Hello, here Wesley Gimenez and this is Erick, we are from Brazil. He is from Minas Gerais
Do you have cheese bread in your city? yes, there is even the cheese bread party! I’ll have to go there!
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today the theme is serious: how to knock out a person easily
this video is to save your life. don’t use it as a joke with your friends
I confess that I don’t like teaching this on YouTube. but I think good people need to learn to defend themselves
the troubleman already knows what can hurt other people. unfortunately it is the good people who are unprepared.
so this video is for you who want to arrive safely at your home. how to defend yourself!
the first question is awareness! if the enemy is a deadly threat, it doesn’t work to punch his chest for example
or punch his abdomen. or kick his leg. You must focus on weaknesses. So that size and physical strength
don’t make a difference. so if the enemy is too strong, it doesn’t work to attack his chest, abdomen and legs.
even though you are weaker you can win the fight with just one hit if you hit his weak point
remember: in real combat you may only have one chance
or you land a powerful blow to knock out or disorient the enemy and get away or
you will be the victim of a troubleman who wants to hurt you
what you will learn is for extreme situations! you were threatened and understood that it is very serious
you can use the side of your arm to attack his jaw.
then the enemy is threatening you. with your arms crossed you can surprise him with a side punch
attack on the temples. it can be a punch, fist or open hand.
if it’s too close, use a header. you can also use elbow. closed fist, side of arm
at the temples, jaws. This will hurt a lot.
another weak point: throat, trachea. punch in the throat, elbow …
are fatal attacks. be careful.
there are other non-fatal options. if possible give preference to attack his testicles
I hit his thigh. he scared. are you using protection? no?
tap up the testicles. attack with a slap, punch, kick, knee upwards
this blow ends the combat. the advantage of this attack is that you will not kill or seriously injure the person
at most he will suffer a vasectomy.
but he will not die.
however punches in the chin, throat, windpipe, cervical are fatal
sometimes just because he fell and hit his head on the street.
many people died because they got punched and hit their head when falling.
you need to be very aware. Do not use this against an annoying or someone with little offensive potential
you should only use this against a deadly threat
people like that have no limits, he wants to kill you, so learn how to defend yourself

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