Bitcoin as professional wrestling- an unhealthy approach to life! Mainstream clickbait, No regrets!

Bitcoin as professional wrestling- an unhealthy approach to life! Mainstream clickbait, No regrets!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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March the 10th 2020 straw man long term
thinking bitcoin is the next bitcoin
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value your wealth and bitcoin yeah I’m
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yesterday show or have it Saturday show
that was beyond Bitcoin we were talking
about the sickness I can’t I can’t
mention the name of the sickness can I
well maybe I will okay now I want to
thank someone who sent me about $20 with
a Bitcoin I got that address linked to
below if you want to send Bitcoin that
was very generous of him he sent me the
amount of Bitcoin that everyone in the
world could own if you divide the amount
of Satoshi’s out there divided by the
amount of people on earth you get that
amount of satoshis is like $18 worth I
don’t know now your wealth in Bitcoin
now your wealth in Satoshi’s but I just
gave you a dollar translation because
I’m thanking the dude who sent me that
he clearly was watching a show I believe
it was Sunday’s show where I was talking
about the great individual who has
figured out how many Satoshi’s per
person on earth if it was divided up
equally but it isn’t divided up equally
and hey that’s fair you’ve got a chance
dudes compete don’t complain you can get
more than the average person could get
in theory hey don’t sit around be in
motion get some skin in the game and
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speaking of my glorious sayings Citadel
gang has his own glorious saying that he
left in the a comment section allergic
to selling I like that I like allergic
to selling I mean I like offended by
selling but allergic to selling is a
nicer way of saying and in these in this
era of where people are worrying about
their health well they really aren’t
worrying about their health they’re
worrying about the media scaring people
about their health if they were worried
about their health all this time they
would be healthy by now and they want to
be drinking soda and smoking and then
you know susceptible to diseases like
the disease that’s going around ok so
thank you Citadel gang I like that
saying allergic to selling let’s talk
about professional wrestling real quick
and by the way this show is going to be
weird oh yeah bitcoinmeister Forrest G
says 0.003 BTC dude uh what does that
mean is that is that 20 bucks I don’t
even know what that is now what did you
mean by that
and okay lay lay just you asked a
question it says Adam question and I
happen to see it I’m not going to read
it you have to type the bitcoinmeister
for me to see okay because you gotta
follow directions you you’re late late
you’re not new here so follow directions
club 80 says
bitcoinmeister pounding thank you hon
did he says alright so uh let’s see what
we have here yeah so a bitcoin is
professional wrestling for some and what
would i mean by that
it’s a soap-opera to follow with bad
guys and good guys and heel turns do
that that is the wrong way to look at
bitcoin okay but there are so many
people out there that are like oh what’s
the latest gossip oh he’s a I that guy
he was such a good guy but then he had a
heel turn and no he’s a bad guy he’s
talking about all coins oh and we have
to boo him now
that’s noise that is noise and but it is
interesting how these people have grown
up in this atmosphere where like
everything is like professional
wrestling everything is like a soap
opera you live vicariously through
others get some skin in the game dude
big point is not about a so proper
Bitcoin is not about living through
Euler’s it’s taking personal
responsibility and living through
yourself and so don’t don’t think of it
as professional wrestling but take a few
steps back if you’re getting emotional
like you know you’re big a macho man or
Hulk Hogan fan and you feel bad that
they they left they left the good guy
you better reevaluate what you’re why
you’re in this thing I mean if you want
to treat it like a soap opera
then treat like a soap opera or
wrestling but admit it to yourself and
just I mean I think that’s pretty
pathetic I mean this is the opportunity
of a lifetime why treat it like a little
kid would treat it and he’s just so many
people look at it with that little kid
mentality good guys versus bad guys
Hogan versus macho man who else rock
stone cold all the big personalities of
no it’s about you yeah and you doing
stuff not not you watch other people do
stuff and then you ending up with
