Becky Lynch rips on Sasha Banks before WWE Clash of Champions 2019: WWE Day Of

I think at one stage, Becky Lynch never got the better of Sasha Banks. But the man has a whole different story,
and when it comes to The Man versus The Boss. Well, we are just rewriting history now [MUSIC] I wore jeans. With only a few holes. Good, they have a ramp. The short answer of what got
us here was Sasha Banks coming back after SummerSlam,
the night after to SummerSlam. Attacking Naty out of nowhere while she
was talking about her deceased father, and then coming after
me with a steel chair. And then influencing her best
friend Bayley, to do so. So, Sasha Banks went away, she cried for
a while about how I got the spotlight, I didn’t get anything I earned everything. I earned every single bit of this, and
that’s why is been so special, and that’s why it’s done so well, because everybody
knows that I haven’t been given anything. But Sasha Banks wants to come back, she wants to get in the title
picture right away. She wants to take my
championship away from me. Well, no, no, no, no, she’s not gonna get to do that. [SOUND] Absolutely, there is respect. There is a line in the sand, where
respect and retribution do not cross, and tonight it’s all about retribution. [MUSIC] This is what I wanted. This is what I asked for. I asked to be run off of my feet. I asked to run on coffee and adrenaline. I begged for it. I knew that I had the ability,
the stamina to work for it. And I’ve done that. And I’ve wanted to keep everybody
interested every single step of the way and I did that. Whether it was my Twitter messages,
whether it was my Instagram posts, whatever it was I just tried
to keep people engaged. Now it’s just I wanna get people talking. So how do I get people talking?>>It’s the one night of year. every single championship
in WWE is defended. [MUSIC] You are looking live at
the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina as we welcome
you to WWE Clash of Champions. [MUSIC]>>It’s been years since you two
have met one on one in the ring.>>Yeah, it might be. Three, four years at this stage? Sasha’s a dirty fighter,
and she’s always trying to put new things in our
arsenal to trip you up. So, you don’t know where
anything is gonna come from. She’s not the biggest. She’s not the strongest. What she is, is sneaky.>>What has it meant to hold
this title for four months? What has it meant to you personally
to represent the brand as you have.>>It means everything. It means that I was right to
break away from the park, it means that I’ve proved everybody
who believed in me right. That I have proved everybody who doubted
me wrong, and that I have proved to myself more than anything, that I have what it
takes to be the face of this company. And I have proved that for
the last four months. For the last 12 freaking months, really.>>Let’s face it, since returning,
Sasha has made a huge impact and she’s clearly determined, so
I have to ask, has the man met her match?>>I won the Royal Rumble match,
a main event at Wrestlemania. I beat Ronda Rousey, I walked out of there
with two championships, match of the year, woman of the year,
cover of ESPN, cover of 2K. Victory, after victory, after victory and
a litany of first evers.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Sasha Banks dyed her hair.>>Well,
[INAUDIBLE] she’s been pretty good.>>I want the biggest
matches I can possibly get. And what is any bigger than
The Man versus The Boss? It doesn’t get much bigger than that. And I think that the fans deserve to see
that match, so I will give her that match. On the other part, is just revenge. It’s just getting my hands on her. You can sit in the back, and
you can apologize for doing well. Or you can not want to ruffle any
feathers, or step on anybody’s toes. Or, you can stand out and
claim what you deserve. [MUSIC] I did the second, and
it’s worked out well for me. But I’m smarter, and I am more intense,
and I am more aggressive. I’m more recillent.>>This night,
this match has been seemingly for years. Building to this moment.>>Life is nothing if it doesn’t
have trials and tribulations. And the thing that I have learned in all
these is there is very little that I can’t combat from. [MUSIC]>>The man has been on a roll like no
other superstar in all of WWE, and Sasha wants to present
herself as a roadblock, she have better be fully
prepared to be deal with. [MUSIC]>>Just saw with Sasha. She quits, I don’t have any quitting,
not anymore.>>You can feel it here tonight
in Charlotte, a big fight feel, as Becky Lynch looks to defend the Raw
Women’s Championship against The Boss, Sasha Banks. [MUSIC]

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