100 thoughts on “Border Patrol fighting to keep sanctuary cities safer: Tom Homan”

  1. The people that live in these cities should have to deal with the illeagals themselves. Why put boarder patrol in danger dealing with these people.they want them there. It's there problem.if not then they need to stand up against the demshits and get them out of office..

  2. I have trouble comprehending someone ever thought "sanctuary city" -thing would be a good idea, and much less to implement it in real life. From outside, in my case Finland, this seems utter lunacy!

  3. Yet title is off. Trump wants both, wall and trample city. Like accusation al wrongs. How does border patrol want protection?

  4. Individual cities and states do not get to declare themselves exempt from national and public security and safety. If DHS/BP/ICE is being hard as nails on them, they are being too soft.

  5. Please deport these Illegal Aliens, their families, illegal democrats and socialists and the scum that feed off the citizens; the loosers in GOV'T. Those democratic mayors and goveners going against laws voted for by the citizenery and, recapture california from those invaders using martial law if you have to. Thank You MR. President Trump for trying to rid the prevelent corruption in America.. And good luck and GODS speed!

  6. California taxpayers are forced to pay higher taxes to sustain the ever growing invasions of illegal aliens, overcrowding in hospitals, schools, low bold wages, homelessness crisis, pharmaceutical drug abuse, illegal drugs Fentanyl and meth increase, and higher crimes, criminals are being protected by politicians / and police agencies from ICE, Dangerous Cartel illegals predominantly Hispanics like the elected officials who protect them. The Los Angeles Police Department under investigation by the FBI, due to in house police gangs “ Banditos “ as well as filing false police reports randomly tagging young minors as gang members, when in fact most are not in gangs. Redlining or covenant restrictions, housing crunch to jack up the housing market by not building new homes. California is Mexicali’s filthy secret and disgusting.

  7. Yea, that's illegal. We seem to have to opposing forces at work here. You can not have extra laws that dig around the constitution. It's called grave robbing in Egypt.

  8. Why would you fight to keep them safer? That's dumb and you're enabling the criminal politicians allowing it. Instead of stopping the officials you're putting the agents more at risk. That sounds reasonable. Between these sanctuary politicians and the leftist school boards it appears citizens need to go back to handling things locally. The feds don't seem to have much of a sense of urgency.

  9. These folks are being sent to the cities to round up and deport illegal aliens. That's what is supposed to be done. Nothing to see here.

  10. OBAMA administration deported 3.1 million and TRUMP only deported less than 800,000 there's some slacking going on 👈😨

  11. I urge all law enforcement officials to crack down on illegal aliens driving without a license, this is a national epidemic and illegals are becoming a public risk on the roads. Some car insurance companies are selling policies to illegal aliens just for profit, they even have signs saying " no licencia, no problema" meaning no drivers license, no problem, these are incentives to illegal aliens to keep breaking the law in our country

  12. @POTUS THANK YOU!!! Also, I would gladly open my guest bedrooms to help house any border or ICE agent, not even kidding ~ We are incredibly Thankful to these men and women! Please help us get our cities back and resume safety. We KNOW our local government is doing Nothing and our Police officers need support! God Bless, keep Safe and Bring incredibly successful results as a result of these measures.

  13. In Mexico crime & corruption is a way of life.the further south you go the worse it gets. They are now here 50 million strong chemical war
    fare is just the opening Gambit,Americans won't believe the horrors that will follow…..

  14. Coronavirus: just another reason why its important for us to be able to control who and how people can come into our country.

  15. The Law passed by US. CONGRESS is SUPREME OVER State passed law so too the US Constitution is Lord Over State Constitution, plain & simple period

  16. Sanctuary cities breaking federal law doj needs to enforce the law and put some of these politicians in jail and prosecute them that will stop this nonsense harboring illegal aliens many of them are criminals


  18. I have NEVER heard the sales pitch for sanctuary cities? How would any politician be able to sell this?? I live in the FIRST sanctuary city which was only created to assist a ship full of men that could not stay here without it. It has been completely abused and misconstrued.

  19. My kid was sitting at a stop light this morning and an illegal plowed into the back of his truck doing 40 mph. No license, no insurance. He was hurt, but thankfully ok.

  20. It's ok for other countries to say no you can't come in, but not us right? We need to be like Poland and say hell no to immigration.

  21. EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT spoke vehemently in the past about PROTECTING THE BORDER from "ILLEGALS" – now they're just trying to wreak havoc and give ILLEGALS drivers licenses so they can ILLEGALLY VOTE! If one has nothing to hide and has MERIT, there is a NEED for "GOOD" people to come in, and THOSE "GOOD" people, STAND IN LINE and WAIT THEIR TURN through LEGAL PORTS OF ENTRY. Only CRIMINALS like AOC give the "HEADS UP" to criminals. AOC SHOULD BE ARRESTED!!!