nothing and those big personalities like
oh that villain he was such a villain
and like that villain ends up with you
know yeah so he mentioned an altcoin
once and he’s like a multimillionaire
what and you’re talking about income
inequality you see the problem you’re
talking and he’s at
doing yin and the income inequality is
just envy all right so moving on
ou Lele type the bitcoinmeister thank
you he says big home I said in the
future when bitcoin is accepted
everywhere and everything is priced in
Satoshi’s how will the government
collect taxes from Bitcoin but I mean
it’s it’s pretty simple if if everything
if Bitcoin is deceptive everywhere and
everything is priced in Bitcoin and
institutions all right so people will
pay everyone I mean I don’t believe
that’s going to happen at all by the way
I really want to stress that
but let’s I’m going with your theory I’m
going with your theory there ha so if
you’re running a business and the
government knows you’re running a
business out on the streets of Baltimore
DC or New York and they expect to get
some revenue some sales tax revenue
they’re going to get it from they’re
going to send you the bill they’re gold
when you don’t pay your taxes they’re
going to come after you so it really
doesn’t matter if you’re pricing it in
Bitcoin or accepting in a Bitcoin if you
don’t pay them they’re going to arrest
you so I you’re you a lot you missed the
part of the this here okay if everything
is this doesn’t like you’re gonna have
to pay taxes if you’re charging people
in Bitcoin in the future even if
everything is priced in Bitcoin
alright the government still has guns
and the and if you’re and if you’re
running a license government business
then yeah yeah you better be paying your
taxes is it I mean you could be charging
in Kwanzaa or her or whatever some weird
currency they don’t give a darn they
want their taxes oh okay so they’ll be
able to get it they have guns that’s how
they’ll be able to get and yeah if
you’re paying if you’re receiving a
salary and Bitcoin and from your
employer and they know your employee
again if you don’t pay your taxes
they’re going to come for you to arrest
you all right I mean okay you mean
capital gains on Bitcoin okay that would
have been nice to say
that they they won’t be how will they
come if everything is in Bitcoin one day
that means Bitcoin will be currency at
that point if everything is in Bitcoin
that means it is currency so they won’t
collect capital gains it won’t be that
it won’t be that type of financial
instrument it will just be currency so
what that there is no there’ll be no
capital gains if ever you said
everything will be priced in Bitcoin so
one Bitcoin will equal one Bitcoin there
will be no capital gains tax don’t we
don’t capital gain it will be currency
according to you according to me that’s
never going to happen everything will
still be priced in dollars and Bitcoin
will be an alternative financial
instrument of some sort that they you
know that they’ll require the capital
gains taxes on or something they’ll get
their piece of the pie but but again
under your theory under your proposed
there there will be no capital gains if
everybody is using it and if it is its
currency all right all right and you
just erased all your questions very good
you always do that by the way dude I
know I don’t get that I have very little
respect for people who embrace things
people know here that I could put out
all sorts of videos I’ve said all sorts
of thing I take nothing down it’s like
the Craig grants and the what’s the
other guys that promoted that uh big
Kinect thing the one from South Carolina
the guy from South Carolina that they
erased their videos they erase stuff so
when I see people erase stuff rain
through my eyes I like I think of – Ron
James and Craig Grant immediately so
maybe you’re them I don’t know dude but
that’s like it’s really a week to erase
you always erase your messages – dude I
don’t know what your thing is you you
it’s like recorded you ask those
questions it’s not going away
I just can’t did this is they that I
mean I think that’s why a lot of people
like Mike my videos is because this is
me if I say something wrong it doesn’t
get erased the tweets that I put nothing
it’s raised here the people that call me
all sorts of names in the comment
section that doesn’t get a race either
it’s all out there I can’t I can’t take
the the Trayvon Jane’s Greg Craig rants
of the world that just they can’t stand
by what they said they have to erase it
and you can’t stand by what you said you
were racing it right in front of my eyes
like that it’s unbelievable but what
people people stand for nothing
there’s no conviction anymore today it’s
