Dakota Kai vs. Taynara Conti: WWE NXT, Sept. 25, 2019

[SOUND] National One Hit wonder day
the groove is in Dakota Kai’s heart and it’s such a delight to see the captain
of team kick back in the ring. Well maybe not for Taynara. Principle kick.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Dakota looking to follow up quickly.>>Trying to end this match quickly,
all the way to the top turn buckle!>>Ooh.
>>Dakota up there by Tynara who shows an educated foot of her own.>>We’ve seen this wily,
cagey strategy from Tynara before. She’s really grown a lot as a competitor.>>[SOUND] Taynara says she is the only
superstar with both beauty and fighting ability.>>And another kick from Taynara and
remember, although Taynara’s going for the cover. Taynara wants to spoil the return
of Dakota Kai ducks underneath that right hand. And there is the judo toss by Taynara.>>Ooh.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rolls her over lateral press Taynara hooks a leg and
Kai able to lift that right shoulder.>>Dakota Kai now the diminutive Kiwi
a little bit slow out of the gate.>>Well Kai’s grandfather played for
the New Zealand All Blacks, but Taynara’s the one who wants to make Kai’s
body all black and blue on her return.>>A little trash talking here by Conti.>>Hold on,
we’re seeing some life from Dakota here.>>Dakota Kai, Irish whip into the ropes. Goes out on the apron and
nails Taynara with the right.>>That’s some of the creative
offense that Dakota Kai is known for.>>And
there’s those kicks that Kai is known for.>>Beautiful impact on that. Let’s see what Kai’s got left.>>Axe kick to the lower back
of Taynara by Dakota Kai.>>Not the hair Dakota, come on.>>My goodness,
a flurry of kicks to the face and Taynara was able to wind block
some of the impact, not all of it.>>Kai measuring Taynara here.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wow, Dakota Kai looking to kick
Taynara’s face clean off!>>Face wash boot all the way up!>>The GTK! Dakota kick!>>One, two, three.>>Triumph for Dakota Kai! She’s back.>>Here is your winner, Dakota Kai. [MUSIC]

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