BECKY LYNCH’S DARK TURN! Becky Lynch Receives Unbelievable NEW LOOK and HEEL TURN – WWE

BECKY LYNCH’S DARK TURN! Becky Lynch Receives Unbelievable NEW LOOK and HEEL TURN – WWE

Becky Lynch and her character development
has been the center of discussion for a few
months now
We covered Corey Graves’ comments when he
said that he believed it was time for the
“The Man” persona to be tweaked just a
bit and introduce something new
So let’s take a look back at Becky’s development
so far and see if we can come up with a concept
for the next stage in her career
Besides a very brief amount of time in NXT,
Becky was never fully featured as a heel
She did debut with this punk / rockstar look
and feel to her character in nxt
Then on the main roster, Becky introduced
some new ring attire, but still had the same
feel to her character
Then when she was brought over to Smackdown
live in 2016, that’s when we started to
see a new version of Becky Lynch
This 2016 version of Becky Lynch was more
cheerful and always smiling
Becky even had a small gimmick going on of
always telling jokes that had puns in them
So she was more of your usual smiley babyface
that had a comedic side to her as well
Becky did end up winning the Smackdown women’s
title and that was a big deal because she
never won the NXT title, making the Smackdown
title her first championship in wwe
Becky would later on lose the title to Alexa
Bliss and that was the start of Alexa’s
takeover, but was also the downfall of Becky
Between that 2016 to 2017 window, there were
points that Becky would go weeks without even
being featured on tv at all
She was involved in absolutely no storylines
and basically had to beg to be put on tv and
given a chance.
Eventually this lead us to Summerslam 2018,
which was the breaking point and last appearance
for the smiley babyface version of Becky Lynch
After her match with Charlotte and hugging
her at the end of the match as a sign of respect,
Becky lashed out and took Charlotte out in
the middle of the ring
The crowd absolutely erupted in massive cheers
after that turn took place
Now originally this moment was meant to be
Becky Lynch’s heel turn and Charlotte was
going to play the face
It would’ve been interesting to see because
Becky has never truly had any time to shine
as a heel
But despite Becky attempting to turn on the
fans, they kept cheering her and wouldn’t
stop at all
The fans forced wwe to go against their original
plans and had Becky play the “anti hero”
role instead
Becky Lynch was handled perfectly throughout
2018 leading up to the Wrestlemania main event
in 2019 and even had a year long reign
However, this is the problem we’re facing
now and it’s the fact that some fans are
asking “What’s next from Becky Lynch”
The chase to get the title is always fun for
the fans, but once the underdog become champion,
some fans are already looking for the next
underdog to get behind and start calling the
current champion “boring”
Now Becky Lynch still gets absolutely amazing
reactions from live crowds, but there’s
a group of fans that feel like the character
is way over do for something to freshen her
up just a bit
Becky had a few moments such as kicking the
E.M.S. out of the ambulance and driving herself
to the hospital, which was done to show how
strong and independent she was as a character
Becky also had a moment where she came to
the ring and threw money on the floor as an
advance payment for the fine wwe would give
her after she got her hands on shayna
That segment was once again met with mixed
reactions from fans with some fans liking
it, but others saying that it just felt a
little too over forced to be edgy and cool
Becky has also started to wear huge crowns
to ringside and even though it is a new appearance,
it still doesn’t add much of anything to
the development of the character
So here’s a concept on how we can really
see a new version of Becky Lynch that takes
the ideas of “the man” persona but evolves
it too the extreme
This new version of Becky Lynch will include
a heel turn
First things first, we don’t want to make
this a generic boring heel turn where the
superstar comes out and blame the fans and
says that they did everything for the fans
and that the fans are never there for them,
that’s just completely overused and comes
off a cheap way to turn someone heel
Instead, Becky’s turn could be more from
a psychological point of view
Becky’s character right now, despite technically
being a baby face, is just full of herself
and full of self confidence to the maximum
Which is a great thing, but what if it gets
to the point that she’s starts getting even
more full of herself that she flat out loses
respect for all of her opponents and doesn’t
care about anyone besides herself
Becky starts bragging about her year long
title reign and just have her deliver this
obvious heel promo so we can start to notice
that maybe Becky has gone a bit too far and
is seriously starting to change
This could cause some friends that Becky has
backstage to check in on her and make sure
all the success isn’t going straight to
her head and they can try to bring Becky back
down to earth
But clearly, it’s too late, it doesn’t
work and Becky trashes all of her close friends
and doesn’t care for a single word they
This could just spark so much fresh life into
the character and would be interesting to
see how it plays out
It’s not much of a whole character change,
it’s just taking the current “man” persona,
but pushing it to it’s limits as a heel
persona rather than an anti hero
Once Becky’s turn has completed and we’re
several weeks into it, then she could probably
acknowledge the negative crowd reaction, therefore
fully completing her turn
So who would step in to stop Becky and get
her off this insane power trip?
How about a returning Ronda Rousey
Fans were starting to turn on Ronda before
she left, but after a long break away, Ronda
could really come back fresher than ever and
be our one true hope to putting an end to
Becky’s madness
To sum this whole concept up, it can be similar
to the “mad queen” theory
We were all rooting for this person to get
to the top for so long, but once they actually
get that power, they go mad and we realize
that maybe it was a mistake to give them all
that power
That’s actually how Becky’s arc would
complete, the underdog who made it to the
top, but the power and title wins really corrupted
her and turned her into a whole other person
As far as any changes to her appearance, you
can definitely go for a new hair color
In Hollywood, when a character is going through
a big shift and breakdown, they sometimes
express themselves through changing their
hair color such as the joker for example
Just any change in hair color to let us know
that the old Becky Lynch is too far gone and
isn’t coming back any time soon
But that about sums up this idea for Becky’s
character direction
What are your thoughts on this concept and
what are would you change about it?
Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
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88 thoughts on “BECKY LYNCH’S DARK TURN! Becky Lynch Receives Unbelievable NEW LOOK and HEEL TURN – WWE”

