Daniel Sullivan – Panantukan/Suntukan (Filipino Dirty Boxing)

Daniel Sullivan – Panantukan/Suntukan (Filipino Dirty Boxing)

I’m Daniel Sullivan the founder and head
instructor of worrier Arts Alliance also
the founder and head instructor at OC
kickboxing and mixed martial arts in
Irvine California I’ve been involved
with the combat of martial arts since
1985 was fortunate enough to meet Diana Lee Inosanto and a college class and the
time I was doing Taekwondo didn’t know
anything about the Filipino martial arts
Jeet Kun Do or Muay thai in that you
know I don’t like heard of karate
kung-fu and those sort of you know
typical martial arts yes I met her in a
college class and that fateful day
pretty much forever changed my life she
introduced me to her dad Dan Lee Inosanto
and he introduced me to several
different martial arts the Filipino
martial arts, Jeet Kun Do, Muay Thai, Silat,
Jiu Jitsu, Shooto he’s pretty much
impossible although the most combat
martial arts in the world you know he’s
a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and
he’s played the man in my opinion that’s
done more research into the martial arts
than anyone else in the world hands down
there was only one that has even a
quarter of the knowledge of him that I
know of I always challenged
people tell me someone who’s got more
knowledge in the martial arts than Dan Lee Inosanto
I know and I i never hear a single come
back so not so since 1985 I tried to
follow the same path that Dan Inosanto and his best friend meant or bruce
Lee we’re on you know back in the
sixties and early seventies basically
they basically they were researching
every martial art in the world to try to
find you know
one of the best parts you know the real
for a real street fight basically it’s
MMA for the real world you know you have
MMA for competition of MMA for combat and
the to a little bit different you know
because MMA for combat includes all of
the competition arts Muay Thai Brazilian
jiu-jitsu and wrestling and boxing all
the mainstream stuff but you know we
cross train and Filipino martial arts
you know if Muay Thai is the King of the
Ring Filipino martial arts is the king
of the streets why because almost every
fight is going to involve a weapon fights
will always involve a weapon especially
here in Bangkok right now
Southeast Asia people you know carry
edged weapons it’s it’s accessible
everyone has one you know the other
thing the other difference major
difference between the Combat Arts and
the competition arts is that fights are
never one-on-one let’s be honest people
travel in packs looking for trouble you
know so you know we’ve all heard the
sales sales pitch
that all fights go to the ground and
well you know it’s true a lot of flights
to go to the gun but in reality that’s
the last place you want to be in a real
fight because it’s never one on one it
doesn’t matter how good you are on the
ground you can have beginning of
submission you can be in the top
position you can be ground and pounding
but when the second guy comes along
you’re in bad trouble because I need
your head
Shin kick your head he’s going to soccer
kick you teeth in ya so you know so you
know not to take away from Brazilian
jiu-jitsu cause I’ma blackballed I
believe Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the king
of them at once you get to the floor ugh
he’s the best however you know we gotta
realize that you know no martial arts
has everything so just say can you know
sport MMA you need to cross train right
we know we need to cross train you know
we’re in the early days across all
jiu-jitsu jiu-jitsu they never put a
good striker in the UFC for the first
five years it was never a world-class
striker in the UFC then when they
started to put some strikers and they
start to find out that you know you need
to have a striking game and you need to
have a grasp of the game right so it’s
the same way for the real world you need
to have a weaponry game and you need to
go outside of the room of the rules you
know and that’s not what I want your
Arts Alliance’s my organization is all
about you know cross training in the
best martial arts for the real world
yeah I was a kid I was as skinny surfer
kid and I grew up you know in a family
that kind of fell apart my mother and my
father ended up marrying a hippie
basically turned us into a happy family
moved us to Santa Cruz California AP
central you know and so you know when I
got there I ran into trouble right away
actually the part in Santa Cruz who
they’ve done with the hippies want it
was all the rednecks where than withers
area with the hippies were and we were
in the red neck area so you know I had
the long hair and so as to get picked on
the new kid in town you know we always
move around and say I got picked on here
in there and so you know I always wanted
to learn self-defense so one of the
things that got me really interested in
the martial arts to start with the
Kung Fu series of David Carradine I
loved it he you know would never look
for trouble are you never go looking for
trouble and but trouble always found him
and he would always he would never use
more violence than he had to he would
always see you know just diffuse the
situation without hurting the guy as
much as possible right and he would
always try to avoid a try to avoid it
you know and then there was always the
message should go back to the his Sifu
you know it at the Shaolin Temple and
you know there’s always that he’d have
the flashback and you know there’s that
message they’re the lesson you learned
in every episode you know and I just
loved the the message and the positive
no message that the martial arts sense what really got me interested in
it and then enter the dragon came out
you know I was just like wow this is
amazing you know you know just
fascinated with bruce Lee I try to avoid
conflicts at all costs I always walk
away I always you know we’ll try to talk
my way out of it I very rarely you know
get into streetlights although I have
when I had when I was in Long Beach had
several incidents go down when I lived
in a house in a really bad area of Long
Beach on over my first martial arts
school but it’s always been for me
trying not to you know to kill the guy
too much time to just get out of the
situation without you know I can’t have
it on my conscience they give someone
brain damage or you know maimed and
killed them so I’ve had several several
incidents go down and I think you know
one of the great things about the
martial arts is that you get confidence
