Characters Changing Sexuality? New X-Men Comics? And Other Questions

today on the show it’s an old-school Q&A
video so you sent me questions I’m gonna
answer them
[Intro Music]
quickly before we get into
today’s video I’ve converted my old
gaming channel into a Sims channel
first videos up I’m really happy with it
I make Sims 4 mods like I make my own
careers for my Sims, because that’s the
kind of thing I like to do in my free
time I like to download mods so it’s
gonna be a different kind of Sims 4
youtube let’s play where I’m making my
own stuff and maybe you guys can view
how that stuff works and if you’re into
The Sims I’ll try and upload it
somewhere so you guys can download it
I’m currently in the process of
uploading like
A “Sims High Wrestling Team” Mod
so uh yeah, please come and check it out
Juancarlos asked are there shows growing up
that got prematurely canceled that
you would have wanted to continue
the answer for this one is yes absolutely
the first one that comes to mind is
W.I.T.C.H i have actually been playing with
the idea of doing a video on W.I.T.C.H so
please let me the comments down below if
that’s something you want to see but
yeah I really liked W.I.T.C.H a lot, I felt
like the storyline was quite deep for
the demographic it was targeted at,
and I recently rewatched it just to see if
it still holds up and it absolutely does
I actually spent a lot of my childhood in
the Canary Islands and W.I.T.C.H was huge in
the Canary Islands I don’t know what it
was but W.I.T.C.H was everywhere
so I was
actually more used to the Spanish dub of
W.I.T.C.H than the English dub though I have
seen quite a bit of the English dub as
well but all of my W.I.T.C.H comics are in
Spanish and I don’t speak much Spanish
whatsoever like I speak enough to get by
if you asked me to say the words like
nah nah ain’t happening
for your blank
was blank series could you do Wolverine
and the x-men Avengers Earth’s Mightiest
Heroes or persona 5 the animation please
that was a two-parter question I’m
only gonna answer the first half because
it’s a very quick answer the answer is
yes I am doing any comic book cartoon
that you can imagine like I’m going ham
on this series, I had so much fun making
that x-men
Evolution video and it was received so well
that honestly this series is like lit a
spark in me like you guys have no idea
Darkmagicianmagic says favorite Nico Minoru spell
I’m really really fond of
zombie not basically what happened in
the comic is a bunch of people in LA
were turned into zombies
Nico wanted to cure them of their
zombification by saying a zombie not but
instead she makes our massive knot of
zombies and it creates a giant zombie
that’s attacking the runaways
The third run of The Runaways didn’t have many
great moments like it wasn’t the worst
run but it definitely wasn’t the best so
when it was good it was really good by
comparison to everything else that was
going on around it so moments like
that are really precious to me
from that I know it’s a bit corny but
the series of spells that brought Gert
back to life
that sort of like hit home for me I think
that experience of seeing Gert come back
to life it was very very different if
Gert had been dead for you for near
enough 10 years or if you’d only
recently got into the runaways like for
me Gert has been dead for a long time
and I’d honestly resigned myself to
her and never coming back because she
was dead she was one of those characters
that wasn’t that popular that was just
dead and then she came back and I wasn’t
expecting it and I’m really happy she is
back she adds in such a unique dynamic
to the current run of The Runaways that
I can honestly say it wouldn’t be the
same without her so we have Nico’s
spells to thank for that
Golgoatha says have you been keeping up
with Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and
powers of X if so what your thoughts on
the future of the x-men based of what
you’ve read so far
I don’t really want
to get too much into this question
because I do have dedicated videos for
both of these planned but yes I am
keeping up with it if you guys don’t
know if you’re not reading the comics
basically house of X and powers of X
and all the x-men comics that are going
on at the moment I like a step back in
the right direction for the x-men it’s
like a breath of fresh air a return to
form the x-men have been in sort of a
weird place since like I would say
Messiah Complex some people would say
since Avengers vs. x-men I would take it
back a little bit earlier than that they
just haven’t been the x-men and this is
the first time in a while where everyone
in the x-men fandom is basically saying
yes this is why we love the x-men
this is what should have been happening
this entire time so yes I am keeping up
with it and I’m very very excited to see
where the x-men are going, don’t want to talk
about my theories just yet just because
I believe these are limited runs
not 100% sure I believe they’re limited
runs I want to wait till the end so I
can be like oh I thought this was gonna
happen because if I put it out there
I’ll just get disappointed but these are
very very good runs of the x-men if you
want to get into reading the x-men start
here start now now is a really good time
to start
Paul Brown says how could you
not like Legion
like this *takes a freaking sip babe*
Gabe Mercedes says why do you have a
habit of wanting to change straight
characters gay or bisexual examples
Red Devil, Conner Kent, Tim Drake, etc
so I honestly feel like this question comes
down to a difference in perspective and
this perspective is just that straight
people don’t understand what being in
the closet is like or what it means
because you can’t without being told so
this is me explaining it *laugh*