it’s unbelievable but thanks thanks
requests are Gavin Smith said the buyers
sure production to keep you safe from
the alts is about to be cut by 50% yes
having a hike Gavin Smith spread the
word of the having hype dude we and I
linked to below a Twitter link if
Twitter is working where you are perhaps
it is where you can see all the people
that are using the having hype hashtag
and I think that’s good that we spread
that positive by instead of some of this
negativity that’s been going around
people all sorts of Bitcoin people are
obsessed with you know sickness and
whatnot and OJ punk says you’re awesome
dude well thank you thank you I
appreciate that and conviction seriously
seriously people have have some
conviction don’t be afraid to put out
just to state your mind and if you’re
wrong then just leave it out there
you’ll learn your lesson no regrets no
regrets that’s in the title today
actually all right and we’ll get to the
no regrets part of it in a second so far
as G asked how would you describe a
small fish versus a whale in terms of
Bitcoin holders versus exchanges well
you just kind of there was that article
that I loved talking about the Bitcoin
entities how many Bitcoin entities have
over ten Bitcoin how many Bitcoin
entities have over a hundred thousand
Bitcoin I mean a way the exchanges are
all whales
they are whales
because they are an entity but then we
have individual whales also out there so
both individuals and conglomerates can
be can be whales but are you asking me
where the devant dividing line is
between a whale and a fish regular
little fishy
I say aye I say to be a lie I said back
in 2015 if you don’t want to be elite
get 10 Bitcoin and that’s pretty true I
mean people would take there very few
people attend a few entities with 10
Bitcoin I mean in terms of the world’s
population there very few people with
point one Bitcoin even but I mean whales
I mean to be to be a hundred percent
sure that a person’s a whale they have a
hundred Bitcoin I mean that that’s
really you nobody no arguments there I
don’t think whale is 100 Bitcoin I mean
they’re in really good shape
they mean if you’re a Fiat free they
were just a millionaire the other day
right so I mean that’s that’s pretty
good I mean all right so I don’t I don’t
get fully yet exactly what you wanted to
know from that but I covered everything
is a Bitcoin whale but it bitcoinmeister
is a whale says lele I know I don’t know
his bitcoinmeister a whale I’m a pretty
skinny guy I mean I swim really well my
mom they said when I was a little kid
they just put me in the pours just
started swimming right away I used to
love I just love the swim haven’t closed
away for a while all right all right
so let’s let’s let’s continue with this
here I wish I could link that entity
article was so good that it showed what
went how many entities had over one
Bitcoin and over ten Bitcoin I recently
linked to it I should just say so maybe
I’ll link to it below this video when I
find it I’ll link to it below this video
I think that’s a really good way you can
determine what what’s a way off that
that way I’ll link to it I’ll write that
down link to entity video
and her entity also because people have
tried to how many people own Bitcoin
well it’s not about people here because
there’s exchanges and there’s
corporations funds and whatever are a
link to and the video article that will
be linked to you know if you’re watching
this on tape and playing this at 2x you
will you will see that right now you can
check it out alright so we talked about
professional wrestling talked about
Twitter and we talked about that we’re
one day closer to an all-time high you
Fiat freaks that need to you don’t need
that reminder for God’s sakes I don’t
know why people need that reminder but
some dude in strong hand 2024 I want to
say that I say that a lot now you know
if there’s a lot of new people getting
in if you just got in you gotta you
gotta have that hand strong enough to
keep it until 2024 I actually found some
videos I’m gonna repost them one of
these days talking about me and 2016
talking about 2020 so I’m really glad
like literally four years old exactly
almost all right I forgot yesterday when
we were talking about the dimmers back
in 2008 because we had a economic crash
in two thought there was some major
mainstream financial market economic
turmoil in 2008-2009 which hardly when
anyone can remember now and the dimmers
back then were single it’s the end at
the end and what I forgot to say
yesterday is that we look back now and
we call those do Murs who were screaming
about you know that it was the end that
there would be no future today we call
those people no coiners they were the
