100 thoughts on “Battle of the Brands S2E9: Stolen Superstar and Newly Acquired Legends!”

  1. I hate watching the promos cause it makes me realize how talented and charismatic alot of these guys are, and I feel sad that they aren't used

  2. Would bet anything in the world that the game is weighted to give Raw an edge in ties or close-to ties, because we all know Raw is the show that Vince has always cared about most and wants to do the best.

    Doesn't take away from my enjoyment at seeing Breeze win and Woods get salty, though.

  3. Y'all would do so much better buying higher contacts than 5 weeks 🤦🏾‍♂️. That's where all your money is going. INVEST and it'll pay off in the long run

  4. I watch this cause your being screw over no matter what and it's like Vince is in the game screwing you over. There is no way in hell your winning this Austin. Ill say this your keeping your emotional in more control no than before.

  5. I watch because I like gm mode and I wish i could play it with a friend like this. Also rooting for you Austin, don't give up on those cheeks!

  6. Marevick with manager Drew Gulak win the world Title …
    When you know their interaction last Smakdown ^^

    Did Big E really said Cena has Fake muscles ? ^^

    And for the first i agreed with Austin Creede, i don't undrestand how he didn't win this time. And we look at their respectives money left, will we see a bankrupt before the end of the season ? ^^

  7. I don't know when you guys will see this, if you see this, but you can see why they are upset, unsatisfied, etc by looking at their profile card. You can also see their specialty matches(more popularity boosts)

  8. This video is proof that No Way Jose needs a push.

    And of course Cena gets a Title Shot as soon as he debuts, accurate WWE booking

  9. i think i;ve commented this on like 20 GM Mode videos now but
    How does Austin play so much of this game and still has no idea how any of it works

  10. Pretty sure Consequences Creed would not be talking about defeat so soon. Pretty sure New Day would not be talking about defeat so soon. While I prefer Breezes quiet confidence, Creed's fiery confidence and slightly overbearing taunts are what makes the rivalry between the GMs that much better to watch

  11. Austin asking the audience at the end we watch this like wrestling fans don't like to see a good squash match

  12. Creed…. just give up now lol that was some of the worst booking ever. Even worse than current WWE RAW & Smackdown if I'm honest 😅

  13. When do you think Creed is going to realize he is out of money because he keeps doing Merch sales as opposed to advertising?

  14. Creed had the better show this week. The reason he lost fans, I am guessing, is because his interference with Vega backfired.

  15. creed is just going to find any excuse on why he's losing, its called get good. btw was Big E on the toilet when he was giving that promo.

  16. Creed is just stupid. Always using Locals despite Zero popularity. Making merchandise promos instead of advertising. Missing out on big free agents. He will never get it right

  17. I wonder if there's a momentum mechanic or a PPV advantage in play where Breeze's following grows but in a petered off manner, like how he got 10,000 for this week. It could also have a lot to do with feuds and the talent popularity being booked. I mean, a main event can be great but (no disrespect to Drake Maverick) if the less popular superstar wins maybe it knocks off points?

    I don't know. I'm all for miserable Creed, but I'd still love to know the odds and ins of what's happening with the ratings.

  18. Don’t ever interfere. Nine times out of ten. You will lose fans. Just advertise promos, merchandise to build up to your ppv. Then do ppv hype on your go home show and once your ppv is done you’ll get huge amount of fans.

  19. It's getting a lot closer! 10,000 fans is F all change. I think Austin is a little too concerned with injury, Breeze got his rivalries hot with gimmick matches and is carrying that momentum. If Creed adds a few gimmicks in the next couple of weeks- plus remember he has the Judgment Day PPV coming up- I think he can start to turn this around.


  21. Creed you need to start double marketing your Ppv like three weeks before and you’ll gain it all back at the ppv. I’ve had a fan change of over a million before now doing this

  22. "Why do you watch this?" – Creed

    The same reason I watch Lesnar matches. Sometimes you wanna see someone get massacred

  23. E and No Way's Promos are alwyas excellent, but poor WWE Champion Drake Maverick can't even get through it… XD

  24. To be fair ,all those Zelina promo – I'm on the wrong show, I thought maybe it was about her preference of SmackDown over Raw , even wth clear I missed it…I wonder how many missed it too

  25. The fact that Drake Maverick couldn't convince himself long enough that he was World Champion is reason enough to watch it. That whole bit was hilarious!!

  26. This whole time I thought Zelina was just having an ongoing joke while complaining about being on the wrong show, only to find out it was a legit complaint

  27. Austin was right about a trade being the fair way to get Zelina Vega on his show.

    For the duration of Zelina's contract, she would be "free" for that many weeks. The contract was already paid for by RAW, so Zelina working RAW or SmackDown! is just her earning the contract. When Zelina's contract was set to expire, Austin would have to decide if he wants to renew, and if he does, THEN he would have to pay for her future services.

    Geez this sounds like a prostitution comment. Many apologies to Zelina Vega, especially if somebody takes any part of this out of context.

  28. Woods has no idea how sports salaries work lol , when they make the matches I like the wcw nitro vibe with comments from the superstars.

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