Charlotte Flair & Carmella vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 24, 2019

>>Trying to get to the corner. Trying to get to the Queen.>>All of a sudden, she’s the absolute
opposite of what you want.>>Down goes Bayley.>>It’s gonna affect you,
it’s gonna make you question why.>>Great job by Carmella. Can she make it to the nine
time champion into the corner?>>Here comes Flair. All right, now,
Charlotte Flair on the move! Tons of history with her fellow
Four Horsewomen stablemates!>>The Queen unleashing
the wrath on Bayley right now.>>When we talk about
the change of Bayley, it’s the Queen who has said consistently-
>>This is the Bayley I’ve always known.>>High on the neck of Bailey,
there off the belly to back suplex. And now launches
the SmackDown’s women champion. Now Sasha Banks has collected
herself off the middle rope. Another super kick from Carmella.>>Sasha’s out.
>>This could be the victory here. And broken up by Bayley.>>Another example of Banks and Bayley
being on the exact same page at all times.>>Man.
>>And another superkick, down goes Bayley!>>Got to respect the effort we’ve
seen from Carmella and Charlotte. Here we go,
beautiful pin combination by Carmella!>>Pinned down by Carmella, no. Turn around by Sasha Banks. End of the Banks statement.>>How much can Carmella withstand? [SOUND]
>>Carmella no choice, taps out to Banks. Banks laughing as she does it.>>Here are your winners by submission. The SmackDown women’s champion,
Bayley and Sasha Banks.>>It’s either Carmella or Charlotte,
[INAUDIBLE] a heck of a fight.>>Look, uh-oh.>>Uh-oh, wait a minute.>>Hey.>>Back inside the ring,
a two on one situation. Charlotte Flair striking first.>>Familiar scene for Charlotte. She knows she’s gotta fight for her life.>>Right now again, it’s two on one. Backstabber by Banks. [MUSIC] Hold on a second.>>We got company. The Man is here.>>The Raw women’s champion, Becky Lynch. [MUSIC] And her Hell in a Cell opponent
just ducked out of the ring. And now tying up with Bayley.>>Here comes Banks.>>Eats a couple strikes from The Man.>>And now it’s Becky Lynch
fending off the connection!>>Back-sploder. And look at The Man go,
tearing apart Bayley and Banks!>>Just when the women’s division
can’t get any more bizarre->>[INAUDIBLE] disarm her. And it’s Bayley who pulls Banks to safety.

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