Derrick v. Wes in Pole Wrestle 🤼‍♂️ One of the Best Eliminations in Challenge HISTORY | The Duel

(upbeat electric music)
– All right guys, welcome
to tonight’s duel.
(group clapping)
Wes, Derrick, come on in.
– [Girl] Go out there guys!
– Obviously it’s better for me if Wes wins
because Derrick always votes for Kina.
So if we, slowly, one by one,
pick apart these veterans
we have an incredible chance of winning.
– All right Wes, Derrick,
tonight’s duel is pole wrestle.
You guys seen this before,
but I’ll break ya off
we’ll go over rules real quick.
All right, you must remain on your knees.
If you guys lay on the
ground for any length of time
I’m gonna reset ya, so try not to do that.
And the circle is basically
just outta bounds,
I’m gonna restart ya in the middle.
Wes, you’re gonna grab the pole first
since you were voted into tonight.
And then you’re gonna alternate grips
and as soon as you guys are ready to go,
I’m gonna say go and you’re
gonna wrestle that pole
away from each other as hard as you can
’til one of you grabs it.
First guy to get the pole
will win tonight’s duel
and will be stayin here and
will receive a Seiko watch.
(group clapping and cheering)
Loser goes home, all right?
It’s all or nothin right now.
Let’s get you guys laced up,
and good luck to both of you.
– This is my second duel,
and I’m feeling all right.
Know how to move around in
a small space in a circle,
I’ve done it a couple times.
I’m good to go.
– It’s two solid competitors
verse each other and,
I mean, it scares me to death.
Derrick definitely has a history
of beating bigger people,
but the thing is I’ve also
got a history of never losing.
– All right guys, come on in here.
Just remember, no punching
in the face, keep it clean.
Go ahead, Wes, take your first grab.
– And now it will be the
most intense, most glory,
most bone-wrenching…
You’re gonna see tears.
It’s gonna be a bloodbath
in the duel tonight.
– All right, guys.
(hard rock music)
All right, stop, stop, stop!
C’mon, reset, reset.
– [Guy] C’mon guys!
– C’mon.
Let’s go, grab it.
C’mon, c’mon.
(hard rock music)
Get down on your knees, on your knees,
on your knees!
On your knees!
(hard rock music)
Stay on your knees.
Hey, hey, hey.
Guys, stop, stop.
– My forearms feel like
they’re about to explode.
This is intense, I am starting to sweat,
I am starting to bleed.
Oh, this is not fun in
any way, shape, or form.
– Go!
(hard rock music)
Stay on your knees, Derrick.
Ground or your knees.
Both of you.
– Get off!
– Derrick
– (beep)!
(Derrick and Wes grunting)
(hard rock music)
All right, stop, stop.
– Wes looks like he’s got
a little bit more juice
than Derrick does.
I mean every time T.J.
breaks it up and resets them
in the middle of the ring,
it takes Derrick just a little bit longer
to get to the middle to grab the pole.
– All right, c’mon.
Let’s go guys.
No rest, come on.
– [Girl] Come one, guys.
– Grab that thing, let’s go.
(hard rock music)
(Wes and Derrick grunting)
On your knees, stay on your knees!
– It’s just really hard to watch
because they’re both basically
about to kill each other.
– I have it.
– You don’t have it.
– Stay on your knees,
no you don’t.
– [Girl] Come on, boys, come on!
Oh my God!
(group clapping)
– I tried hard, but my
hardest wasn’t good enough.
You know, today Wes is
the better competitor.
(group clapping)
– Physically I’m just dead.
I think we fought a really fair fight
and I cannot tell you how
much I respect him right now.
I seriously want him to be
like the godfather to my kids.
– All right, guys, I’ve done
a lot of these challenges
and I’ve never seen an
elimination round like that
in my life so congratulations
to both of you guys,
that was sick.
(group clapping)
– All right, way to go.
Wes, you’re still in the
game, still goin for the 150,
got the Seiko watch.
Back to the crib, rejoin the crew.
I’ll see ya next challenge,
no doubt about it man.
Congratulations, you killed it man.
You deserve it.
(group clapping)
– [Man] Wes!
– D…
I didn’t wanna see you like this,
man, but you know how it goes.
You got 20 minutes, man.
You’re a true competitor as usual,
you got a lotta heart and hustle,
and take care of yourself, homeboy.
All right man?
Have a good one.
The rest of you guys,
see you next challenge.
Get outta here, let’s go.
– Will this poor boy ever win a challenge?
Will he ever be there in
the end and be able to show
everyone that he really,
really deserves this money?
Because if anybody deserves it, he does.
– [Derrick] Kina,
don’t trust too many people.
– It just sucks that my
support system is gone.
– All right, buddy.
– I wanna (beep) hug, dude.
– Good luck.
– You have no idea how much
I respect you right now.
– Money woulda been good.
You know, to just walk away from here
with nothing?
You know this is disappointing.
I lost.
I didn’t even make it to
the final round this time.
I lost midway.
I’m gonna go home
and reevaluate what I
wanna do with my life.
(dramatic music)

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