Braun Strowman takes charge against The O.C.: WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

Eric now trying to get over his corner so
far away, tag was made, in comes Styles, and
Eric not able to make the tag. [NOISE]
>>Smart move by AJ Styles.>>What a backdrop.>>Wow [CROSSTALK] What
a heck time on that backdrop.>>Nobody was home for a moment, but knocking on the front door
is the monster among men.>>Boy.
>>And I think someone is about
to get these hands on. Strowman!>>[NOISE]
>>Strowman taking out everything. United States champion,
Anderson Gallows, it’s Strowman out for the first time tags into the matchup. And! 385 pounds!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>He is fired up!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And suddenly, he’s all alone and
I don’t blame him.>>I know what he’s thinking.>>What?>>That’s a big man,
but he’s gotta go fast!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Gallow’s one of them, Anderson taken out, and there’s only one
left, bam the United States champion.>>[APPLAUSE]

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