future no corners of the world but we
didn’t know that back yet that they were
going to become the future no clue we
just knew they were due MERS and in
bloomers but there were a lot of people
believing in doom and gloom back then
and so those people said it’s the end
this the end I’m going to shelter bunker
down whatever and they became the future
future no corners the people who were
screaming about it was the end of the
world in 2008 there are now screaming
about that it’s the end the world in
2020 you just a few months ago were the
same guy saying Oh Inc income inequality
it’s unfair that I’m not wealthy but
Bill Gates is and it’s unfair that he
has a hundred Bitcoin I have none even
though I said that the electrical grid
would go down and there be no point for
Bitcoin you know those type of people
alright so yes it’s not a disaster again
pound that like button all right
a legendary on 99 said bitcoinmeister
one day WWE will have a BTC character
the honey badger
you know what Vince McMahon has gone
wilder than that in the past and yeah I
I wouldn’t bet against Vince McMahon or
his uh company because he could die I
mean he’s taking lots of steroids and
stuff over the years HGH and he’s over
some of the years old he could have a
massive heart attack in any moment but
it one day if the company does something
like that where where they and and he
lives like uh I mean he’s in motion guy
he’s going like 1,900 miles per hour all
the time that dude and he’s lived he had
a very bad childhood – apparently so
anything could happen but yes yeah I
wouldn’t be shocked if they came up with
a Bitcoin character why not why not like
did the Ted DiBiase of the 2020s and you
guys know that I love to talk about Ted
DiBiase and I think some people get that
and maybe that answers a question that
someone that had beforehand alright so
moving on let’s see so we talked about
the Boomers we said it’s not a disaster
yet again so yeah people are fixed you
know going back to what I was talking
about yesterday there are a lot of
people that are fixated on this disease
okay they are fixated on it so they are
they’re a panic-stricken person and they
hear like a or see a really good
panic-stricken tweet they’re just gonna
repeat whatever they like right and it’s
the Main Street main story of all the
normies so they keep on repeating all of
these stories that they like so and
everyone wants to make it personal so
they like try to figure out
I’m in California so I better repeat the
story of the guy I’m in Southern
California but I’d rather repeat the
story of the guy in Northern California
who got it or I’m in the United States
so I better report to repeat the story
of the guy in Seattle I mean everyone is
trying to make this story personal it’s
so pathetic dude I mean if you’re like
living in the middle of Indiana all
right let’s say you’re in Evansville
Indiana on the border of Indiana
Kentucky and yes I’ve been to Evansville
before I had a girlfriend from there at
one point anyway so I mean little-known
fact there she doesn’t live in
Evansville anymore a lot of people I’m
not gonna diss Evansville anyway you
live in Evansville okay and you’re you
know you’re working at the Target or
whatever you come back you check your
social media you see everyone’s
complaining about everyone’s talking
about this and you’re scared you’re
scared so you’re like clean out all of
it but there’s nope there no cases near
usually cool this nursing home in
Seattle and so people it’s personal to
you then well it happened two of my
fellow American it’s gonna happen to me
I better hunker down now and not work at
Target and watch my hands or whatever go
go work at the Azteca Casino I work down
on the riverboat there I’m gonna stop
working at the casino I’m gonna stop
going didn’t you see it you should stop
going to that Azteca casino if that’s
still there anyway the point is stop
repeating the stories dudes stop it’s
not personal to you it’s not affecting
you most likely all right and it becomes
a game of telephone to but some people
they hear these stories they want to
make it personal they tell their mother
they tell the grandmother and and you
the story cook becomes completely
twisted the facts the numbers and it
just leads to more and more I just feel
them at them because more and more a
panic-stricken and it’s fake
eventually I mean when it becomes a game
of telephone so if you’re becoming
obsessed then it’s time to diversify the
subject matters of the main stream that
you’re interested in okay
and I hopefully I’m not talking the
people watching this no one is falling
into this category at all because I
would hope to god that you have if
you’re watching a Bitcoin show you’re
