Brock Lesnar’s Smackdown On Fox(WWE Spoiler) Rock Calls CM Punk Again?Lana Responds! Wrestling News

Here’s your news for
October 2nd 2019
We’re starting with some news
from RAW today as Bobby
Lashley made his
big return to the red brand,
but didn’t come alone.
During the Universal title match
between Seth Rollins and Rusev,
Lashley appeared on the stage
joined by Rusev’s wife Lana,
who locked lips with the former
Intercontinental Champion.
Saying that the kiss tasted like
Strawberry on Twitter, Lashley
clearly enjoyed himself, and so
did the fans, with the video of
the kiss being the most viewed
YouTube episode from the
show, garnering over 2 and
a half million views.
On Instagram, the Ravishing
Russian put out some stories
about her comeback, adding that
“Well behaved women seldom
Make history and I am here to
make the history books!!”
On Twitter, Renee Young
reacted to the kiss with a not-
so-PG reaction, whilst Rusev
a man very rarely lost for
words, was stunned silent.
Even the new WWE on FOX
twitter had some fun, with an
awkward meme gif
as it seems this storyline
has everyone’s attention.
This isn’t the first time Rusev and
Lana have started seeing other
people, as the Russian partnered
with Dolph Ziggler to feud
with Rusev and Summer
Rae in 2016
so it’s nice to see some
storyline continuity
Fans will have to wait to see
when we get the Rusev Vs.
Lashley match, as well as
what Lana will say for herself
next week, and where will
Maria, the woman claiming
that Rusev is her baby-daddy,
fits into this whole thing.
One star fans shouldn’t expect
in this wild storyline is CM
Punk, but that hasn’t
stopped the Best in the World
from teasing a return to the ring.
Whilst Punk’s attention right
now is his acclaimed role in ‘Girl
on the Third Floor’, the former
WWE Champion recently
spoke about being called
by The Rock after the February
20th, 2017 edition of RAW.
Fans may remember that the
Great One was at RAW to film for
the Paige Biopic ‘Fighting with my
Family’, and after Zelina Vega
received chants of CM Punk
due to her role as AJ Lee
the Brhama Bull called his
old foe, though Punk
didn’t pick up.
Speaking to KROQ this week,
Punk jokingly commented on the
20th Anniversary of SmackDown
taking place in the same
building where the call was
made, saying:
I enjoy The Rock, I do. And I’m
not trying to put this out… gee,
hopefully people don’t do this
but do you remember the last
time The Rock was in the
Staples Center?”
“Let’s do it again. When is this
show, next Friday? Dwayne,
call me Friday.”
When asked about his rumored
return to the company as part
of the new WWE
Backstage studio show, Punk
replied coyly, and didn’t rule
out a return, saying:
“You mean to tell me you’d
watch a show where I talk
about wrestling?”
Punk also didn’t rule out a
return to the ring either, saying:
“I think people have… it’s taken
on a life of its own… If nothing

