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The Wednesday Night War Begins! Finn Balor
Returns To NXT! And Tomasso Ciampa makes his
comeback! Hot damn what an episode.
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For instance Oli and Luke’s review of the
first ever AEW Dynamite which went up earlier
today. Watch it right after this, because
though it’s not a competition, we are having
our very own Wednesday night war. So watch
this, watch that, and let us know whether
AEW or NXT won the Wednesday war. It’s not
a competition though.
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Opening Promo!
Don’t push your fingers into your eyes because
the show opens with a highlight reel and Slipknot’s
Corey Taylor telling us that if you’ve been
looking for something more, welcome home.
We then get the subtle combination of the
NXT logo in flames and a big fat NO BS flashing
up on screen.
And someone in the crowd genuinely has a Forgotten
Sons sign. Immediately undermining the NO
BS warning.
Matt Riddles NXT Championship Dream Brover?!
Broceedings begin with an absolute barn stormer
between Adam Cole and Matt Riddle, so don’t
change the channel, please don’t change
the channel, for the love of god pleeeaaasssee.
The challenger to Cole’s NXT championship
walks in from backstage and fist bumps his
Blackpool Bro big Willy Reegs. Before decanting
his flip flops into orbit.
Cole is said to be slightly injured from last
week’s Fujiwara fiasco and though cleared
to compete will be wearing a cast.
Things start off hot right out of the gate
and don’t let up from there. If the idea
was to dazzle with an indie style spot fest
then this absolutely delivered.
After some genuinely jaw-dropping crowd-popping
exchanges and near falls for Riddle, Cole
cleans his cock with the cast, hits the Last
Shot and just about manages to retain his
NXT Championship.
Good golly miss molly this was a heck of an
opener and really set the pace for an amazing
night of NXT.
Unfortunately for Cole though the queue of
contenders is long and somebody is pushing
to the front of the line.
Finn Balor Returns To NXT!
Finn Balor is back at Full Sail! ‘Ahhhhh
my god!’
He gets a reaction that makes Jesus coming
out of the cave on Easter Sunday look like
his disciples were just like oh hey man.
Face to face with Cole in the ring he says
‘as of now Finn Balor is NXT!’
And he’s got a new close cropped haircut!
Can’t wait to see what they do with Finnhead
Shayna and Candice Hype!
We get a great little promo to hype Shayna
Baszler vs Candice LeRae where the Queen of
Spades says that people don’t just lose
matches against her they lose days off their
That’s Rhea Ripley’s gimmick surely? Isn’t
that right Tegan Nox? She got a promo package
later in the show and a Ripley feud feels
like it’s ready made.
Velveteen Dream’s Got A New Couch!
Velveteen Dream appears in a purple haze flanked
by a bevy of beautiful furniture removal specialists.
He says what you are feeling is the Velvetten
Dream Experience, the climax of life, which
is probably why Roderick Strong tried to steal
The thrust of the conversation was he wanted
a North American title rematch, but it was
all wrapped up in penis patter.
Lio Rush vs Drew Gulak Next Week!
A quick but great package hypes Lio Rish vs
Drew Gulak, their Cruiserweight Championship
match will go down next week.
Io Shirai vs Mia Yim
Io Shirai arrives to square off with Mia Yim.
Io and Mia were putting it all out there for
this, we had suicide dives, a superplex, Io’s
incredible dropkick, and then Chalupas.
finish comes when Io spins away from Mia on
the mat planting a kick plum on the side of
her mouth. Then the moonsault seals the deal.
I liked this and it keeps Io Shirai in the
conversation as one of NxTs top women.
nWo Is In The House!
The Outsiders were inside Full Sail to wave
to the crowd. Which is too sweet.
Johnny Gargano vs Shane Thorne
Johnny wrestling/takeover/NXT/Gargano took
on Shane Thorne in a re-run of a match that
was filmed at the last set of tapings but
never aired because NXT went live in a totally
planned, totally non-knee jerk not competitive
way, nosiree.
While Thorne wasn’t an opponent I’d hoped
for on my Gargano feud wishlist, this was
actually an awesome match, with the Aussie
action hero putting on a showcase of top level
leg lariats.
But things finish up when Johnny does the
meet in the middle superkick and realises
he’s been stood up. Because Ciampa ain’t
there… yet.
Candice Comes Close Against Baszler
Next up we got to see a new side to Candice
LeRae in her NXT Women’s championship Match
against Shayna Baszler.
LeRae was fired up and unafraid of NXT’s
resident bully and for much of the match it
felt like Candice was the escape artist to
the submission magician.
The final stretch was legitimately thrilling
with the pair trading kirafuda clutches, before
Baszler locks hers in and LeRae fights, tries
to stand but eventually has to tap.
This was a star making performance from LeRae,
and just goes to show that she should have
been in the position long long ago.
Random Assortment Of Talent!
The odd faction of Mark Henry, Stephanie McMahon
and Alundra Blayze aka Sexual Corporate Carnage
were in the crowd.
Walter vs Kusida Next Week!
It was announced that Kushida will suffer
death by chop next week at the giant gammon
hands of Walter.