didn’t Bitcoin so perhaps you should be
talking more about that and not you know
playing telephone and trying to make it
because it isn’t you and you know it
isn’t your relative and you don’t know
anyone that had happened to do you and
yeah you do live in Missouri or Kansas
or Virginia or North Carolina and it did
happen to a bunch of people old people
in Seattle that were all 85 I mean so
disconnect it wasn’t you don’t try to
make it personal
yes all the normies are talking about it
feeding is overrated
remember that okay so that’s your health
tip of the day crypto soup said most
people were in a state of emergency
before the virus I don’t know about most
but the last four years a lot more
people have gotten themselves worked up
into a tizzy over the president entering
constant panic mode and are putting
people like the president on pedestals
and trying to live vicariously through
the president’s enemies or through
people they consider to be the present
oh look it’s just like WWE isn’t it
trump is a the Undertaker and Pelosi is
Hulk Hogan for you and you’re living
through them and they’re fighting in
blah blah blah blah blah and you’re in
constantly in panic mode and emotional
about it and just you know you want to
hear the next episode the next story in
the soap opera so yeah dude there’s a
lot of people that were in a state of
emergency a mode for the last four years
and it’s pathetic that states are
declared states of emergency that term
really scares people in terms of this
situation but but but oh but going back
to the last four years there are single
guys out there who got into states of
emergency yet they had so much
disposable income so they thought why
better I got to be able to get rid of
the Undertaker here so I’m gonna give
I’m going to give $2,300 to
mayor Pete and instead of buying Bitcoin
and then look what happened mayor Pete
he just uh he left WWE he’s like where’d
he go he retired what happened
he ran away of your money dudes and so
you better his ego
you better his character you’ve lived by
carry through him but what did he get
you in the long run what did he get you
seriously mayor Pete fans all you men
with disposable income that gave $2,300
to him you could have put that in the
Bitcoin think about it next time less
and learn no regrets dudes but if you’re
one of those guys who has no kids and
you know you live in San Francisco or
whatever and you gave 23 our Seattle and
you gave $2,300 or right here West
Hollywood and you gave $2,300 to him I
mean think about it come on you were
just it was a soap opera it was Hawk
Hogan it was uh you were a canyon I
guess he was Canyon right Canyon was a
wrestler that was just like a mayor Pete
right some wrestling fan uh you know do
some comparison there what Canyon be the
equivalent of mayor Pete okay so uh oh
yes so the panic over the that the panic
over the alum just because there’s a lot
of people yelling over there no one’s
asking questions good the panic over the
virus reminds me over the pet it can be
compared to the panic over a Bitcoin
price drop okay but we get that a lot
through the Fiat freaks people make up
all sorts of fun and noise and excuses
of why why is this happening what’s
going on I need a reason I’m gonna
spread the late whatever rumor I hear
I’m going to spread and that’s the real
reason and I’m gonna yell it to the and
it just because a bunch of noise and so
few people during a Bitcoin price panic
can remain calm and rational and not buy
into all the groupthink and not do
something completely ignorant which is
you know sell your Bitcoin and that’s
the same thing with a virus there’s so
few individuals out there that are like
hang on a second I’m not buying this
panic narrative
I’m gonna remain calm I’m gonna do what
I’m gonna stick to my system I’m gonna
stick to my life I’m not gonna feed this
monster I’m not going to create more
noise and in the long run the people
that can do that whether it be and you
know real-life virus panics or or bit or
Bitcoin panics which is which is a real
that’s a real thing it’s a it’s a real
thing when that price goes down $2,000
they’re like they haven’t lived through
this before it’s like there’s people
that it’s like they haven’t lived
through a disease before our sickness
they’ve never gotten sick before so now
they’re uh they’re panicking so yeah
they’re I compared a Bitcoin to that
horrible thing and when I say that
horrible thing the disease is it doesn’t
seem to be I mean if you’re over 85 yeah
it’s pretty horrible but I mean the flu
is pretty horrible if you’re 85 also but
but what’s really horrible the worst
part of this whole situation is is the
panic and just to see everyone gets so
