Dave Benson Phillips & Session Moth vs Anti Fun Police | RIPTIDE

[ROSA ROSE] The Team of Federales Santos Jr
and Deputy Dunne. They are the Anti Fun
From the inner city of Dublin flats.
Leaving her 68 kids behind.
She’s been banned, unbanned, and rebanned in Canada.
She violates all the terms and conditions of Facebook.
She’s currently in your Tinder facility.
The Queen of the Gunge Clunge!
It’s Session Moth Martina!
He hasn’t been in a wrestling ring in 30 years.
His son calls him ‘Dad’.
But you guys can call him ‘the Dark Destroyer’.
He is DBP.
Dave Benson Phillips!
No gunge! Nada!
You are not DDP.
I’m going to slam Martina on this, because she’s the shits.

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