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– It’s time to mud wrestle!
– What?
– Hi, I’m Elle Mills and I’m a youtuber.
Food fight!
Welcome to Kids Plan, where
parent’s allow their kids to
come up with a unique date for them,
no matter how wild the premise.
– Yeah yeah bud right in the nose.
– Can kids help their parents
spice up their relationship
and rekindle the spark?
Lets hope so.
– Hi I’m Elle.
– Hi Elle my name’s Austin.
– Austin, nice to meet you Austin.
Do you know why you’re here today?
– Plan mommy and daddy’s date.
– Yes that’s correct.
Do your parents go on a lot of dates?
– No.
– Not really.
– Not really.
– So we gotta make this big then.
So when they go on dates, what do they do?
– They have dinner.
– Dinner, we should
spice it up shouldn’t we?
– Yeah, do you go on dates?
– Um no, not really, um maybe someday.
I’m a catch, aren’t I?
– Yes.
– Are you lying?
– No and yes.
– Okay.
– Austin, have you ever been in love?
– Yes.
– Oh my gosh, did you guys hold hands?
– No.
– Just look at each other, romantically
into each others eyes?
So this date, we want to spice things up
because all they do is
boring dinner dates.
So what do you want to do?
What shall we make them do?
– We could dress up mommy
with a rainbow face,
then daddy with dinosaur hands.
– Okay, T-Rex hands, rainbow face.
So where are they going dressed up?
– They’re going to a dance party.
– Okay.
– And there’s gonna be astronauts.
– Okay.
– Gorillas and dinosaurs!
– Dinosaurs, is there
a band, or is it a DJ?
– Maybe a band.
– A band, okay.
– The band name is Wormy.
– Okay, what does the band look like?
– Worms.
– You want the band to dress like worms?
– Yes.
– Okay, I like that.
– And they’re gonna
drink milk, boiling hot!
– Okay, boiling hot milk, nice!
They’re gonna love that.
What happens after they’re
done drinking their milk?
– They go mud wrestling.
– Mud wrestling?
Awe that’s fun, okay.
How do we end this date?
– They kiss for five minutes
straight, no talking.
– Just just them kissing like this?
For five minutes?
– Yes.
– Okay, I’m down.
Five minutes of lip to lip.
I think that’s a good date.
– I wonder how they’d feel though?
– Yeah what do you think they
are gonna think about this?
(shocked scream)
– That’s probably their gonna
be their mood, 100 percent.
– Hi, I’m Elle.
– Hi, I’m April.
– Nice to meet you.
– Hi, I’m Rafael.
– Nice to meet you.
You guys are Austins parents?
– Yes.
– How many kids do you guys have?
– We have three.
– Three, is that overwhelming?
– Yeah.
– Don’t have a lot of alone time?
– We have to sneak it
in where ever we can.
– Gotcha, has Austin told you anything
about what’s gonna happen today?
– Nothing, I’m nervous.
– Okay Austin do you
want to tell your parents
what’s gonna happen first?
– Mom, you’re gonna have a rainbow face.
– Okay.
– And you’re gonna have T-Rex hands.
– What?
This is supposed to be a date, right like?
– Yeah what am I doing with T-Rex arms?
– This sounds not romantic at all.
– We’re gonna have a dance party!
– Oh okay!
– All right, you guys ready to dance?
– Lets do this.
– Alright lets go.
– Dance party!
(upbeat electronic music)
– Is this weird?
– Just a little, just kind of, kind of.
Why did you think of this idea Austin?
– Because I wanted it to be fun and crazy.
– Oh it is, good job!
– It is pretty crazy, good job bud.
– Why don’t you guys go out more?
– Because it’s hard,
there’s three of you guys.
– Yeah.
– You guys should go dancing more.
– I agree.
– Sounds good.
– Take me dancing more.
– Alright.
(upbeat electronic music)
– Milk break!
– Milk break.
– Oh is that milk for real?
– It is boiling hot milk.
– What?
– Chug, chug, chug, chug!
– Oh man I’m lactose.
– Yeah!
– Oh excuse me.
– You guys feel good?
Wanna dance some more?
– Lets do it.
– Yeah yeah yeah.
(upbeat electronic music)
– Go dance Elle!
– Oh my gosh.
– Get it Elle!
– I love you!
– I love you too!
– Feeling it, we should do this at home.
– This is probably the best
date we’ve ever been on.
– It’s awesome.
– It’s gonna get a little messier later.
– Messier, okay.
– I’m kind of scared.
– It’s time to mud wrestle!
– What?
– Sorry guys, you guys
have to mud wrestle.
– Oh I need a new shirt, nope.
Not in this jersey.
(laughs mildly)
– Is that for real?
For real?
(upbeat electronic music)
– Oh wee!
That is chunky on the side of my feet.
– Yeah it is.
(whistle blowing)
– Go!
(upbeat electronic music)
– Yeah!
(upbeat electronic music)
(whistle blowing)
– Mommy wins!
– Woohoo!
(crowd clapping)
(laughing loudly)
– Austin.
– Is there more?
– What’s next?
– You have to kiss for
five minutes straight.
– Five minutes, that’s
a long time, I’m cold.
– Three, two, one.
(slow jazz music)
– How’s everyone doing?
That’s good.
Four and a half minutes left.
(laughing loudly)
(slow jazz music)
– Wow, have you ever
seen your parents kiss?
– Yes.
– Do they usually kiss like this?
– No, not this much.
– We’re half way now.
Wow, enjoying this?
A minute and a half, the home stretch.
Have you ever kissed someone?
– Yes.
– Who?
– My family.
– Oh.
– Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one.
– Yay!
– Yes!
– Okay the party can go home.
– Bye guys.
– Bye guys.
– So how was that?
– That was intense, that was definitely
not anything we could of imagined.
– Wasn’t ready for that
one, but it was a first.
– Austin was that everything
you ever imagined?
– Yes.
– I think I’m a little
sweaty from all that dancing,
so I’m gonna head home.
– Alright it was so nice meeting you.
– Yes, alright you know I’m going to pass.
– Okay.
– Well high five.
– High five.
– Bye Austin.
– Bye bye.

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