  1. I know Becky Lynch has been the center of attention when it comes to her persona, so here's a little simple concept that keeps "The Man" going, but adds a dark twist to the persona. What are your thoughts on this Becky Lynch concept? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

  2. Ronda Rousey will be back by Summerslam to get her RAW Championship back or the Smackdown Women's Championship.

  3. becky is just cocky , she's taken out most of the competition in her brand , so she's more laid back on herself like nobody can ever stop her

  4. Now before everybody starts talking trash at least he does what a lot of people enjoy but some people just sit their lazy butts down and have nothing better to do and talk bad because they arent smart enough to make any videos at all

  5. WWE tried to turn her heel at Summerslam when she fought charlotte but failed because she was to over with the crowd

  6. Hopefully Becky needs to drop the RAW Women title to Shayna at WM 36 as she is taking time off with Seth after Mania

  7. I think she is so freaking hot no matter what she character she has 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. This video is simply a very random out loud thought of the author. It ISN'T what VKM / WWE has planned.

    Becky Lynch is WAY OVER with live crowds as well as the WWE Universe. I agree that she needs a little tweak to her character. However, a heel turn WON'T work as shown by the last time. Let her be herself BUT let her turn up the volume to 11!

  9. Turning their only wrestler who got consistently cheered for last 2 years and still getting cheered to heel will really help wwe. 😂😂😂

  10. 1. Shes already turned heel and it didn't work
    2. It wont be happening any time soon as she and seth rollins have both confirmed that they are taking a break after wrestlemania because they have wrestled for years straight and never full had a chance to celebrate their engagement.

  11. Prediction: Becky stays as a face, which has Liv Morgan next in line for the Raw women’s championship leading that feud all the way up until SummerSlam. When Liv Morgan wins the Raw women’s championship, Becky turns heel and joins Seth Rollins and his crew.

