Do Japanese girls and boys use Dating Apps?

Do Japanese girls and boys use Dating Apps?

It’s hard for you to turn them down? – Yeah. – It’s really difficult
I have never used them. – Neverrr
I will not chat up girls. I’ll just think they’re cute to myself.
You think it but you don’t act? – Yeah
Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese it’s Cathy Cat
Do Japanese use dating apps on the phone to
find potential partners. That’s a question that one of you has dropped in
our community conversation and we thought hey let’s go pick that up and hit the streets
of Tokyo and ask this question to Japanese people. Thank you all guys for suggesting
your ideas. This one we picked up this time, maybe yours is next. So don’t forget to let us know
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I hope this video will be what you expect… well we’ll find out together
Let’s go and see if Japanese people use dating apps or not and ask Japanese.
Those apps are recently more popular. – They are?
The wedding ones! – Yeah!
I have never done them have you?
I definitely will NEVER try that. – You won’t? But recently
it is more accepted. I think some people do it nowadays.
I would not do it though. – You set definitely NEVER
try that. Why? – Well…
It’s men I have never met, I don’t know who they are. What if I meet them
and they seem like a nice person but then after talking I realize…
he has ulterior motives… I would struggle turning him down properly
That’s why I shouldn’t even start it
It’s hard for Japanese girls to turn men down?
That’s it. I struggle with that. It’s difficult. – How…
do you meet partners then? – I don’t meet people much
but if at all maybe school friends or work friends…
That’s it. – That is a lot better and more natural
Meeting people over apps, starts with writing words
right? But you don’t meet them in person
and have just written communication. It’s scary. It’s better to
meet a person and see their facial expression and such.
That will make you like a person.
You also said “wedding apps”? What’s that
It’s apps for young men and women who want meet with the purpose to marry
each other in the future. – So no
shallow dating but dating with the purpose
of finding a wedding partner. – I think so
If you just want to be playing around
you shouldn’t register for those apps.
Those are only for people who want to marry soon
Those people sign up. If you wanna play around, use
a different app.
So in Japan your apps are divided by purpose. – Yes different purposes
depending on that there are lots of apps.
Find an app that matches your intent
and meet people there. – But you won’t
Yeah. – We won’t use them. It’s too scary.
I might think we are meeting as friends but
that might be fine. But when it’s around dating then…
I would be scared. I wouldn’t be able to trust him. – And you’d wonder
what he has done until now. There are people who lie on their profile
and such. We can’t trust people online.
What if he edited his face!! – Nowadays technology is so progressed
and a normal phone can take beautifying pictures.
Did you meet someone recently?
Not at all? – Nobody no. – Now abroad
dating apps are getting popular and you can swipe left or right
to get a match like Tinder and such. Many people are using it.
How about you boys? – I haven’t used it. – Me neither
Is there a prejudice against those? – I think there might be
You have to register your phone number and that date might be misused
that’s scary. – Meeting strangers is scary.
You won’t have much information. Meeting strangers is scary.
How do you meet people in Japan then? – Well…
get along with girls at university or similar
I wouldn’t chat up strangers. Just think they’re cute to myself.
You think that won’t make a move. Japan’s shy heart?
Might be. – Yeah university girls and such?
Girls I know from a job or my university. – Do you think those apps will boom?
There might be a short boom but
like a game or similar. Just for the youngsters
aged around 30-40 – What do you think?
I think only a small percent of people will use those apps.
I don’t think it will spread around Japan.
Now it looks like dating apps are still a minor thing. Some people said oh
yeah they are coming into fashion right now, more people are using them. But it is still
kind of frowned upon. Girls seem to be very specific on how
they separate how you use those apps. Meaning you use certain apps for just dating
people, playing around, and then you use another app for marriage and that seems to be
a thing that’s more tied into Japanese culture. Here there are still
Omiai which is a way where someone will arrange a meetup between two
people. It’s like a blind date but the difference is you get specs
of the other person like how old they are and what they work and there is like a
person in the middle that will introduce them to each other. The goal is not
dating. The goal of an omiai is marriage. That ties a little bit into the Japanese
culture of saying “Marriage hunting” trying to look for a partner for marriage
and girls seem to be very good at separating. There is a certain point
in their lives where I have seen a lot of people going “Ok fun was then. Now it’s
serious.” and sometimes I heard stories of girls dating one guy and he’s like “Im not ready to
marry yet” then they split and the girl marries quickly cause they wanna marry. So marriage
is still a little bit different from what it might be in your country and that’s how the dating app
are also used in different ways. First of all you wanna be on the right dating app
depending on what you want here. And at the same time also, very important thing that many girls
said is that they’re worried about the safety of it and the dangers of it, meaning
people putting up pictures that are not them. Their data being used for something else
or also people being dishonest and not getting out there
with the right reasons or making up lies about themselves who they are and what they’re doing. So there’s still
a negative image to online dating in a way and that might not change
as quickly as it might have changed in your country here. It’s still the better thing to find
someone in your circle: from school, university or work place
or your job to then go out with. So dating apps again: It’s not that
Japanese people are not using them but they’re a lot more careful than in other countries but
hey how is it in your country. Let us know in the comments down below. I am looking forward to finding out
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  2. Dating apps for me is not cool lol cool is for me is to meet the person personally as in the past in my opinion lol

