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WWE Network presents payback [Applause] before the superstar shake-up a few weeks ago Canada versus Canada you don’t want to piss out thank you [Applause] in announce team of Carsten shaker tin haver and Calvin Finney I don’t even yeah Minoans of course went to smackdown in these super starts without Kevin Owens and Kevin Owens going to uh again tonight remember of America and Oh Chris Jericho back of an act of Chris Jericho there to dropkick by the veteran Jericho goes sin and Jericho knocking Owens off the apron forearms way but to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania there’s the running bulldog once again rolls out of harm’s way but maybe no look oh it’s bouncy Wow go face-first like these two know each other so the United States and now Kevin Owens though on the phone there’s the scent on to the chest seven men knew who have won the oh here’s the WWE title the Intercontinental title the United States title and of course Kevin Owens to submit in order to win the champion it’s the same time Jericho whipped into the corner nobody home so by Kevin Owens beautiful dork that Jericho still in the rag and Down Goes Owens counter out of it enziguri dude of Jericho and a big chop again at Jericho unloading act in control Jericho vintage lionsault but Owens got the pop-up powerbomb Jericho countered whoa big tip he should slip it away is Owens gonna tap out for the wall job like he’s doing right now Jericho now targeting the arm in the potere those steel ring steps are unforgettable by Jarrett from semi Owens low kick on the check didn’t through the chat man in trouble his owners going to tap out here with all of his might but his left hand just fingers [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s time for the cruiserweight 205 live to earn this hopper [Music] okay one day he won the cruiserweight championship and they picked for your Booker nipple is six in opava is the better man good night in tonight for Austin Aries in my opinion absolutely Austin Aries first into the cruiserweight division when you talk that loud if you don’t finish up the job whoa you to drag to a stop Neville here tonight with unorthodox moves like whoa Harry big scissors try to take control and there’s the head stand through the rock kick with Austin Aries can’t allow an Austin Aries China be balanced by air ball right to the top of this breather momentarily to get Austin Aries take it but Neville away who rolls out of harm’s way in a great choice the champion where he showed that on 205 live posture was asked if that win and the tag-team matchup every week you got to be willing to thats what neville chase Oh perfect timing watch the impact here by the cruiserweight [Applause] now we’ll just enjoy turn to try to take control the matchup mouthed off the top turnbuckle the number one contender lion-o get those gutbuster sto tick-tock gentlemen oh and there’s a elbow to the back of the neck oh God so it in that breaker take another look look at the impact [Applause] chin breaker Oh face first goes down he’s gonna try to do anything he can [Applause] qualification weight champion to a Corey’s point [Applause] [Music] he said he deciphered the Challenger Shaymin [Applause] [Music] the SI p Center in San Jose California dance about the raw tag-team timing publication that me that’s a that’s a scouting opportunity and that Hardy and society one of the most charismatic superstars and double and Jeff Hardy and poet slow motion as all superstars on the roster to own cock flooring mat and there’s the old rollin set honey in the bank he’s metal just about everything here at WWE Tom James gotta get that edge back to get back dunk oh oh you would have to imagine it would be a dirt bag – Jeff and Hardy how many times are we so I felt that would it’s gonna be hard with Sheamus oh he’s respect the Hardys before and after the match look at this it’s about payback Jeff’s witness the corner double-team by the four hands check down knee delivered right to the name to wear down Jeff Hardy no depth creates separation the old slug coming ances subway oh the tag-team action air running upper cut [Applause] and look at and now with a grip on the ankle of Jeff but party with the reversions Florian headbutts a very unorthodox [Applause] drops the elbow to the back of the neck Jeff Hardy into the fray look out oh man just flying just Matt Hardy top rope back Oh Cruz Missy and there’s the Cesaro swing tutor is he going to tap out try to make it in the potable period four stars Oh big uppercut [Applause] Oh but Jeff – those big cinderblock fences to fight F oh my god DDT by Jeff Sheamus Eliza [Applause] Jeff Hardy uh lived to fight another day but until that ranks of the party don’t respect I do respect the opportunity I respect Oh God [Applause] we need to do it I hope Roman reigns realizes what he’s getting superstar shake up a few weeks ago [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and she’s talking to here years ago right in this very arena and that party waved at her and just over a to she want to get this get it here get this fight started real quick and I’ll tell you that Booker’s you know at WrestleMania yeah that’s true I’m a big source and it’s completely impossible it’s not on the question oh it elects to take it out of the knee again by the cheek and she’s taking it to Alexa bliss here they’re relentless tonight good night very cocky really believes in herself and her skills doesn’t look better than the last time you saw of Corey you and I have talked a lot we followed Alexis career when she not in God we should mention his back in action here tonight remember he was in the rank could break at this business goal oh she’s taking it to her hometown crowd who likes to make sure that to hurry and pay lead on this may cost it the Bailey Oh face first off the top turnbuckle and here comes Billy now actually three but I get your point nice soup [Applause] I’m proud family there’s my elbow the match is gonna be over Oh God Alexa I think favoring her name just [Applause] [Music] sick shoulders down at billion today [Applause] Alexa what did what she said she was going to do meet family for the title [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well ladies and gentlemen Seth Rollins has another level now you bring a personal conflict into the picture I think you remember he told Seth you’re gonna pay for your crimes of what you did to tribulations and the will to do whatever is necessary pick up a win or vanquish you last 25 pay-per-views and Seth Rollins has been a part of look out Seth Rollins flying off the BB not here comes one again and again takes out Samoa Joe been heading back to the arena you’re loud so back back to the back almost toying with him oh my god 280 please patchouli I lived in habit Joe there’s a pony you know Seth Rollins though said looking for a neckbreaker any faster Samoa Joe and Joe picked him out a minute oh my god don’t like stick shoulder kept trying to reverse the pressure get out of his belly help him Oh perhaps a bit easier send us out on his hands on his elbows trying to minimize the pressure Wow and forced fight anymore with unfortunately for wrongs it looks like Samoa Joe just might always have a loo elbow from Saffy a little overhang takes advantage with a kick College to the second rope trying to get some posture by mojo it makes perfect sense bull and again back to work and now with a kick of his own under the chin Doug appear one leg hops to the top rope Joe able to counter got hurt the first time around with the name [Applause] but Samoa Joe with open hand strikes oh my set he did quite a big boy oh goodness deliver I sep Elise no way you get out again set was a concern about what Brown College got Joe on his back so roll through with a fireman’s carry into a cover Samoa Joe can not believe it with Seth Rollins [Applause] [Music] house of horrors earlier tonight let this go after or defeated Wyatt at WrestleMania no hold for nothing any cookie w sent our oh they put the dough Abba can win a house of horrors well that happened tonight after a Hawaiian Justice list overcome for Indians right there guys [Music] [Applause] [Applause] how do you stop braun strowman except [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] witness the jaws reckoning call the Coast Guard [Applause] leading get some character guys dragging himself back and he needs some serious medical rank and finally medical personalized this is Roman reigns wants to walk out of this with his own palette these Roman reigns is a shape he’s uh hobby people over the past month and again well raw talk is continuing for more on this [Music]

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