  12. You don't take the face of the company and screw with the character. And right now, Becky is the face of WWE. She could go another step closer to a female Stone Cold Steve Austin. Maybe start pulling some of the same types of antics against Baszler in the lead up to WM. I think she could pull it off, and it is hugely entertaining.

  13. Stop stop stop stop!!! At this point and time there's absolutely NO WAY that Becky Lynch is gonna turn heal.. She can't! Not now.. She's facing Shayna…you know that!

  14. I would keep her as baby face. In the Raw Women's division there is not that many baby face women wrestlers in the brand. As for Charlotte Flair i don't know what to make of her.

  15. Shayna baszler is a beast, taking women's wrestling to the next level like the 1st match she had in nxt,gona be good watching Becky get thrown around like a ragdoll..

  16. I don't think Becky really necessarily needs a heel turn but, I do think it's time she dropped the Raw women's title. She's already an established superstar and doesn't really need any extra validation to prove herself.
    Also, I think it's great that her and Seth are taking some time off after Wrestlemania. After all the hard work they've been doing lately, they definitely deserve a break. Hope they enjoy their downtime and come back healthier and stronger.

  17. Jesus Christ you're not even a writer for the show and you come up with so many better scripts than the company itself smh WWE

  18. She can call herself the man messiah and form her own group maybe include the formal roitt squad members to get back together for the group

  19. Similarly to Bailey’s turn. Everyone was saying “it was about time” that no one cares about the actual “heel turn”.

  20. What about something like from 2k20 game… Becky building her own Man squads with hated wrestlers…. This will turn either Becky heel or the hated wrestlers baby face

  21. Becky Lynch heel turned sounds great. Also add make Becky wrestler in diapers. People will laugh for months. Ticket sales will imcreased.

  22. shes not going to turn heel, I just hate when damn channels like this , just, giving misinformation. its bullshit, she has , been cheered for so 2 straight years, They gave Bayley the heel turn as well as sasha banks. I dont buy it

  23. Becky is nothing but boring i like her style and now with seth they all get a big head then that's when things will change we all now it to well


  25. How about this:

    Like the Fiend has been changing his opponents psychologically, Sister Abigail (whoever she will be) gets into Becky's head and changes her.

    Then, as part of the change, she wears the Demon paint up like her Irish mentor Finn Balor. Who knows this could tie into Bray Wyatt growing his "Family" back again. Mwah hahaha!

    The best way to sell someone as a heel is to incorporate their storyline into other arcs that are simultaneously happening.

  26. I would love to see Becky turning heel and beating Shayna in Wrestlemania then Ronda comes back to save her friend, when it seems that she’s gonna lose Charlotte, Sasha and Bayley save her and Becky retains, and we have the 4hw arc! Ronda wins the money in the bank case, in the same night she along with the other 4hw of mma go and cash the case making Becky drop the title and the perfect feud is born

  27. She is turning HEEL because Shayna Baszler needs cheer from the crowd so she can be popular like Ronda and Becky Lynch

  28. she's already doing what your talking about! it's not working …she needs to take some time off and regroup . that's the way they used to do it before vince became a nazi!

  29. Here is the thing, The Man Character isn’t heel or face, she is just badass and it works. But if she was going to go heel I would love for it to happen at Mania and just have her destroy Shayna in a bloody mess. But the whole Mad Queen Concept like GOT is not Becky and I don’t see her deadlies turning on her. What they need to do is build a better women’s division because she’s spent the last two years running through everyone and that is fact. Plus I would love to see her go to NXT UK Takeover Dublin and slap the head of Kay Lee Ray in her home town.

  30. I want to see Becky kill or at least permanently cripple & end the career of Shayna basler, then turn dark from the grim path she's taken.

  31. She is just cocky bcz she got some success…when she falls down, she wil realize that her conceit was her ruin

  32. She carrying a belt that Rousey was never pinned for and that’s facts Lynch is overrated I hope Bayzler smashes her quick!!

  33. What Becky needs is some real character. I'd personally combine the character of the old Becky with the push of the new Becky, blammo the perfect Becky Lynch.

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