Bobby Lashley vs. Booker T — King of the Ring Final: Judgment Day 2006

Man, I don’t know how the guys
get out of this stuff.>>No clue.>>Down he’s down.>>He him.>>Here we go, Lashley’s feeling it. [CROSSTALK]
[NOISE]>>Wait a minute, it’s Finley.>>My God, the shalaylee to the skull,
you’ve gotta be kidding.>>Man.
>>While Sharmell distracted the referee. You’ve gotta be kidding me.>>Finley, what the hell.>>No way, not this way.>>My God.>>Booker T into the cover.>>One two three.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Wow.
>>Here is your winner and the king of the ring, Booker T.>>This is not good,
we are not gonna hear the end of it.>>What do you mean? It’s King Booker time baby. That’s King Booker.>>I’ll tell you one thing, Booker’s court jester Finley
came out of nowhere and caught Lashley with a damn shalaylee. That’s how Booker won the damn thing. [MUSIC]>>King is gonna be proud.>>There it is! All hail King Booker. It’s official, Cole. The king of the ring.>>My God.>>What the hell?>>Lesley, Lesley just speared
Booker through the throne.>>My God.>>The king. [NOISE] And Sharmell running to the King.>>Baby, baby.
>>Can’t do that to the King.>>Baby, baby, baby.

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