emotional and just lose track of reality
and get stuck in this virtual world any
and the crazy thing is is when I’m
running on the streets of LA and I see
the the various Hispanic people from
various parts of the world who may or
may not be legal citizens they don’t
seem to have a care in the world they
don’t seem to be affected by this and it
just makes me think that I think people
the more you’re connected to the
Internet the more that you’re living
your life on the internet through I mean
Facebook Twitter or social the more
you’re addicted to social media the more
panic-stricken you are I think now again
you can really use social media as such
a great learning tool when Twitter is up
in Southern California and you go to the
Twitter feeds of the guests I have on
this show and you treat it like a blog
that is awesome
but when you treat Twitter and you just
read you know what’s the most retweeted
thing what’s them on the side what’s
trending in you you follow the mindless
celebrities oh yeah man you’re gonna be
cruisin for a bruisin in terms of
wasting your time on this completely
worthless mainstream noise and it’s
becoming the
amazing thing about technology you can
educate you but it has also brought its
dumb people down so much and gotten them
into this fantasy social media land
where they are very susceptible to
real-world panics and the people who are
more grounded in the real world for
whatever reason seem to be doing quite
well with this but you don’t hear about
it on the internet was there not on the
Internet and they don’t even speak
English the ones that I’m running by on
Santa Monica Boulevard anyway
Santa Monica and Western or Santa Monica
and Vermont both of them are some
interesting corners here in LA and being
from Baltimore they don’t freak me out
at all but I think a lot of people who
grew up in the suburbs they might feel a
little uncomfortable especially at Santa
Monica and Vermont where you can catch
the red line subway and yes my fellow
white people in Los Angeles there
actually is a subway of Los Angeles I
know only the hipster white people go on
it or I or me but there is one and yeah
that that corner a Santa Monica and
Vermont and I’m not dissing white people
but it is you know if you grow up grew
up like a Brentwood and stuff I don’t
think they even know there’s a subway in
LA I don’t even think they owe and and
there’s nothing wrong with growing up in
Brentwood and we know what OJ did there
in 1994 of course and no he’s not white
but what was I going yes
Vermont and Vermont and Santa Monica
that’s where I saw a a homeless insane
man once just like tossed a hypodermic
needle just both throw it unbelievable
now that that will freak you out even if
you’re from Baltimore that that’s taking
it to extreme alright now that like
button you’re getting some you’re
getting some real life stories here so
we talked about is all right groupthink
what is this yeah yes if you don’t buy
into the groupthink I think long-term
now we’ve got a headline here I was
gonna talk about
clickbait so we got like three forms of
clickbait coming up here
since I wasn’t able to check Twitter in
the last five hours or so I checked out
horrible coin desk and point Telegraph I
see coin Telegraph has the title of
their article is YouTube continues
crypto ban I mean that is so ridiculous
YouTube is not banning cryptocurrency
people or Bitcoin people or whatever you
want to call them
there is no crypto ban and the article
even if you read the article it doesn’t
talk about a specific ban it talks about
some people who’ve had videos
taken away they’ve gotten stripes again
and this happened in December it
happened again here in February and
March guess what this is
it isn’t they’re not targeting crypto
people or Bitcoin people not at all and
it doesn’t last little dude does anyone
know it happened to me recently to
randomly some video of mine from 2017
got some warning okay I appealed it then
it just disappeared guys you are slaves
to the algorithm okay you are slaves to
the algorithm now let me tell you
something about your master alright he’s
a random taskmaster he does random
things sometimes he’ll go back in time
and punish me but then he’ll unpunished
you okay so guys it’s not just going on
here it’s all sorts of people who make
videos on YouTube it is controlled by an
algorithm the algorithm is not a human
it does not act rationally it doesn’t
target people it’s got so many inputs
and outputs it’s doing all sorts of
things and you guys are the ones that
are trying to make the clickbait
articles that get the most clicks out of
it then you make just you know you make
your certain little uh what’s a little
preview thing called a preview picture