and when you’re confident people just
don’t really mess cutie mark you know
they don’t they don’t bother you that
can sense that you you have something
so it’s gonna show you know some
possible way you might be attacked in
the real world and some possible ways
and dirty boxing that we might handle
that situation so a lot of times in
self-defense Chelsea guys who wanna
finish of you are they gonna grab your
clothing are they gonna grab your neck
like that or they’re gonna try to pull
your head down she can need I can do
here in Thailand right so yes so tight
end if he doesn’t like a double shift in
Chester when he doesn’t notice how is
getting into here to smoke a steering
wheel position so so
shuts you because
clinch you
rap on your clothing
got two hands into this position called
the steering wheel thing about this home
and get your butt and that’s one of my
favorite things sometimes we just felt
they had here
and this is the best time
grab onto the
just set up a striking from here all
your orthodox lost
you want
let’s look at what time you shop you
call the steering wheels but need
short back turning his head like that
get my phone down
like grap head here that’s a knee
and stepped-up combination
ya wanna principles that I here to
obviously is cross-training that no
martial art has it all
no martial arts complete and that’s why
we call it mixed martial arts so you
know mixed martial arts for combat
that’s what I’m about mixed martial arts
for the real world so I think anyone who
is serious about learning self-defense
fence needs to have a Thai boxing Muay
Thai background you know some time here
in bangkok right now just did a seminar
on dirty boxing filipino boxing but I’m
also here to out to train in Muay Thai
love Muay thai and doing it since 1985
and let’s be honest the best ranking
system in the world you know I think
anyone without a Muay Thai background is
really you know not serious about
learning how to defend themselves and
then obviously a Brazilian jiu-jitsu is
one is the best grappling art out there
are probably other great ones too but I
think you need you need you know they
have some knowledge of Brazilian
jiu-jitsu boxing you know boxing is the
most sophisticated system of using the
hands and all the martial arts according
to Bruce Lee and I agree with them
wrestling obviously is very important
you know having having take downtown
knowing how to defend takedowns but then
what I like to do is mix and other other
arts or not so in the mainstream like
for example the Filipino martial arts
you know which is the best with the
knife the stick
some of the systems have the best empty
hands and I’ve ever seen like Inosanto
I know the cross method that the Filipino
martial arts includes dirty boxing or
filipino boxing puntukan or suntukan
on which a mix of boxing
master John Lacosta learned in the
central region of the Philippines to the
size and then he learned the Silat in
the south in Mindanao so he mixed silat
with boxing and it’s one of the most
sophisticated the most effective
efficient forms of self-defense and I’ve
ever seen Dan Lee Inosanto taught me that
you know of a thirty years of training
with him several workshops within the
focus just on the filipino boxing and
and so yes I took what he did in kind of
did my own thing a little bit with the
filipino boxing and I think it’s one of
the best silat is one of the best I
like a savate box france you know I’m
a box franse one of the best
striking arts but there are you know
when China there are a lot of great
martial arts out there however some of
them with a lot of martial arts there’s
certain things that I like and then
there’s and it’s going to be like that
for everyone
those things that you like those things
that you don’t like so much you know and
so that’s why I think it’s so important
to cross train
another important thing about cross
training is that you know when you’re 20
years old you know you got Muay Thai, MMA
,Jiu Jitsu
know but you know I’m I’m 53 years old
so you know my my shape and injuries
stuff like that and you know as you
start getting older he don’t cross train
you’re not going to be able to do it
anymore you know and you get depressed
and you let you know when you stopped
training you know your life’s just not
the same so it’s really important to
have to be able to know have different
martial arts ones that you can do like
the Filipino martial arts is great
because you can practice it into you
sixties seventies eighties nineties like
you know a lot of the Masters that grew
down in a sauna learn from they were ww2
heroes they fought the first Filipino
Infantry Division and they were sent to
the Philippines to fight over there they
fought with with live blades swords the
lows against the japanese so you know I
think ww2 veteran so obviously most of
them are all gone now they were heroes
and you know the Filipinos were no
exception to the rule they were
definitely heroes who fought against the
Japanese and you know so by the time
Groudon met these guys are already a lot
of them are in their eighties you know
seventies eighties some of them pushing
90 and you know
they can still move you know they could
still move still do that thing like Locasta
for example he was in his late
eighties he still train every day and
the weight I get shot the back which is
a sad very sad story because we all
wanted to learn what he had you know but
but yeah so I think it’s great to cross
train because it gives you that option
to do you know if your body can’t do the
Shin kick anymore you know your hips
body or whatever you have other things
you can practice so that my Academy in
Orange County California we specialize
in beginners we love we love to take
people have no martial arts experience
at all and teach them how to defend
themselves you know get them involved
with all the different combat martial
arts and normally what I like to do as I
like to start people with Thai boxing
with Muay Thai and there are several
reasons for that one is that they’re
learning to use their natural weapons
you know their punches or kicks their
elbows on their knees and the learning
basic defenses you know it’ll work in
the real world they’re also at the same
time getting fit you know I’m being fit
is a very important part of being able
to defend yourself
Muay Thai kickboxing boxing it gives you
timing it gives you read them if you
distance it gives you an understanding
of movement it gives you an
understanding of the way that you
