(Island of Nagging) Hang-Deok, you shouldn’t be out in the streets so so late!
(Island of Cleanness) Hang-Deok, why are you getting it all over your face while eating?
(*Fun with Korean #1: Hang-Deok is a short form of ‘Happy Stan’ in KR*)
(Island of Strength Flexing)
(Island of Too Much)
(Island of JAM)
(*Fun with Korean #2: Jaemi is ‘fun’ in Korean*)
(Island of Carbonara)
◟( ˘ ³˘)◞ ♥

-Starring ATEEZ
ATEEZ Island Tour with! (a.k.a part-timer tour guide Yunho)
I’ve heard there’s gonna be a lot of tour schedule today
So I’m back as a one-day Hang-Deok
(What would each ATEEZ member look like as a human-island, a.k.a WONDERLAND?!)
HJ: It’s Jeong Yunho~~~
Welcome, Hang-Deok~
Come on in
Are you Hang-Deok?
(First Journey of Hang-Deok: Island of Nagging)
(Hello Hang-Deok?) (Island of Nagging: Hongjoong)
(Before the nagging begins) (Such a cute autograph)
You! Hang-Deok stawp it right there
I told you to watch ATEEZ, and now you’re watching other oppa?
ATEEZ only!
(Hang-Deok: “Nagging in cute version pls♡”)
Stawwwp it!♡
Stawwwp it!♡
(*okay tough crowd here*)
Awww stawwwp it~~
(*wait, is Yunho trying to smash him with that?*)
You must come back, okay?
I’m watching you too see if you return
(Off from Nagging-Hong and onto the Island of Cleanness)
Hello there Hang-Deok~
(Hang-Deok: “Teach us how to fold towels like they do at hotels”)
Aha, towel art?
First, fold it in half like this
Fold it once more, like this
Fold it like this, then roll it up like this
Roll it up like this
Then stick this part inside
(*Comfy cozy LIVE karaoke with Seonghwa*)
(Lee Juck – Laundry)
(lip sync over here)
(Spot the Real! Can you guess who’s the one singing?)
(Sweet voice of Seonghwa cleanses all Hang-Deoks♥)
(Hyung’s the best)
(*Fun with Korean #3: ‘hyung’ is a Korean pronoun referring to older brother/male*)
Bye bye~ Take care
(*now that’s an intense first encounter*)
Hang-Deok, why aren’t you coming?
(Welcome to the Island of Strength Flexing)
You’re a bit intimidating Jongho
Hey Hang-Deok
In Jongho’s opinion, who’s the strongest~weakest member of ATEEZ?
Of course, the 1st place is already taken
1st place is..
(ATEEZ POWER Ranking – 1st Place: Jongho)
Second place goes to…
(*Sani’s strong too*)
Yeosang hyung
(ATEEZ POWER Ranking – 2nd Place: Yeosang)
(TMI) Yeosang has such strong arms but his legs aren’t
(Match between the 1st place vs. 2nd place)
(*showing off the power of 1st place in straight face*)
(*guys RELAX*)
(The game’s turned into ‘How long could Yeosang endure’)
(*this ain’t my business so I’m just gonna enjoy*)
Frown, frown fiercely!
Just end it already..
(*and that’s how it just ended*)
(*who laughed back there?*)
(*me? out of the blue..?*)
(The second victim: part-timer Yunho)
(Sani is showing off his foot strength)
(*dunno what that is but hope it’s edible o̴̶̷᷄﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅*)
(Im Chang Jung – There has never been a day I haven’t loved you)
(here’s a pear-crushing service for our hungry Hang-Deoks)
Gosh he’s squeezing pear juice out of it!
(Power high notes + power crushing=gone out of control)
(Can’t get used to it no matter how many times seeing it)
P e a r j u i c e d r i p p i n g . .
(Come have some pair)
May I?
(*nod nod*)
(main vocalist hooman crushing that pair like high notes)
(*enjoy. this is pure talent*)
(hmm this pear’s kinda salty)
After the Island of Strength Flexing, where have we landed on?!
(Island of visual-jam)
Who’s the no-jam(least funniest) member of ATEEZ?
(No-Jam Choice Nominee #1: Seonghwa) (*Cleaning is..everything..*)
(No-Jam Choice Nominee #2: Hongjoong) (*whose face is so fun and exciting to watch uwu*)
Well, first of all
It’s not me ^^
YS: Cuz I’m fun
I think it’s
Hongjoong hyung!
(*no sweetie, that’s not a compliment*)
Hongjoon hyung
tries to be funny
but he not fun.
(*thank gOd i’m not nominated..)
HJ: I don’t try that hard
Jam: Jongho / No-jam: Seonghwa / Nuclear no-jam: Hongjoong
Hong-leader vs. Jam-fairy
Mango Game starts!
(Mango Game rule: Say a fruit name without showing your teeth. Laugh or show your teeth and you’re out!)
(*in a highly inaudible pronunciation*) Hi’ll go furst
GOh goh
(match between no-jams? not interested~)
KKKhh—o conut
(Yeosang’s 1st Crisis)
(Jung Yunho(21y/o) easily-laughable-doggo type)
Ahh durian?