obviously I don’t know thumbnail because
I never do a darn thumbnail you know
that looks a certain day uh you guys
ever noticed for the 80 percenters all
their thumbnails look exactly the same
it’s kind of a smiley face with big
letters on it and everything
all the same because they’re slaves to
the algorithm
they can’t fathom that this thing that
makes these rant that that picks their
videos for these random appeals to the
algorithm that it can it does random
things it doesn’t and them things it
will take away videos from 2017 or or
2016 or whatever and then reinstate them
this is where the big boys play dudes
okay welcome to reality if you’re
playing the YouTube game this is gonna
keep happening this has happened over
and over and over again so so you’re
complaining to coin Telegraph or maybe
coin Telegraph is just bored and they
want to clickbait article I mean there’s
so many levels of clickbait in this it’s
unbelievable but I just want to tell
everyone that that article that that
title is complete nonsense and I hope
you all know that’s not since there’s no
ban on crypto videos and this stick to
algorithm is not targeting anyone
there’s no-one in YouTube that is taking
down Bitcoin videos it’s it’s an
algorithm and it does what it does
it’s very complex I don’t try to
understand it I don’t I’m not a slave to
it I post a new video here every day
it’s not it it’s not the same length
every day it’s like 10 minutes exactly
every day it’s about what I want to talk
about it doesn’t have keywords it
doesn’t have capitalizations
and all this stuff but they say people
who appeal to the outer in the horse
lace of the algorithm are the first ones
to say oh they’re banning us it’s being
targeted because it’s it’s crypto it’s
it’s not absolute nonsense all right so
80 percenters you know keep them
worrying about being so-called and yeah
all right and coin telegraphed keep on
writing just being that mainstream
source of crypto news that’s mostly fake
news and Forbes had to get in on the act
they have a clickbait articles out there
by Billy bam bro
bit coin and crypto investors avoid this
new currency like the plague
and I will say the name of it it’s
called coronal coin and it’s traded on
some like miniscule exchange somewhere
but they got the need to write about it
because whatever it’s in the news
they’ll get clicks it’s such a non-story
just laughing my butt off well if it
wasn’t as pathetic as it is and this is
Forbes this is forced was this a
magazine with financial magazine going
back decades and this is what they put
online they think this is a legitimate
story so for those of you who you know
good to Forbes 3 for your Bitcoin
information oh dude
not a great not a good source that’s uh
they’re talking about a chronic point
which is it’s just a gimmick it’s just
some gimmick coining you know more power
to the guy who came up with it like the
more cases there are the less coin there
is I forgot what the gimmick is you got
I think I link to the article below
now here’s something that I didn’t link
to below was it so ridiculous
off the chain that’s a pumps show he hid
his title his clickbait title is Rob
Paul Ron Paul calls for a potential
depression in the next few years
so yesterday I talked about this raw
Paul character about how he had a he was
trying to explain why the Bitcoin price
went down it was but just a bunch of
mumbo-jumbo gibberish technical terms
and now you know this is a Doomer this
guy is a mainstream financial gold
Doomer I mean he’s gonna talk about what
he’s gonna talk about again I give Ron
Paul credit for interviewing dant a
Piero that was great dant a Piero is
Dan’s heavy arrow is not a Doomer but
potential to prep dude this is the
Golden Age raw Paul have you how long
you’ve been calling for it to
preparation for there’s no potential
depression dudes Golden Age it’s big
coin get with it positive positivity
dudes positivity but hey you know when
you put that depression in there don’t
that’ll get you there get you some
clicks there so a nice I didn’t it’s not
linked to below
why didn’t I even watch
all right so here’s a quote from a dude
this is my no regret regrets quote of
the day and you can learn a lot from
this guy and this is one of this guy
left the comment in the comment section
and I give them credit and so few people
that commit their you know when they
make mistakes but first bitcoins of the
moon says get your insider information
from bitcoinmeister you better believe
it who else is tell talking to about the
crypt of dividends when they come out
who else is telling you that bitcoin is
a financial instrument that if you hold
it correctly you can get interest on it
through air drops and forks the crypto
