guys, that was an impressive match
from both teams, I gotta admit.

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