(*is it me or is this kinda funny*)
Make sure to pronounce the words clearly
My bad
(*reaction successfuly synchronized*)
(hallabong=Korean orange in Jeju)
(*ATINY’s discretion is advised*) (*no this is not a face fighting game*)
(Yeosang’s 2nd Crisis)
(So close from laughing)
(Mind has already gone blank)
(already said) Maangooo
You already said that before!
(Yeosang lost!)
You said that the first time, Yeosang
JH: You gotta hit him hard this time to make this fun
WY: It’s our ATEEZ’s rule
Rule’s a rule
There’s nothing I can do about it
I didn’t want to hit him hard, but..
(*dat move aiming for BIG jam..*)
Gaja JAM~!
(Our prince yeosang… Hang-Deok is sorry… ⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ ) )
It hurts so bad
San: Pat, pat!
(Jam-Yunho having fun all by himself)
Peanut butter jam
Chocolate jam
(But among all, the best is of course) visual-jam
This has been Yeosang, ya’ll had so much fun, right?
(Hang-Deok: “Yeosang you ok sweetie ㅠ_ㅠ”)
Well, let’s have more fun next time
(Hang-deok, you there?)
(The Island of Too Much: SAN)
(autograph’s also a too-much)
(*smudge smudge*)
(Hang-Deok: “Please show your too-much aegyo, San”
Wanna eat cheeseburger♥
For DDani!
(*island of nagging is slightly triggered*)
Just eat it already
Manager, sir
Just get him some cheeseburger please
(HD: “Pls speak in dialect and promote ATEEZ in ‘too-much’ style”)
(in Gyeongnam accent) good singer
good dancer
and killin with expressions, man
you know what’s extra?
It’s SAN
(*yunho has left the chat*)
Love ya
(who’s that island lying on the floor?)
(Welcome, Hang-Deok ♡)
◟( ˘ ³˘)◞
(The Island of Carbonara: Wooyoung)
(*been holding it from the island of toomuch*)
(HD: “My name is..”)
(Cheesy carbonara in desperate need of kimchi to neutralize)
(Manufactured in: Goyang Gyeonggido)
Who’s the second sexiest member in ATEEZ
as Wooyoung’s rival in sexiness?
Nominee #1: Too-Much hottie
Nominee #2: Super-Buff hottie
Nominee #3: Neat & Clean hottie
Park Seonghwa
(*shocked*) not me…?
Then I call the third sexiest
(not even shortlisted)
(summons the 2nd sexiest member Seonghwa)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
wat da hek
(HD: “Show us sexy face-off between Seonghwa vs. Wooyoung”)
Seonghwa, let’s go
(Jongho in the role of mother waking Seonghwa up)
(Round 1: Rise and Shine, but who’s sexier?)
wake me up
after 5 more minutes…
what a spoiled son
He said spoiled son skkkk
(-Rare footage of Carbonara Island prince waking up-)
(morning seductive level 200%)
Let’s gooo
San: Wash your face
(Prince Woo deserves to wash with petals)
(*Hongjoong senses this isn’t gonna get any less cringier*)
This is for you
It’s a johwa(*artificial flower)
I jowa(*like) you
(*cringy pun master uwu*)
(Where could possibly be our next stop of island?)
(*Goblin OST plays in the background*)
(The Island of Boss: Yunho)
I’m your boss, Yunho
(*never been a boss before*)
(his visual is da boss..♡)
(*wink ʕ•ﻌᵕʔ*)
The truth is..
(Soap Opera: Temptations of Boss S1 Ep.1)
Is your daughter
(*just found out he has a daughter*)
o r a n g e j u i c e r a i n i n g
(To be continued in Ep.2…)
You, you bastard..!
(Soap Opera: Temptations of Boss S1 Ep.2)
Why won’t you do as I say!?
(*original scene: search for ‘kimchi slap’*)
(leader’s already a big fan of this drama)
(*dramatic music plays*)
(To be continued in Ep.3…)
(Soap Opera: Temptations of Boss S1 Ep.3)
Secretary Hang,
Have I told you you’re pretty?
(*sudden genre transformation to romance*)
I told you to stop shaking me
I want to..
Shake your heart secretary Hang..
(*microagression activated*)
(*here’s a good spot for some fresh meme*)
(HD: “Please recite WONDERLAND lyrics with your headband on”)
(*emotional music plays..*)
On my my way…
Everyone keep pace
(*wat a rare sight..*)
On my my way…
Run after counting one, two
On my my way
Make the way even inexisted
Hurry up
Hurry up
To the start waiting for its end
Official Bonus from! Killing Part of ATEEZ
[Gaja~♪ Original Ver.]
Hang-Deok, let’s go
Clean up~
[Gaja~♪ Clean up Ver.]
Let’s go play
game with me
[Gaja~♪ Game Ver.]
[Gaja~♪ Failed Improvisation Ver.]
Move on to the next
(*in accent*) hurry up
To my heart
[Gaja~♪ Too Much Ver.]
Go for a meal
[Gaja~♪ Let’s forget about that yearbook Ver.]
(Source: Jongho’s elementary school yearbook)
[Gaja~♪ Gwaja Ver.]
(*endless Too-Much yum yum*)
Hang-Deok, Gaja~♪
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