  3. Cathy ur video are very helpful to learn native japanese. I and my all friends ❤️ 💕 love it a lot. If u could do one thing is writing the transcripts of what Japanese are talking while ur interviews them. A great thanks 😘😊👍

  4. If there are different apps serving different dating needs, question must be asked whether there is an app for tentacle love making?😂

  5. In my country, when you see some Japanese dude on Tinder, there's a 99% chance of them being a catfish. But being the weeb that I am, I thought it was worth a try swiping one right. And that's the story of how my first kiss was taken by a Japanese guy that seemed like he came out of a fucking shoujo manga. Man, I hope he's doing well.

  6. Few Japanese people may trust such kind of apps any more than credit cards. Most of us probably worries about someone who abuses those apps, and steals our personal information.
    If we naively trust those kinds of people, we think we perhaps may ruin our whole life.

  7. Great video! That doesn’t apply for the LGBTQ community though. 9monsters, Jack’d and all sorts of apps with a rather surprising number of Japanese users. Safety is always a concern, true, but dating through gay apps here feels safer than abroad.

  8. I have heard that people in Japan use Tinder mainly for finding friends instead of looking for s*x. Is that true?

  9. They don’t want to use dating apps but they also don’t want to interact with each other. That’s why sex without prostitues doesn’t exists anymore in Japan.

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  11. 0:30 somehow with these googles on your hair ,you remind me a Japanese animation girl I saw when i was a kid. Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind.

  12. Your data might be compromised one day when the site gets hacked or it gets bought out by a third party company which may have other intentions, there is no other way except physical involvement in groups, arrangements or individual pursuits unless you lie about all personal info to avoid online risk.

  13. If theyre scared of talking to strangers they will never meet anybody LOL
    Id sugest
    Chat on SKYPE first its easy to Block anyone you dont like !

  14. Tinder in Japan is so bad! So many Japanese boys just want to fool around. Tinder in my country isn't like that. Of course they're some people who are like that but not as extreme as here in Japan I'd say.
    Also! There are so many hosts on Tinder! And some of them don't tell you they're a host until you meet and then they try to invite you to their club. 🙃

  15. I’m not really big on dating apps or online dating sites. I’ve tried some sites in the past but nothing became of it. I can’t blame them for being wary about meeting strangers, I’m the same way. With all the recent cases of date rape, kidnapping, and murder from meeting people online, I’d be super cautious too.

  16. Hello, I really like yoir videos because your videos are really cool, and you speak the languages I'm learning. I really apreciate your work :^)

  17. I need help. 😭 There is this Japanese guy that I met in my job. However, during his first few weeks here, I did not have a chance to talk to him personally except the time that we were introduced to each other. I was very interested at him. But I'm too shy to talk to him. However, 2 weeks ago my colleagues and I went out and surprisingly his group was also there. After a few hours, our table was quite loud since my colleagues are laughing to some stories and playing games. Then, I just turned and saw that he was looking in my direction. Right after that, we went straight to the chair next to me. ( I swear to God I got nervous. I was frantically panicking in my mind) Then, he did small talks. Right after that we exchanged contacts and started exchanging messages to each other too. However, I tried to ignore him (not really ignore but more like I tried to act professional whenever we are doing our job). Then this Friday we had a farewell party to one of our colleagues and of course he was there. We had this huge table set and ate yakiniku he was the one grilling. I can not grill since I can not reach the griller (?) from my seat. He just started saying my name and put a lot of meat on my plate. I was shocked and shy so I just kept saying thank you and laughed (awkwardly maybe). Then, we moved to another place which was rented by our company for that night. At that time, we locked eyes and he was signalling me to sit beside him but I was not close to the people near him and another person sat down on the seat so i just sat near my close friends. After a few hours, he just appeared next to me. He was trying to have a conversation with me but I was really shy. (I do not even get shy easily idk why suddenly I was like that) Going back, he just started to play with my hands and he fucking held it. My reaction was like "wtf?!" We were fvcking holding hands under the table and there are times when he plays with my hands. Then, he said that he likes me. But I do not know if it is "like"as a woman or if it is the "like" just as a friend. His english is a little poor. I'm very confused right now. Oh. We also call each other but most of the time he calls me. It would actually lasts for 1 hr. So yeah. I'm really confuse about him. He will go back to Japan 2 weeks from now. What should I do? Pls help meeeeeee.

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