Pete Dunne Puts A Bitter End To Danny Burch
Pete Dunne and Danny Burch’s bout started
off as wristlockapalooza, before descending
into flips, kicks and heabutts.
This British strong style confrontation made
both guys look hard as nails and kept Pete
Dunne’s momentum up with another victory
– before the lights go out and who should
appear like a Las Vegas magician vampire?
Damien Priest.
NXT’s Big Damo then hits the Reckoning and
does his arrow thing to light up his own name.
I am into this feud.
Cathy Kelley Chats With Cole
Cathy Kelly confronts Adam Cole about using
his cast to save his championship. He says
he used the last shot actually.
Roddy interrupts babbling about Balor, but
Cole says they need to concentrate on the
Profits and the prophecy.
Undisputed Era Eke Out Victory Over Street
To close the show The Undisputed Era’s Bobby
Fish and Kyle O’Reilly defend their NXT
Tag Team Championships against the when I
say Street you say Profits.
The You Say Profits were accompanied to the
ring by Wale, who wants the smoke, like a
lot. Fortunately the crowd were hyped enough
to go along with this, but I feel like he
forgot to prep some lyrics or something else
to say.
Then we got the second big return of this
Kyle O’Reilly’s air guitar!!! Excellent!
*air guitar*
The match itself was built around a hot tag
spot with Dawkins that saw him run wild, leading
to a closing stretch where the when I say
Street you say Profits were closing in on
the titles after Ford flipped over the corner
to land outside!
But just was he goes up for the frog splash
follow up, Roderick Strong interferes grabbing
his leg, setting Fish and O’Reilly up for
a high low and the win.
The ref was looking right at him! This definitely
should have been a DQ.
Tomasso Ciampa Returns!!
Undisputed celebrate their underhanded tactics
with their signature pose as Adam Cole walks
onto the ramp to pose right back at them.
Then Ciampa’s music hits and the Blackheart
walks out onto the stage. He circles Cole
like a shark, but keeps his eyes on Goldie
the entire time. This was so good, and just
a tiny example of the character work Ciampa
was doing before his surgery.
The episode goes off air as the two stare
What an episode of NXT! This felt like a mini-Takover
with three amazing, high-stakes matches. Two
huge returns. And some set-up for future feuds:
namely Priest vs Dunne, and Cole under siege
from Balor and Ciampa.
And I think the coolest thing about this is,
and not to sound like a Velveteen Dream promo,
they didn’t blow their load.
No titles changed hands, the returns were
amazing but more teasing than anything and
everything left you wanting more.
This NXT is an EST NXT!
Now over to Pete with some news.
Great review Laurie!
Man, the war really has started hasn’t it?
Two great shows to kick off the first week
of AEW vs NXT.
Next week on NXT, we’ll get to see Drew
Gulak defend his Cruiserweight Championship
against newly returned Lio Rush, however they
won’t be fighting over the WWE Cruiserweight
Championship anymore.
In the promo for the match coming next week,
it was revealed that the title is now called
the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, confirming
it will now be defended on the gold brand
moving forwards.
Where this leaves 205 Live is anyone’s guess
at this point, but this can only be a good
thing for fans of the purple belt, as the
top quality matches put on by the cruiserweights
will now be seen by a lot more eyes.
Not so long ago, one of the rumoured names
heading over to 205 Live, though thankfully
not anymore, is Daniel Bryan. Despite fitting
the weight requirements of the brand, Bryan’s
superstardom exceeds that of the purple show,
though I wouldn’t say no to a brief trip
to NXT for him…
Bryan recently appeared on the Bellas Podcast…The
Bellas Podcast? What do they talk about? Where
he took part in a Q&A section. He was asked
about his time in WWE, to which he responded:
“My retirement from full-time wrestling
which will be coming up sooner rather than
later in the next couple of years…”
He went on to talk about focusing more as
a parent after his full-time retirement, so
we may only have a couple of years left of
Bryan full-time in WWE. So don’t screw it
Speaking of screwing things up, and CM Punk
was just a little mistreated wasn’t he?
Everyone knows the story by now, and a return
to WWE seemed out of the question. Despite
this though, there were rumours circulating
this week that CM Punk had a tryout to become
a host for FS1’s WWE Backstage show, alongside
Renee Young.
Well now, those rumours have been confirmed,
by none other than Triple H and CM Punk himself.
Interestingly, this lead on to both men saying
they’re open to a CM Punk return to WWE
at some point, though admittedly, Punk said
he’s open to anything, just not wrestling.
But that’s the one thing we want to see
you do!
When asked about a Punk return by Sports Illustrated,
Triple H said:
“If the opportunity is right for everybody
and it’s right for our fans, then we are
willing to put the past behind us and move
While in an interview with Collider, Punk
said of the situation:
“I’m very much in the position in my life
where I’m like ‘Well, talk to me.’ I’m
open to anything, and if they come at me and
they’re like ‘We want you to wrestle’,
I’m not interested.”
As we all know, Punk is the best on the microphone,
in that ring, even at commentary, nobody can
touch him! …so CM Punk as commentator, authority
figure (despite those not existing anymore)
of some sort of backstage influencer would
be amazing.
I can’t believe I’m saying this and it
actually has a real chance of happening now
CM Punk back to WWE…confirmed?
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