happens, please don’t
be mad at me.”
The WWE Universe will just have
to wait and see whether The
Rock calls Punk again
though the show is already
loaded with guest appearances.
And whilst names like Hulk
Hogan, Ric Flair, The Under
taker, Trish Stratus, Kurt Angle
and Sting will be in attendance
for SmackDown’s premiere on
FOX, an appearance
even via phone call by the Best
in the World would make major
The Rock’s return to SmackDown
was made official on Monday,
and instantly
the ticket prices proved just
how big a star he is.
On the website Tick Pick, the
average get-in prices has
increased an astonishing 87%,
rising from $62 to $116.
The average purchase price of
tickets has also gone up 14%
from $109 to $125, and with
a total 23% of Tick Pick’s
orders coming for the
show yesterday,
this shows just how big a deal
the Great One is.
It’s been quite a while since
fans got to see The Rock in
a WWE ring, and given his
busy schedule in Hollywood, it’s
clear many fans are taking the
to see the Brahma Bull in
person one last time.
More news from this week’s
coming SmackDown, as Nikki
Bella has become
the latest name to tease a
return to the show.
The longest reigning Divas
Champion recently took part in
a photoshoot, and when she
showed off a blue item of
clothing, said she might
have to wear
that on Friday, a reference
to the blue show.
It’ll be interesting to see whether
Nikki, who recently retired from
the ring due to her neck
will appear, and if so, whether
her sister Brie will be with her.
With all these appearances, news
and matches, the WWE are taking
SmackDown’s debut on FOX
seriously, but that has meant that
this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell Pay Per
Views has kinda forgotten about.
According to Ringside news though,
the WWE are claiming they do
have a great card
planned for this Sunday, they
just haven’t booked it yet.
On this week’s Wrestling Observer
Radio, Dave Meltzer explained why
the absence of a WWE title
match from the card is due to
SmackDown, as the company
wants fans to believe that
Brock Lesnar could leave the
Staples Center as the new
champion on Friday:
“One of the things is the WWE
Championship match is if Brock
wins the title and it certainly
seems like that will be the case
and it probably is the case
they can’t do anything with Kofi,
so maybe it’s a Brock and Kofi
A Brock-Kofi rematch at the Pay
Per View would be interesting,
especially when you consider
Lesnar hasn’t even been
advertised for Hell in a Cell, which
in contrast to SmackDown
on FOX, hasn’t sold well at all.
Over to AEW now, as the company
has confirmed Chris Jericho’s
mystery partners
for tonight’s premiere episode
of AEW Dynamite on TNT.
On yesterday’s Countdown to
Dynamite, the company confirmed
that Jericho will team with Santana
and Ortiz, formerly known as LAX
in Impact, to face Kenny Omega
and the Young Bucks
in the headline match for
tonight’s show.
These 6 men all have a history, as
Santana and Ortiz gave Jericho a
thank-you following his world title
win at All Out, the same night that
the former TNA Tag Champions
debuted in AEW.
At the show, Santana and Ortiz
made their debut attacking the
Young Bucks, so there’ll be
no love lost when these stars
collide in six-man-tag action
In addition to the match, tonight’s
show will also see Nyla Rose and
Riho face off to become the
first AEW Women’s Champion,
as well as a special appearance
by Jon Moxley.
Hangman Page will hope to
rebound from his All Out loss when
he faces PAC, Brandon Cutler
will take on MJF, and Cody
Rhodes will face off against
Sammy Guevara.
There’s plenty of reasons for
fans to tune in, and now those
who speak Spanish
will be able to listen in as well,
thanks to Alex Abrahantes.
On Twitter, the lead Spanish
announcer for Ring of Honor
revealed that he will also call
the action on Dynamite every
week, in what is a huge
acquisition for the new company.
Back to RAW now and last night’s
premiere episode was a loaded
show, with appearances by Brock
Lesnar, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair,
which led to a 16 percent jump
in the audience, averaging
2.57 million views.
It’s the best RAW has done since
August 12th, meaning this week’s
show beat a number of weeks
before football season started, as
well as toppling every week
against Monday Night Football.
This week’s game of the Bengals
Vs. the Steelers made no
difference in the ratings,
as it did 10.47 million viewers,
up slightly from last week’s 10.33
There was more good news for
WWE, as the new 9-1-1 show
on FOX, which featured
Ronda Rousey also did an
impressive 7.46 million.
With that said, the red brand still
trailed behind in ninth place for
cable for the night
following behind the NFL and
news, and only barely beating
90-Day Fiance on TLC.
Breaking the numbers down, RAW
followed it’s usual pattern of a
slow decline, starting with 2.7 million
homes tuning in, which dropped to
2.59 million by hour two, and ending
with 2.42 million on hour three.
The hour one to hour three drop
of 10.6 percent isn’t as bad as
usual, and with the younger
demographic women staying till the
end of the show, and the young
men demographic actually
increasing, it wasn’t a bad season
premiere at all for Monday Night
And finally we’re focusing on one
special member of WWE’s younger
demographic, as one of the
daughters of Stephanie McMahon
and Triple H has reportedly
already started training.
Speaking on Fox Sports’ Things
First, Stephanie said that the pair’s
13-year-old daughter Aurora Rose
has gotten into the ring, and given
who her parents are, probably
has the best trainers around.
A fourth-generation McMahon,
Aurora Rose isn’t the only young
family member to hint at a
career in the ring, as Shane’s
sons accompanied their father
to the ring at WrestleMania 32.
It’s unclear how much training the
daughter of the Game and
Stephanie has received so far,
but she is definitely in the right
family to give her some very
valuable pointers on how to
break into the business.

Over to RAW next, and though
Jerry Lawler has been
announced as part
of the new commentary team, fans
shouldn’t expect to hear his voice
for long.
According to reports, the King will
only be on the show temporarily
alongside Vic Joseph and Dio
Maddin, until a permanent
replacement is found, and Dave
Meltzer claimed on Wrestling
Observer Radio that RAW Director
Paul Heyman never wanted Lawler
in the first place, saying:
“There’s another guy and I don’t
know who it is, it might be Nigel.
If I read the tea
leaves right, I would think if it
were my guess it would be Nigel.”
A WWE Hall of Famer, Lawler is one
of the most recognizable
commentators ever, and with so much
attention being put on SmackDown
recently, this may be a case of
WWE still trying
to get fans to tune in on
Monday Nights.
Bunim/Murray Productions may not
be a name most WWE fans know,
but the company
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
comments below

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