Day Knight | 2020 Thriller Tamil Movie |Fight Scene (English subtitle)  [ 4K HD ]

Day Knight | 2020 Thriller Tamil Movie |Fight Scene (English subtitle) [ 4K HD ]

People concern Bhagavadgita, bible and
Quran are noble books.
As per my concern this is my noble book.
Baby,you know why ?
This is going to change our life.
Ya Ya, we have stuffs to do in our life.
I was worried before.
Hannah,You know one thing,
The life is going to be changed.
We have abandoned money in our hand.
I’m glad now.
We are going to marry ,
we are going to have kids.
You know
The hard phase is going to over.
Aah shit
-Who are you ?
What do you want?
Honey, why are they holding a gun?
What’s happening ?
What do you want ? what’s going on ?
-What’s happening ?
What’s going on?
Sometimes we have to take violence
to make silence.
A person having 10 rupees
give one rupee for beggar.
A person having 100 rupees
give 10 rupees for beggar.
A person having 1000 rupees
spend in hundreds just like that.
A person having one lakh rupees
spends for parties in thousands.
But a person having crores of money
doesn’t give even a penny for anyone.
Like that, we stolen those money from them ..
But you stolen it from me.
See it..
Where you hide?
Where is the money ?
Tell me.
Will tell you boss..
Will tell you where the money is.
Where is it?
Tell me
Catch him man, catch him.
Boss, get up.
Catch him.
Hey, stop man…
Hey I am following him
Follow me
Come this side soon.
Will kill you if you didn’t catch him.
Hey, come on.
Where have you all been lost ?
Made me to search of them..

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