Ariana Grande vs Miley Cyrus | wwe woman division showdown

Airana Grande vs. Myley Cyrus
The following contest is and her opponent from
Mass entertainment has evolved over the years
As we get started here
Offens like this is exactly she just slapped the taste out of her mouth
The following contest is a table Ladders and Chairs match
Making her way to the ring
from New York
Get ready guys big time singles matches coming up here
But I can assure you these two superstars have been waiting all day to get their hands on each other
Cory I would say that these women look more than ready to get this match underway
So vie Cole. In fact, I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since it’s got announced
And her opponent
from Nashville, Tennessee, the
Superstar guys, tell me what does it take to truly succeed in an environment like this
Well, you can’t be any geek off the street Cole. You got to be handy with the steel if you know what I mean
Yes, I just went there
Well, when it comes to the women’s division, it doesn’t get much more exciting than what we have coming up here boy
That’s the truth. In fact, you can almost feel the anticipation level swell inside the arena as we get closer to the opening bell
There’s the Bell and here we go we’ll all along for the ride on this one, but make no mistake about it
We’re going to have a winner guys. Can you imagine what Vince McMahon’s senior would say if he saw a match like this?
It really is amazing how much sports entertainment is evolved over the years?
As we get started here
I’d like to thank the great members of the WWE Universe who came out to see us tonight and Yokohama, Japan
Tell me your thoughts on grants we know she can compete but how is she going to actually win this thing?
I like what she brings to the table here tonight Cole, but if I’m being completely honest
This was just too close to call both of these women are so amazing. Just look at her
She’s well prepared for this one. But only time will tell if she can survive long enough to score a victory on
A hard knee to her opponent
Look at her here. She’s just reveling the opportunity to make a mockery of her opponent
Klee how a competitor takes control of a match
That straight was strategically placed on her opponent
She just slapped the taste out of her mouth
She’s got her in her sights. I don’t think she’s a challenger
Taking down with a hurricanrana that scissor grab has got to hurt
Reverses that one not many can move like that
And she comes up with a big counter clearly our mission here
We reverse it for her there I
Don’t think grant is looking so great right now though. We’ve seen her come back from worse in the past
You know
She’s the kind of competitor that actually likes getting hit it
Motivates her and this might just be what she needs to put her over the top and believe it or not
I think a lot of people assumed she was gonna pick up and easy win here tonight
but that doesn’t seem to be the case right now and
Now she’s on the offensive
slapping pool silly here
Ah now we’ve got a problem here guys, no kidding who know what happened next
Look at the look in her eyes. She’s in the zone now
When she gets in attack mode she reverses out of it and not a second too soon close call there
In play
We’re witnessing a level of punishment that can only be described as
Severe she needs to find a way to get to her feet time is of the essence here too, Michael
Now back to the ring
She got her with a reversal she makes it look easy
Not so fast and she turns it around on her
She’s practically motionless right now Cory and she’s probably wondering what she’s got herself into right about now
Hold on no way
Back to the ring down
Probably saw things going a bit differently here. Yeah. That was a pretty awful execution all the ladder hits. Geez
That’s gonna hurt
Worry she’s not getting up. She better if she wants to win this match. Here’s grant
Here’s grant
The singles matches come to a head Wow
Here is your winner
Singles went here guys. There’s nothing more pure than picking up a win in a good old-fashioned one-on-one fight. I couldn’t

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