  22. Warren has LIED .. SO much – who the hell does she think she is anyway. She laughingly didn't get ONE SINGLE VOTE in "Pochahontas, Iowa" .. It should be ILLEGAL for ANY State, to even CALL themselves "SANCTUARY" cities. It's AGAINST "THE LAW" to warn people the police are coming. It's TIME TO ARREST AOC!!! She even ADMITTED she wanted ILLEGALS to VOTE!!!

  23. Nice to see Cavuto saying something that doesn't show he hates his most amazing POTUS in USA History.
    Thank you Tom Homan for your incredible service. SWAT that repulsive fool FLY, AOC – she even LOOKS like a fly with those crazed bug-eyes, like Schiff's – the eyes of SICKNESS and IGNORANCE and 24/7 LIES. GIVING "HEADS UP" to ILLEGALS, is ILLEGAL!!!

  24. When Mayor Murray took a walk I thought it would get better in Seattle. Instead they set new records for human degradation. Jayapail has changed it into a replica of a backwater town of India.

  25. I don’t like how they don’t or aren’t held accountable for breaking laws but the Americans are held at different standard. Rules are rules and if you break them you pay the price

  26. Every recent President campaigned on stopping illegal immigrants. Now this President is doing something about it and the politicians who want their votes are creating chaos in cities.

  27. I think this means a border around body then… so ice dont tuch immigrants . . Border there border around a house then too

  28. First of all, they're here illegally. That's already breaking the law. If you help them, doesn't mean you're obstructing the law? Just like if we help criminals, we go to jail.

  29. Cavuto,  We Know You Don't Like Trump And Lately We Noticed How Your Moving Even More Far Left And We Wonder If Soros Delivered You A BriefCase Full Of Cash Like He Allegedly Did To Judge Napolitano, Juan, Geraldo And That POS That Had The 3PM Spot On Fox That LefT 😡You Can Be Sure That I And 90 Million + And Growing Trump Supporters Won't Forgive Your Bias ! And Will Take A Page Out Of The Socialist/Communist New Democrat AND SEE TO IT YOUR RATINGS DROP TO YOUR FRIENDS AT CNN LEVEL 👎 🇺🇸 🦅

  30. Fox Is A Total Disappoint To Us 90 + Million True Patriots Who Support Our Duly Elected POTUS And Fox Should Know We Will Turn On Them As Fast As They Are Turning On On Us😡 👍 🇺🇸 🦅

    Watching Fox And Friends Sunday Morning And Chris Wallace Sunday Night Who was Obnoxious And Disrespectful And Very InterruptedYesterday And Was Enough To Make Me Puke😡It Appears The  New Socialist/Communist Democrat Party Has Been Putting More Heat On Fox To Join CNN And MSM In Criticizing President Trump IE Daytona 500 Is A Total Disappoint To Us 90 + Million And Growing Daily True Patriots Who Support Our Duly Elected POTUS And Fox Should Know We Will Turn On Them As Fast As They Are Turning On Us And Our President😡 👍 🇺🇸 🦅

  31. Chris Wallace You No Longer Have Any Credibility With America! Especially Presidents Trumps 90 Million +And Growing Every Day True Patriotic Supporters And Chris We Will See Your Ratings Drop Like The Fox 3PM Host Schepp The Schlep Who Spewed The Same Anti Trump Bias The Idiot Who Ratings Fell So Low He Was Fired And We Hope Your Ratings Plummet Like His Did Because Of Your Despicable Bias Also! America Let Fox Know How You Feel  👍 🇺🇸 🦅

  32. Simple Solution and it would save we the taxpayers BILLIONS of our hard earned dollars.ARREST the MAYORS and GOVERNORS of these Sanctuary Cities and States.

  33. Great idea! If you aren't in my country legally, get out. Burn the house down if you have to. But get illegals out. 1.8 m. Legals earn a path to citizenship. Start now, or you to can leave.

  34. I live in one of these sanctuary cities and they suck .the mayor the police chief the sheriff. They should all be arrested and jailed for a few years.

  35. Border patrols are doing a fantastic job. They are working to keep Americans safe, that is a warm, humane feeling.

  36. Ten States have succeeded from the Union through open sanctuary to illegals. At the point of a gun they force their taxpaying citizens and businesses to pay billions of dollars for the care of these parasites. Why? It's all for votes for the Democrats to stay in power forever. Open Civil War has already begun and the Union is breaking apart. Mr. President are you going to do something? We really need a wartime president. And that is the honest truth…

    Sanctuary Cities List
    States that are in open rebellion braking every federal law we have…

    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York

  37. Good !!! They carry viruses!! Their babies are not vaccinated, let their countries take care of them … Latino Americans for President Trump..😆😀 Houston Texas 😃

  38. If you want to reduce cartel violence and the refugees it creates, do something about drug addiction and guns in the US. Even Newt Gingrich believes that the way to stop drug smuggling, is stopping illegal drug use. Portugal changed from criminalization of illegal drug use to treatment and crime across the board declined. Switzerland legalized some drugs and crime was reduced. National Health Care with an emphasis on drug treatment will reduce crime and create well paying jobs.

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