Can Sonya Deville help Titus O’Neil and Sheamus find girlfriends?: Total Divas Bonus Clip

[MUSIC] My God,
it’s a new addition to Total Divas.>>Right.>>[LAUGH] Sonya Deville!>>You got your fake tanner on me,
you’re ruining me! You’re ruining my-
>>No, it doesn’t come off!>>How do you know it doesn’t come off?>>Honey, this is real!>>Honey!>>Ish.>>No, that ain’t real.>>That’s cocoa butter!>>Okay. Looks likes tanner to me.>>It looks like a lot of tan.>>Looks like some dark cocoa butter.>>Who put that on?
The man put it on for you?>>No! I did it, I did this.>>I heard you were single.>>I mean, yes, newly, very recently.>>Congratulations.>>Yeah! I actually, you live in Tampa, don’t you?>>I live in Tampa.>>The hottest chicks are in Tampa. Thank him.>>Yeah, I, yeah, I can’t do.>>I’m in a relationship, so-
>>I can do, we, we, you can’t do, not->>No, no, yeah.>>Yeah, yeah, I mean maybe.>>No.>>I’m, good talk guys!>>I mean [CROSSTALK]
>>Call me later!>>Yeah, it was a good talk but-
>>No, we can go together and get chicks.>>You know what? You should probably try church. We’ll get you a good solid wholesome one.>>Church?>>Yeah, church. Get you a good spiritual,
keep you at peace. Try church.>>Okay.>>I think church will be good for you.>>I’m gonna think about it. I’m gonna think about it. Okay, at peace. [SOUND]

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