CM Punk WWE RETURN & AEW HEAT?! Vince McMahon & Paul Heyman Clash On WWE Raw! | WrestleTalk News

CM Punk WWE RETURN & AEW HEAT?! Vince McMahon & Paul Heyman Clash On WWE Raw! | WrestleTalk News

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Super
[REMIX] News – I’m Oli Davis.
We’ve got a packed show for you today, including
CM Punk nearing a WWE return, how he’s he’s
got heat with AEW, and Vince McMahon overruling
Paul Heyman on Raw!
And we’ll also have the latest WrestleSketch
at the end of the show about WWE bringing
back so many of those wrestlers that they
annoyed to the point of all wanting to quit.
Click the timestamps in the video description
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And answer our question of the day in the
comments down below: Do you think CM Punk
will wrestle again in WWE? Because I’ll
be answering comments FROM OUTTA NOWHERE…
saying he probably won’t. That part of his
life is over. I’m sure it’s just a presenting
thing he wants to develo-
Even without the CM Punk news, this is still
one of the biggest weeks in professional wrestling
history – with Monday Night Raw relaunching
itself with a ‘season premiere’ tonight,
NXT going a full two hours up against the
first ever episode of AEW’s weekly TV Dynamite
on Wednesday, SmackDown debuting on Fox this
Friday… oh, and The Fiend will probably
be the Universal Champion at Hell in a Cell
once the week’s over. Yeah, I keep forgetting
Hell in a Cell is this weekend too.
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WWE is actually doing a similar thing. But
instead of getting more subscribers… they’re
just signing up all the wrestlers.
Sasha Banks tried to quit WWE at this year’s
WrestleMania, only returning to the company
after August’s SummerSlam, turning heel
and immediately becoming the top female heel
on Raw, and arguably all of WWE as nobody
knows what Charlotte’s meant to be right
Fightful have now revealed that Sasha actually
signed an extension to her WWE deal when she
returned back in August, likely ruling her
out of an AEW move anytime soon.
Elsewhere, Wrestling Inc is reporting The
Usos will be returning to WWE TV on this Friday’s
season premiere of SmackDown. They’ve been
off TV since the 29th July, largely thought
to be a punishment for Jimmy Uso’s DUI arrest.
And despite everyone reporting John Morrison-Impact-Mundo-Nitro-Birthdays-Weddings-&-Barmitzvahs
has signed to return to WWE, with both PWInsider
and Wrestling Observer claiming the deal has
been in the works for a while, he’s making
fun of the reports, but not actually denying
them, replying to PWInsider’s original story:
“Thanks for the heads up @PWInsidercom 🤣 please
lemme know when I’m signed with AEW- or
But, as hard as it is to believe sometimes,
not everyone is going to WWE…
When Rush beat Matt Taven for the ROH World
Championship at Death Before Dishonor on Friday
night, with Taven’s contract reportedly
expiring just a few days later, everyone kind
of figured he’d be on his way to WWE or
But Taven announced himself at ROH’s TV
taping the following day that he’d be staying
with the promotion, with Dave Meltzer explaining
why, exactly, that might be. Money. Lots of
money. Like, three times more monies than
anywhere else.
It’s easy to forget how deep ROH’s pockets
can be, with their owners being by the very
large Sinclair Broadcasting company. As a
result, Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting
Taven’s ROH deal is worth double the highest
paid wrestler in NXT, and could end up being
triple that when bonuses and kickbacks are
factored in – all while having to wrestle
fewer dates.
Speaking of highest paid NXT wrestlers, the
NXT Champion himself, Adam Cole Bay-Bay has
been pulled from their Midwest Tour due to
an arm injury, thought to be a radius fracture.
Cole is still scheduled to face Matt Riddle
for the title on this Wednesday’s stacked
NXT episode – the main event of the first
show going head-to-head with AEW Dynamite.
Possibly as a way to make SmackDown more sports-orientated
like how their new network Fox wants, Wrestling
Observer Radio has also revealed that former
UFC Champion Cain Velasquez is in “serious”
talks with WWE.
Presumably realising that WWE have already
got someone called Cain, so it’ll never
work, Velasquez is also checking in with AEW
and New Japan. He’s actually still under
contract with the UFC, meaning he could be
limited about how much wrestling he can do
in the United States – which is why he made
his pro wrestling debut in Mexico earlier
this year at AAA’s TripleMania 27. Interestingly,
that was in a trios team alongside Psycho
Clown and AEW co-executive vice president
Cody Rhodes. But they did all awkwardly chant
a homophobic slur at the end of the match,
so maybe Cody wants to get away from that
for a bit.
WWE might have missed out on Taven, have competition
for Velasquez and have their top NXT Champion
working injured – but they’ve got a secret
weapon for the opening battles against AEW.
WWE’s Executive Vice-President of Television
Production and pioneer of CRASH ZOOMS Kevin
Dunn has confirmed to The New York Post Raw
and SmackDown will indeed be having complete
makeovers that include “new sets, openings,
logos, graphics and theme music” – with
Vince McMahon’s favourite band ACDC giving
Friday nights its new Are You Ready theme
tune – and “pyro… flames, lasers.”