when I say I
would like for this character to come
out as gay or bisexual or pansexual or
whatever I’m not saying that I want
their sexuality to change I’m saying
that I believe based on what I’ve
already read of the character that they
are gay bisexual pansexual or whatever
and have been all along and they’re in
the closet or have not realized this
about themselves yet
and people have
argued well if you want gay characters
or bisexual characters or whatever why
not just make new ones and I say yes we
should make new gay characters that just
come as gay but also we should have
existing characters come out as gay
because people that you’ve known your
entire life might come out as gay they
might come out as bi there needs to be a
balance to tell the story of LGBT people
realistically in comics and reflect our
stories realistically and obviously when
you’re trying to represent a group you
should try to reflect their stories
realistically even if it does involve
so for example Tim Drake I
believe he’s bisexual just based on what
I’ve read of him and based on my own
experiences of being in the closet
there’s a lot of similarities there I
could make an entire video on the
number of similarities but there is just
aspects of himself he’s consistently
holding back and he can only really open
when he’s around Connor and I was the
same way
there are a number of
characters that I believed to be just
straight and that includes Batman
Superman Green Lantern
Wolverine Damian Wayne you know there’s
a whole plethora of characters that I’m
just like they’re straight
they’re straight come on they’re
so again just for emphasis it’s
not that I want to change straight
characters into being gay or bisexual
pansexual it’s that I believe they’ve
been gay
pansexual bisexual all along and they
deserve a coming out story
skull with a bow says have you done boxing do you
know if it helps with mental health
issues so I’ve never done boxing but
when I lived in America I did do
wrestling and I did find it really
helped me out a lot and it’s one of the
things that sort of got me into fitness
and working out if you guys don’t know I
am a fully qualified level 4 personal
trainer I don’t work as a personal
trainer anymore
it’s one of the things
that I would like to return to
is not as prominent in the UK as it is
in the US like when we have wrestling
it’s less scholastic and more WWE and
I’m not really interested in WWE
wrestling like I don’t even watch it but
like freestyle scholastic greco-roman
that’s the kind of stuff that I’m really
into and I would like to return to that
just there’s nowhere near me that does
it so I don’t know how I could be
trained in it
Geovxr says what do you think about the
Umbrella Academy is it good or is it bad
and do you think it’s close to the comic
so is it close to the comic no and I’ll
tell you for why I do not like the
Umbrella Academy comic I don’t really
like Gerard Way’s writing to begin with
so I am a bit biased here but his
writing and me just do not get along we
are very different wavelengths the show
I love
I started watching the Umbrella
Academy show thinking this would be a
lot for like 10 minutes and then Ireally enjoyed it and I binge
watched the entire thing in less than a
day like it was so good
the part that really got me and made me
say okay this show is really good is the
dancing in the moonlight scene like you
guys have no idea how much I love that
song and then it popped up I had no idea
it was gonna pop up and like my little
heart broke because of the storyline
around the episode
like that that that was so good
10 out of 10 would recommend the
Umbrella Academy show love that favorite
character Klaus
Wicked.one6 says do I
think Titans season 2 is a flop
personally I didn’t even like Titans
season 1 I feel like it’s made the
mistake that x-men movies make where
it’s missed the core of what the source
material is and so I don’t support it I
haven’t watched season 2 I won’t watch
season 2 I finished all of season 1 I
really didn’t like it I do just want to
say though if you enjoy the Titans TV
show don’t feel bad about liking it like
this is just my perspective and my point
of view I’m in no way saying you can’t like it
or you’re a terrible person for liking
it I just feel from my perspective as a
person that’s been reading the comics
since I was 3 years old it doesn’t carry
the core over and when you’re adapting
something I personally believe it needs
to carry the core essence of what it’s
adapting over and if it doesn’t it’s a
Zack Hargreaves says have you ever seen
any of the British superhero shows from
the naughties them being misfits my hero
and no heroics so I never saw my hero
and no heroics but I did watch misfits a
lot I own all the seasons on DVD
I love misfits so much you guys want me
to cover misfits just let me know I
cuz I will cover that in an instant
that show was
so good, if you guys don’t know what it is
basically about these teens that end up
with these powers one of them can hear
other people’s thoughts one of them can
travel through time like it’s so good
because they’re so unprepared in every
way and it’s so raw and the tone of this
show is near identical to the tone of
the British Invasion comics from the
late 80s and I felt like that was
something that hadn’t been around for a
while at that point and then it came in
the form of a TV show and it was so good
like I wish more comic book TV shows
would be made like misfits because
misfits was so good and so many of the
kind of TV shows are like meh to bad
OK guys that is it for today so do you have
any questions for me please let me know
in the comments down below and I might
just answer them
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