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Headline: The Bullet Club Implodes!
It’s been a rocky year for the Bullet Club
with tensions riding higher than Rob Van Dam
on his weekend off. There has been a supposed
war of the leaders between Kenny Omega and
Cody, which flared up at New Year’s Dash
and turned into a beat down at New Beginning
in Sapporo. Omega was saved by his Golden
Lovers tag team partner Kota Ibushi, which
led many to speculate Bullet Club was heading
for a NWO Hollywood and NWO Wolfpac split
with Omega leading one team and Cody the other.
Ring of Honor even announced that Cody vs.
Omega will take place at Supercard of Honor
12 this coming April, the day before WWE’s
WrestleMania 34.
Things got even more heated in the group at
the first night of Honor Rising over the weekend,
where Cody, Marty Scurll and Hangman Page
defeated The Golden Lovers and Chase Owens.
After the match Omega and Cody continued their
brawl, and Cody cut a promo where he announced,
“Bullet Club is fine. And I’ll add one more
thing. Bullet Club is mine.” On the second
night, where The Golden Lovers took on Cody
and Scurll, Cody wore the word “LEADER”
on his gear and even kissed Kota Ibushi towards
the end of the match, which he later told
Kevin Kelly and Don Callis was all for the
“look on Kenny’s face”.
During the post-show press conference in response
to Cody’s mind-games, Kenny said that Cody
had embarrassed himself and went so far as
to call Cody a cast-off of a certain company.
“This sounds like an evil project of a WWE
reject. That’s what that sounds like.”
The question remains where The Young Bucks
fit in all of this. We had previously seen
that The Bucks welcomed the Golden Lovers
into their dressing room following New Beginning
on Being The Elite, but things aren’t quite
so hunky dory.
Headline: The Young Bucks Challenge The Golden
At the conclusion of the second night of Honor
Rising, Omega cut a promo say that not only
was this the best weekend of his life but
The Golden Lovers are the best tag team in
the world. This of course brought out The
Young Bucks who disagreed, and announced they
were moving into the heavyweight division
and challenged them to a match. It was officially
announced by New Japan that the two teams
will square off at Strong Style Evolved on
March 25th – a card that will also see Hangman
Page challenge for Jay White’s IWGP United
States Championship and Jushin “Thunder”
Liger face off against Rey Mysterio, and is
rumoured to feature Chris Jericho vs. Tetsuya
Strong Style Evolved made headlines earlier
this month when the show sold out it’s 5,000
seats in just twenty minutes – and that would
have been quicker had the ticket systems not
crashed due to demand. Matt Jackson channeled
his inner Brody tweeting, “We should’ve
ran a bigger building.”
Do you who doesn’t need bigger buildings?
Smackdown Live.
Headline: WWE Unhappy With Smackdown Live?
The Blue Brand hasn’t had the best 12 months
and has fallen under massive criticism as
of late from both journalists and, more importantly,
the fans. Images from last week’s show revealed
WWE were struggling to sell tickets, leaving
their arena nearly half empty. This news isn’t
exactly ground-breaking as images of half-sold
arenas were shared around social media almost
every week for most of 2017. And this is quite
clearly an issue the company wants to address,
with WWE announcing plans to drop the brand-exclusive
PPVs – which is reportedly due to poor ticket
sales on Smackdown Live events – and John
Cena being advertised for Fastlane, which
was made official on Raw last night when it
was announced that Cena was heading back to
Smackdown Live for the first time since last
August – presumably to help push struggling
According to Brad Shepard at Bodyslam.net
– who has a relatively good track record – even
WWE are aware that the show’s quality is
down at the moment. “A source in WWE told
me that basically everyone that works there
knows it’s not good.”
While a very vague statement from Shepard,
the Cena move to Smackdown Live is an interesting
one as Dave Meltzer and several other outlets
have been reporting for months now that Big
Match John’s Big Mania Match is against
The Undertaker. And if that is still the plan
– and Cena’s promo on Raw would certainly
suggest so – that would mean that Undertaker
will also be appearing on Smackdown Live heading
into their biggest show of the year – which
in theory would also help ticket sales and
increase TV ratings.
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