probably gonna be attacked in the real
world now that everyone does anyone does
boxing everyone does mixed martial arts
so yeah so I like to start people with
Muay Thai or we started with MMA mixed
martial arts that’s we do get my
academies I offer everything I hope we
have a mixed martial arts program we
have a Muay Thai program but usually we
don’t like to start people in Brazilian
jiu-jitsu for example is like I said you
know you need to learn how to strike
first in my opinion I think it you know
you don’t want to go to the ground right
away that’s all you know you’re gonna be
in bad trouble in the in a real
situation if that’s all you know how to
do is grapple is it you know it’s never
a one-on-one fight so we start people
with Muay Thai MMA and then once they’ve
gone through you know three months or so
of Muay Thai or MMA then they become
eligible to go into what we call a
combat out the program and that’s what
we offer noJeet Kun DO Filipino martial
arts Brazilian jiu-jitsu no gi Jiu Jitsu
boxe française Savate so we offer all
those are taught separately but we’d
like you to have a base in striking
first because up pretty much all the
martial arts we teach our striking the
boxing based like the Filipino martial
arts boxing based you know Jeet Kun Do
is boxing based Savate
obviously boxing based Muay Thai boxing
base MMA boxing based again even
Brazilian jiu-jitsu you know it’s even
Helio Gracie believed in boxing although
you know the early Jets you guys want
the best boxers but you know there
they’ve gotten a lot better now you know
nowadays all the brunt brazilians know
you have to do Muay Thai you have to be
boxing where they used to laugh about it
in the early days of the of the UFC they
would laugh at Muay Thai boxing but now
it is often anymore you know because
they realize you have to have a
foundation and striking
so yeah that’s why start people Muay Thai
Boxing MMA you know to get used to their
their tools get used to how they you
know how the body moves and whatnot then
later on they get into the the Brazilian
jiu-jitsu and what other whatever else
that they want to get involved with
other things get a lot of times
another thing we get a lot of times
these guys who are gonna
swimming wild at your head right through
maker punch so in that type of situation
you know first of all you want to know
how to cover you need to be able to
defend your head you know the docs way
like this first got that down this week
all it takes
and we have what’s called the water
covered like this
so we have a lot of times in a street
fight traffic situation in self-defense
situation as an individual
angry gonna try to punch a lot of times
it’s not a nice straight punch me I
punch right in that type of scenario
comes with a white boy you need to know
how to just cover your head up to
protect your head
that’s what we call it type cover we
call a wide cover the clothes like this
and then if you want to try to get the
same time to become a political punch
the clock so why were the first one and
you just come in when you cover up here
if you think air right now if you got
simultaneous this is one of our
favorites like that which are striking
here whether it’s tougher cuts
so dirty boxing basically filipino
boxing ok it’s it comes from Grandmaster
johnnie Juanito LaCosta John Acosta he’s
one of the instructors Dan Lee Inosanto
know he’s very unique in his approach
because he traveled all over the
Philippines to learn all the different
Filipino martial arts the thing that he
was able to do that other Filipino
martial arts masters weren’t able to do
was to learn all the southern styles
that are really in existence anymore
from Mindanao you know Silat the
different Filipino Silat systems so
he converted to Islam the reason why
most people weren’t able to learn it is
their Christian there from the central
and northern region and Christians are
not allowed to learn Silat so what he
did was he converted to Islam and learn
to speak twelve different Muslim
dialects so he could learn all the
different silat stiles which made him
very unique you know so what he did is
he took the the boxing did you learn in
the Visayas in the central region of the
Philippines you know Suntukan
and and he makes that silat so it’s a
very effective boxing base but it’s it’s got
all the you know the dirty techniques
it’s got eye got head butts needs to
the groin foot stomps you know strikes
to the arms we do harm destructions and
clinching and you know double thumbs and
grabbing you know kicking the groin
go yell everybody can do that I know
what everybody says but it could do that
yeah but ya think about this I mean like
Bruce Lee for example
area finger job from any angle at
lightning speed
you know you wouldn’t even see it coming
so someone with it would skill like that
you know i mean is another animal to
deal with you know me and and people
don’t realize you know they can pick up
a weapon
well you know it’s it’s not that simple
with you if you’re going to get someone
who has skilled with a weapon it’s very
very different you know so it’s easy for
people in the MMA world to downplay
parts that aren’t
competition but usually that’s because
they don’t really have an understanding
they don’t have an understanding of
what’s really out there and what you
know what it’s worth it you know what
skills outside up their game how much
that can add to you know what’s going on
in a real-world self-defense or street
fighting situation.
so filipino boxing
also known as Panatukan or Suntukan
in my opinion is one of the best
martial arts for the real world includes
striking similar to Thai boxing but it
also includes
had but, eye gouching all types of
clinching, knees, strikes to the groin and foot stomps
and over hooks, underhooks and no shots to
the throat you go oh yeah well you want
to do that it’s not just that what makes
it unique award makes it so effective is
how how do you get from eye-gouching to
head but he’s to knees to sweeps
together how do you get into it that’s
the thing everybody knows you can eye gouch
how do you get him do it right
how do you get into the other techniques
how do you flow from head butts, elbows, knees and clinching
great about filipino boxing it is best in the world
flowing between regular mainstream type
of strikes again elbows knees kicks
punches into the dirty tricks that they
are going to set up your strike again eye
gouch for example once you get your eye gouched
the best time to hit him with
traditional type of boxing strikes

