Deadly Snake Fight!

Deadly Snake Fight!

Hi folks, this is Mike Eastman. Back in 2004
when I was in Tanzania filming and
hunting I came up on a real rare
occurrence. There is a black forest cobra
when we came around the corner he was
fighting with a puff adder. If you notice
there the tire tracks we stopped we
backed up we turned everything off and
waited an hour, and here he come back out
to hammer this puff adder.
Now let me tell you I’ve seen them fight
before and what this is all about is
that black forest cobra is going to kill
that puff adder who is also a poisonous
snake and eat him.
I sit there for four hours filming and
taking stills and these two guys would
fight and the interesting thing is that
cobra would run out of venom then he’d
go back into the brush there into the
grass and he stayed there for about 40
minutes and then he come back out and
find a puff adder there, and start
hammering him again.
One thing I noticed when I was filming
this, that cobra would not get close
to that puff adder’s head. He always
hammering in the middle of his body and
that puff adder couldn’t get to him.
By the time we left that black forest
cobra had pretty well killed that puff
adder, and then I imagine during the
night he ate him.
You know we’re like you,
we have a history of hunting over
generations and I hope you really
enjoyed this and you might want to
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100 thoughts on “Deadly Snake Fight!”

  1. 1. This isn't close to a fight, not even a bit.
    2. It was never about who's better, It's about who's hungrier enough to eat the other.
    3. Venomous, not poisonous.

  2. It's hard to believe, that a snake cold kill and eat another snake..

    But then again… I guess I should look at, how other humans, treat other humans…. as the example.

  3. Naja nigricollis (Black necked spitting cobra), also not to be confused with Naja nigricincta woodi which occurs in Namibia. How can you tell? The Naja nigricollis in this video has red throat coloration and red spots between the scales and Naja nigricincta woodi is full jet black and as said does not occur in Tanzania at all.

    If this would have been a Naja melanoleuca (Forest cobra) that head would not be first of all so wide because Naja nigricollis has very distinct larger and easy identifyable venom glands.


  4. Puff adder in the pit viper family..badaaaaazzz…til that Cobra had it's way with it..way cool video…Thanks

  5. Too bad the Cobra didn't get hit by some of the wonderful cytotoxic venom of the puff adder. I was hoping for two dead snakes, one seized up from a shutdown nervous system, the other bled to death internally.

  6. Watch this video of a Cobra (Cape) and Puff Adder…who won?
    Please Subscribe if you like it?

  7. Here's the thing with all the supposition of the outcome…No one knows what happened! It wasn't filmed…The cobra stayed away from the head because the adder has an insanely fast bite and an extremely strong grip for a venomous snake…And if a cobra hit it 4-5 times with full bites, there is NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH, it is going to reproduce more venom in 40 minutes…More like 4 hours…It went back to rest, period…And the adder has a real tough skin…So, with those facts in mind, if the rest of the fight wasn't filmed, NO ONE has a clue as to what happened…It is All supposition…You're welcome!

  8. Me to the indigo snake: "is your theme song "I'm sexy & I know it?" Snake: "no, doofus 😒. Not my thing. I'm more of a bluesy type." Me: 🤓🤭

  9. I came here to see how many trolls posted 🐍 are venomous not poisonous 🙄 that was a beauty of a Cobra though… What a thing to walk up upon 😲

  10. Kory Kelly
    3 years ago
    'Snakes are not poisonous, they are venomous.'
    Yes, yawn…. we know this….. but same difference, poison is poison either from the skin or fangs!

  11. I wish you had been there to film the actual fight. The adder was already going to sleep when this started.
    By the way, moronic youtube music-noise is a hell of a lot worse than silence.

  12. هذه الحيه الزرقاء هي ليست كوبرا وهي ليست سامه اسمها عربيد وهو قاتل الافاعي السامه وصديق للانسان

  13. Well what I seen is this the puff adder is a sorry snake he could have been bit that covers so many times he was trying to get away he wasn't even trying to bite the Cobra so tell the truth yeah the Cobra was backing up but the puffed out of the puff Rider is a quick snake I seen it catch a rat and all that before he could have been bit that Cobra so many times so he deserved to get eaten any predator and prey supposed to fight for her life so he might have been sick who knows

  14. Stupid snake,if u get bite and you can also bite and inject venom do it right away.dont sit there and just die dummy.

  15. So, the cobra goes into the bush to his local Venombucks to refill his supply of venom and continue his attack on the short in the puff adler??

  16. Wow I just watched clips of this video on somebody else channel but they had tried to say that was a black indigo vs a rattlesnake and I made a comment saying that it wasnt a rattlesnake that it was a puff adder and not 100% sure about the black snake but that I thought it was possibly a black forest cobra so now to find the original video and being told what the two snakes are for sure and that I was right makes me feel pretty good but I know that 1 year ago I wouldn't have had a clue of what either snake was so I have to give the credit to Al aka Viperkeeper bc since I've started to follow and watch all of his videos I have become pretty knowledgeable about snakes even for someone that doesn't keep them or have any interest in owning them

  17. Puff Adders are deadly but from what I recall from the nature shows I have seen on them they really aren’t that aggressive. They tend to puff and hiss a lot before they strike. A lot of bites from animals & humans getting bitten are from stepping on them . I am only quoting. From what I read from Professional helpers , the brown snake and the sawscaled viper are the pissiest snakes and will go after a human . Allegedly Cottonmouths and Black Mambas aggressiveness is exaggerated also.

  18. who is the most venomous snake of them both? and would a bite on either of them be powerful enough to kill the other?

  19. For the love of fuck buy a new camera 4 hours you stayed there & couldn't even focus the camera & shut the fucking music off 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  20. as for all the comments about a snake is not poisonous its venomous…STFU ALREADY..
    gosh you'll just learnt the difference the other day from another youtube video now you'll are coming to act clever here…again Pleeez SHUT DA FUCK UP…ASSSHOLEZZZ

  21. what haappened here is what happens wen u go shopping just as your about to park sum smuck takes yr spot thid viper got the rat and the blue bitch missec its parking spot roagd rage snakes

  22. the blue snake coulnd have digested the rat anyways its a frog fukker whe the vipe digesys tah rat if blue boys arund itll be in piececs the v blue snakes the gutless cunt t6at hits people vintoxicated wgho whe not so drubknk woild smakk the fukk out of them

  23. Nice meal for the cobra but why did the adder not bite back if it had of the cobra would have died too as puff adders are deadly poisonous. The cobra must have killed it with the first bite, why did it feel the need to have multiple bites at the Puffy. I suppose it wasn't going to take any chances can't blame it one bite from the adder and you are stuffed.

  24. The king cobra is one of the most dangerous variety of snake and also known as king of sankes …….mostly found in India

  25. There’s no such thing as a poisonous snake. Snakes are venomous that inject with fangs. If they were poisonous, a mere touch would kill their opponent, which isn’t the case. Poison is ingested. Venom is injected.

  26. That's pitiful, poor puff…y did he did so quick? And didn't puffs venom do anything to the cob?…thats sad! I dnt like snakes, scared to death of em! But i am a animal lover and I think its sad and wrong to cage anything especially if its ment to b wild!

  27. It is tine that hunting was banned. Hunters have never grown up, we cannot let these overgrown kids kill our remaining wildlife.

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