dividend process who else tells you that
there’s a few I mean Hoffman has and
obviously Daniel has down in Mexico know
many other people all right
just learn Bitcoin calm that sting truth
and security machine says Dodd yeah it
is the the security truth machine that
is what bitcoin is and then what dant a
Piero came out with that’s very helpful
security truth machine very helpful much
more helpful than people screaming about
it but Henschel depression you know so
if there isn’t a depression I said it
was just a potential over the pressure
this is it’s a pun it’s just a potential
that the Orioles are gonna win the World
Series this year so I mean if I’m wrong
I just said it was a potential and I end
by the way they’re not so you know just
the P it’s just as neutral Chris is
saying the Orioles potentially the
Orioles are gonna win the World Series
of course there’s 30 teams they all play
the games anything can happen in theory
in theory anything can happen in theory
you know my nose could fall off but
alright no regrets here
I’ve lost pretty much all my Bitcoin do
trying to make more bitcoins they’re
investing in the off coins it was
successful at first remember people at
first I managed to create three bitcoins
out of one but then I was so hyped up I
transferred my last Bitcoin into some
token which I thought was going to go to
the moon very soon but the opposite
occurred I’m slowly and surely lost
almost all my dick coin I was reluctant
to get out I thought they were going
going to bounce after the value of my
all coins dropped down to under to
Bitcoin I was completely devastated and
I took a little money out to pay the
bills and buy a new phone as well as
some money that I had borrowed the rest
of value I have left in the altcoins
I was so devastated by losing Bitcoin I
decide to wait and let the all coin
winter pass I thought to myself I’ve
lost too much to get out now so I held I
held and have to come have to the
complete bottom right now I don’t even
have half a Bitcoin this is sad this is
very sad
he started with one he thought he had
three didn’t value as well from Bitcoin
now he has half a Bitcoin in terms of
all coins and he’s still in all coins
let this be a lesson but don’t regret it
do not that was why I shared this no
regrets you learned your lesson you can
still get Bitcoin you can start starting
to new tomorrow is a new day
speaking of tomorrow is a new day may
21st is the tel-aviv
Bitcoin having party okay and I’m
supposed to be there but right now
Israel is anyone who lands in Israel
gets put in the quarantine for two weeks
so if that’s the case I will not be
going to Israel they’re still having
their party though so if you’re in
Israel that’s cool and I’m really hoping
that Israel comes down you know later
this month maybe as Passover approaches
they calm down and they stop that and
everything goes back to normal so I can
go to Israel on the 30th of April and
then attend the party on the 21st
so people I do want to say that the
party is still on from what I know am I
going to be in Israel well if there’s
still a two-week mandatory seclusion
period whatever
and I just I just said the word I came
to think of it ah then I am NOT gonna
come alright so anyway we will stay
updated on that situation and I do what
I love Israel I love telling me what a
great Bitcoin community and what a great
party it is going to be and it would
just suck if they still have that if
they still have that if they’re still
freaking out about this thing then
because all the people from the outside
won’t be able to come to the party all
right so on that note I hope everyone
had a good poram earlier today here
Carlos Velarde said the day the Orioles
win the World Series is the day Peter
Schiff recovers his Bitcoin well in
nineteen eight nineteen sixty-six
nineteen seventeen nineteen eighty-three
these are all days the Orioles did win
the World Series it will happen again
you see that’s the thing about long-term
thinking and that’s the thing about
conviction they’ll be back they will be
back just like bitcoins one day closer
to an all-time high the Orioles are one
day closer to a 1 a World Series title
and they’ve already had three World
Series titles just like bitcoins already
had all-time highs i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe to this channel
pound that like button bang that bell
button and i will say hi to you dudes in
the chat this ended up a long show see

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  1. Govt as WWE is spot on! They should just have a Royal Rumble instead of all these nonsense debates. Tulsi would have dominated! 🤣

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