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  1. great video… I wish the term MMA never came about.. martial arts are ALL MMA.. you take what your opponent gives you… MMA is not a martial art..just my opinion.
    keep up the good work

  2. You are an inspiration!!! Thank you man!!!

    I remember the old MMA Cage fighting blood sport Cage rage etc etc in the 80's… None of that is on YouTube.

    Some people get involved for the right reasons and some for the wrong reasons.

    They say there is no right nor wrong. But the truth lays in combat art.


  3. to tell you all the truth in Philippines the street fight is more of a term called rambulan than a suntukan .
    Suntukan in english is simply boxing .

  4. In my own experience, and observations, once a person is competent to a certain level in (a) truly street effective system(s), the likelihood of any given situation on the street becoming physical is greatly reduced. Aggressive, violent persons, whatever their reason for going there, often have a certain level of instinct and awareness in picking their potential targets, and the demeanor, vibe, actions, words and general " feel" to the person trained in such true combat systems will, in the majority of cases, lead to their not being perceived by a potential attacker as an easy target, which is generally what they are looking for. This factor, in combination with the fact that persons trained in these systems are not often "looking for trouble", or having anything to prove, so to speak, usually leads to them never really often ever having to use their skills to defend themselves from anyone along the way. But it is the training and awareness, and subtle aspects thereof that, in and of themselves, majorly contribute to this being the case.

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