Capcom Fighting Evolution (PS2)  Unboxing !!

Capcom Fighting Evolution (PS2) Unboxing !!

hello guys on my toppings once again for
the unboxing today we’re going to be
doing a boxing for Capcom fighting
evolution for the PS2
so this video although it is in a boxing
it’s more of an informative video i just
want to show you guys are that just
because it’s a shrink wrap copy doesn’t
mean that it’s a resealing so to my life
you can see that this copy right here is
the shrink wrapping copy and the copy to
the front of me or the right side of me
now is a Y-fold copy but both these
copies were factory sealed and they are
still brand-new you guys could tell by
the ceiling
the security seal right here and also in
that a quick information
a long time ago and ps2 games were first
coming out being released are they all
have the security feeling to it as a
quick example here we are in front we
also have unlimited saga for the ps2 see
over here
this game is also a factory sealed but
does not have the security ceiling to it
yeah i just want to put that out there
for you guys to put this aside let’s get
back to the unboxing
so here we go to capcom fighting
evolution from the front cover you can
see a lot of different compact
characters the bottom right this game
was developed and published by Capcom.Rate is T for Teen
all right we’ll put onto the spine
there’s the lower right there , fighting
evolution told you the region
information on the bottom and TSE you
see which is basically our United States
and a canada only and like I showed you
before shrink wrap over here
why fold over here and still have
security seal moving on to the back so
soon commence just hold on to one so you
got two different our games here i’m
different scenes here to show you are
the different scenes are you doing it
for years we gotta take a look at the
scenes as a tribute to classic arcade
fighting games legendary fighters from
five capcom arcade classics finally meet
in one totally cool totally old school
game this all new game lets you choose
from characters Spanish street fighter
to shoot fighter 335 offer
darkstalkers and red earth
never before released in the US so also
not a quick information on this game was
actually supposed to be released for
arcade systems like those giant jar in
arcades and but due to our some testing
errors or bad reviews they were only
released for the ps2
there we go I over here says characters
retain their unique move so do play it
exactly as you remember switch
characters between rounds to take
advantage of their special combos 20
plusses and airy
Capcom characters finally come together
in the ultimate battle and here the
she finds you find the things she 538
darkstalkers and red earth and for the
specs is 12 players memory card for ps2
43 kilobytes kb gigabytes kilobytes
yeah digital control analog control and
vibration function and it’s the reason
why this game is rated T for teen is
usually suggestive themes and violence
and the copy that i’ll be opening is the
shrimp shrink-wrap copy we go
and I shall take this often
and boom Katie sealed broke in there we
now it is not a brand new copy anymore
so it’s to the left without a manual to
the right we got the game disc
nothing in the front cover art as a
quick look at the menu and it’s so funny
for cover of the case and the manual be
both of the same and that was the club
quick scheme on 30 insides that has a
thick paper there
so you got the warnings contents getting
started controls getting into the game
some stuff about game mode some other
option modes game systems tell you some
stuff about the switch tag system
Capcom fighting evolution are those that
moves and here are some characters and
their moves that Ingrid real and other
they had been sore and says round one
just some controllers you have the
figures and some dvds and graphic novels
here we go are you got some other
information you got the credits 90-day
limited warranty repairs won t
limitations and ESRB rating for
all right of course the song says
register again and that’s the backside
of the manual
all right so let me slide this back in
and get a quick zoom in our PR game disc
ok excuse me alright so with that being
said that pretty much wraps up the
unboxing for capcom fighting evolution
for the ps2
I hope you guys enjoyed and as always
thank you guys for same thing with his
pop games are unboxings don’t forget to
leave a like comment and subscribe thank
you bye bye

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  1. you fuck nugget. you had me thinking ps2 got a new game, i knew had to be bullshit because the last confirmed game was pes 2014 i think

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