Dana Barbour  – Quick Cardio (Kickboxing)

Dana Barbour – Quick Cardio (Kickboxing)

hey guys I’m actually gonna do a little
cardio kick box today it was one of my
favorite all-time things to do years ago
but it’s a great cardio workout and you
don’t even have to have a bag so I’m
gonna show you a little instructional
video you’re just gonna do a jab one
foot in front of the other you get a jab
forward jab cross hook uppercut and
you’re going into single leg squat lunge
right here so jab cross hook uppercut
jab that comes from the back and the
abdominals jab cross hook uppercut jab
cross hook uppercut and jab cross hook
uppercut see I’m externally rotating my
back leg and then coming in coming into
this position here single leg squat
reaching is essentially another lunch
just a single leg squat putting a lot of
emphasis on the top of the quads and the
glutes so jab cross hook uppercut jab
cross hook uppercut jab cross hook jab
cross. I’m sweating already jab cross
uppercut jab cross uppercut jab cross
and then you can do a little tempo
okay guys here’s Pete other side same
thing right leg in front you ever like
to start with right like this front or
the leg that’s right you’re gonna jab
that farm jab cross
you want to make sure that the jab and
the cross are coming from the back of
the court
all right guys
I got my heart rate up and what two
minutes all right guys if you got that
five minutes of time you get yourself
please I’m sweating already
all right have at it guys next one

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