Brad Pitt talks sci-fi, space and getting in a WWE ring

[SOUND] This is a map an underground
lake beneath the launchpad. You’ll be able to access
the ship from there. [MUSIC] Good luck.
[MUSIC]>>So I feel like if they had to
describe my emotional state right now, if I had a robot asking me, I’ll be
nervous, heart rate 140, getting to sit down with Brad Pitt, so lucky
>>[LAUGH] that is really sweet of you.>>Beautiful Beautiful film, yeah.>>I know it was an interesting
idea the psych evals wasn’t it, that they would be monitoring
our biorhythms, our psyche or our emotional state to see if
we could contribute to work.>>Well I know that you got to head
over to NASA headquarter in yesterday.>>I did.
>>And the astronauts on the ISS got to watch
a special screening of the Ad Astra. You got the thumbs up on
the zero gravity scene. So that has to be a weight
lifted off of your chest.>>[LAUGH] I mean, really,
what I did was I watched on YouTube.>>Yeah.
>>I watch scenes of them in zero gravity to see how they move. So yeah, to get the return,
thumbs up was good.>>What can you tell us
about the Leadmore Project? [MUSIC]>>First manned expedition to
the outer solar system, sir. Some 29 years ago.>>And that commando was?>>It was my father sir.>>I’ve always been so
fascinated by space. My mom actually applied to be
a mission specialist at NASA, not realizing that she was
pregnant with me at the time, but, was it the space travel
aspect that drew you to the film? Or was it that complex relationship
between your character and the father in the film?>>Well, I do love a bit of sci-fi.>>Yeah.
>>I really do. But really, it’s a yeah,
it’s about the story. Fathers and sons have this power
that I still don’t fully understand. You never know. You never know where they’re gonna land. We didn’t know how to
end it when we started.>>Really?>>We had an idea and
it was wrong [LAUGH]. So.>>So Live Tyler has come to a bunch
of WWE events with her kids.>>Greatest voice.>>[LAUGH]
>>Rght?>>Exactly, yeah.>>In cinema, the greatest voice.>>Can we ever see you at a WWE event?>>Sure, tell me what,
I’m open for anything.>>Yeah, you’re gonna come to a show.>>I’m open.>>We’re in Los Angeles a lot. We would love to have you on our show.>>All right, let’s see what lines up.>>Yeah, would we see you as a manager or
would you actually get in the ring?>>You’re talking about actually
getting in and fighting [LAUGH] really?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Hell, no.>>Or just front row, yeah?>>Yeah, no [LAUGH],
I’ll be a participant? No, I’ll spectate on that.>>Okay, you’ll watch one of our matches.>>Can you imagine [LAUGH].>>I mean crazier things have been done,
yeah.>>My God.

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