BT Daily: Wrestling With God – Part 2

[Darris McNeely] In part 1 of this series,
where I was talking about wrestling with God,
and the story out of Genesis chapter 32, where
Jacob found himself by a river – he’d
sent his family on – he encountered a Man
and he began wrestling.
We’re not told all of the details there,
but he wrestles all night, and he comes to
say at the end of the story there, that “I
have seen God”.
And his name is changed to Israel.
It is a very emotional, strenuous exercise
– obviously, wrestling all night, as I talked
The point for you and I is that, in a relationship
with God, we are going to have to wrestle
with God emotionally at times, as we go through
trials, as bad things happen to us or other
people that we’re close to, righteous people
– and we wonder why?
What’s the purpose of this?
Why did God let this person suffer?
Why does evil happen – bad things to good
It’s the eternal question.
To come to that answer, to be able to deal
with a trial, even to stand and move through
it and have the courage to prevail as Jacob
did in that wrestling match with God, we have
to come to a point of understanding the real
help that God gives to us, which is what I
want to talk about here in part 2 of this.
Let me take you to a scripture.
1 John 2:1 – well-known, encouraging scripture.
Let me read it to you.
It says, “My little children, these things
I write to you, so that you may not sin.
And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with
the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.”
That word, “advocate” here, is an interesting
I don’t normally get into Greek here in
the BT Dailys, but it’s a word that is well-known.
It’s a word called “parakletos”.
And what it means and the way it is often
translated is “advocate” in this case.
It’s also translated “comforter”.
But it’s one of those Greek words that doesn’t
have the exact equivalent in the English language,
and it means something far deeper than just
the English word can convey.
A quick study of this will tell you that in
the books.
But what it is talking about is an advocate.
It is, as the scripture says, that we have
an Advocate, Jesus Christ the righteous.
The advocacy is before the Father in heaven.
When we sin, through His sacrifice, we can
be forgiven, but the deeper meaning and the
way this word comes out in other points in
the scriptures where we have a comforter – Christ
talked about sending a comforter after His
death and His resurrection.
The Holy Spirit would lead us into truth.
Christ said, “I will come to you”.
And what we come to know when we put all of
the scriptural uses of this word “parakletos”
together that, when we have some need for
someone and we call someone in to advocate
for us, it is at a time of stress or trial
and a need.
And the need is for courage, the need is for
strength, the need is for comfort, the need
is for help to stand, number one, first of
all – to be able to stand up under the pressures
of a trial, of a difficulty and a very challenging
moment, just like Jacob had to have certain
help or stamina to wrestle all night.
As we wrestle with life, as we wrestle with
what comes at us, we have to call in an advocate,
we have to call in help, a comfort.
And through the power of the Spirit of God
that is provided for us a comforter to help
us not only to stand up and not fall down,
but also to have the courage to deal with
the challenge, the trial, the suffering, the
time of stress and endure and learn the lesson,
move through it, hold the faith, develop that
relationship with God like Jacob did, to prevail
with God and to endure through the night of
the time of struggle and difficulty.
It’s a word, it’s a concept, it’s an
understanding that we gain from scripture
about the relationship that we have with our
Father and His Son Jesus Christ, the power
of the Holy Spirit that is given to us – a
power that is an advocacy, that is a comfort,
that is an encouragement, that is a strength
to help us through in times of trial and stress
and difficulty, to not only stand, but then
to have the courage to face the challenges
of that life and to move through it and to
learn the lessons that God wants, and ultimately,
to prevail.
We have that help.
We have that.
As we wrestle not only with God, but as we
wrestle with life and all that God is working
with us in this life, keep that in mind.
Don’t lose heart.
Don’t lose hope.
That’s BT Daily.
Join us next time.

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