And also… Jerry Lawler.
With Corey Graves, Michael Cole and Renee
Young going over to the new A-show SmackDown,
Raw’s commentary team will be freshened
up with 205 Live’s Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin…
and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.
Lawler told Memphis Newspaper Commercial Appeal
that he’s confident about the return, as
“it’ll be like riding a bike”. Sure,
if the bike’s frame is completely scrapped
hours before each show and looks completely
different week to week, and doesn’t really
accept boob jokes anymore. Puppies!
But it seems Raw’s Executive Director Paul
Heyman isn’t as enthusiastic…
In Lawler’s own words in that newspaper
interview, he revealed who was responsible
for bringing him back to commentary in WWE.
“It was Paul [Heyman’s] idea to put Vic
and Dio on Raw. Apparently, what I was told,
Vince [McMahon] said, ‘You can’t throw these
two new, young guys on our flagship show.
Call King.’ That’s how it happened.”
Dave Meltzer has since revealed the behind-the-scenes
version of this, reporting “[Heyman] didn’t
want Lawler, but Lawler is in there right
Despite Lawler saying his return is “for
however long I want to do it,” both Pro
Wrestling Sheet and the Wrestling Observer
are reporting it’s actually only a temporary
role – with speculation that either Mickie
James, who made her commentary debut on last
week’s WWE Main Event, or longtime NXT and
205 Live announcer Nigel McGuiness will soon
replace him.
Or, in speculation, that’s 129% confirmed
– CM Punk’s returning to everything!
After walking out on WWE in early 2014, CM
Punk has had a very antagonistic relationship
with the company – even publicly accusing
Vince McMahon of bankrolling the Dr Chris
Amann defamation lawsuit against him, a case
Punk eventually won.
While people – mostly me – were optimistic
he could return to wrestling one day, it was
assumed that would never be for WWE because
of the, as my girl Tay-Tay would say, Bad
Well there’s a loophole. What if you just
get a presenting job through an external company
that makes a WWE show?
Following Punk’s presenting stints on Netflix’s
Beastmaster and as an announcer for UFC’s
Cage Fury Fighting Championships, PWInsider
is reporting through “numerous WWE sources”
that Punk “was at FOX Studios earlier this
week in Los Angeles meeting for a potential
on-air role for WWE Backstage, the new FOX
Sports 1 studio show that will debut on the
cable network on 11/5.” Which isn’t just
surprising for hearing WWE and CM Punk in
the same sentence… but also because WWE
announced themselves just the day previously
that it’d be hosted by Renee Young and Booker
Apparently Punk did “some test on-camera
material” with Renee Young present, and
producers have also tested Taz, Paige, Rey
Mysterio and Sean Waltman for the role. The
Wrestling Observer has since added, though,
that the feeling is Punk’s tryout went well,
and he’ll probably get an offer to join
the show.
What’s crucial here is that WWE Backstage
is being produced by Fox, not WWE, so if Punk
does become a presenter – he wouldn’t technically
be working for Vince McMahon. But as we’ve
seen from years of WWE 2K pre-order bonus
characters, once you work with a company affiliated
with WWE… you usually end up wrestling on
a Saudi Arabia show a few years after. Especially
given Punk’s comments at Starrcast 3 last
month, saying he wouldn’t “not take a
call” from WWE if they wanted to talk about
a return.
It’s worth noting that Punk’s interviewer
for Starrcast was Mike Johnson, who was handpicked
by Punk to host, and who also turns out to
be the man behind PWInsider breaking these
Punk stories.
Booker T, an actually confirmed host of the
show, had this to add:
“I know nothing about this at all.”
CM Punk return confirmed!
But what does this mean for CM Punk and AEW?
AEW and Punk have been flirting around working
together ever since All In last year, with
Punk even headlining AEW’s convention partner
Starrcast last month. But, as we’ve been
told again and again by Punk, you can’t
just text him with a detailed storyline, series
of opponents, three year long term booking
plan, and specific money remunerations. You’ve
got to have something concrete!
Cody and Brandi Rhodes have now spoken to
Collider Live about Punk’s continued claims
that “texting offers isn’t really a way
to do good business,” saying:
“He did kind of make us look like dumbasses,
saying we sent him a text offer. I’m sure
we texted him, but we also called him. Someone
also met you in a coffee shop. We made genuine
efforts. But in this case, 2019, it’s been
quite some time away from the ring. We gotta
focus on who really wants to be on board with
us versus going out and finding someone who
perhaps doesn’t really want to be part of
Dave Meltzer added that AEW officials have
felt disrespected by Punk.
Cody did say that “the door is always open”,
though, because “the fans have never given
up on Punk. Ever. It’s crazy.”
Punk is potentially just one of the many wrestlers
WWE are bringing back for the war against
AEW. Let’s have a look at the others in
this month’s instalment of WrestleSketch,
edited and co-written, of course, by the brilliant
Vinny Schway…
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I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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