Are You Scared Of Awkward Approaches With Women?  Watch This Now

Are You Scared Of Awkward Approaches With Women? Watch This Now

[How to Not Be Shy | Learn From an Awkward Approach]
David: Just a second.. I know this is
weird and you are in the middle of a
photo shoot right I was ordering a
burrito and I saw this photo shoot then
I thought you’re absolutely gorgeous
it can feel awkward to talk to women
when the moment isn’t just right how
many times have you seen a women you
wanted to talk to but you don’t approach
her because I know she’s on the phone
she’s working she’s talking to someone
else or you are just in a bad mood and
you know your approach can’t possibly be
smooth well ours in that exact situation
just the other day when I saw this model
in the middle of a photo shoot
surrounded by photographers and in this
video I want to show you that exact
approach and break down the key mindset
tips that you can use to motivate
yourself to walk up and talk to any girl
in any situation even if it seems very
awkward at first my name is David vide
your coach here at the attractive man
and in this video you’re gonna learn the
art of the awkward approach
so here is the situation
it’s Monday late afternoon and me and
Matt have worked the entire weekend
running a boot camp with 17 students we
are really tired and have spent the
entire Monday recording videos for you
guys on YouTube it’s late afternoon and
we decide to go back to Venice and we
stop by at Santa Monica to enjoy the
sunset that is a moment when I see this
model doing her photo shoot with
photographers all around her in this
Park in Santa Monica so you can imagine
how I feel I’m super exhausted as you
can be when you work the entire day and
then you go back home I’m super hungry
and I haven’t eaten the entire day this
model is attractive she’s in the middle
of the photo shoot she’s working and
she’s surrounded by a group of men I’m
also there with Matt and other friends
that are going to see what I’m about to
do so they are likely gonna think
something about me they are gonna judge
me and finally we are always ready to
record approaches for you so that if
something happens well you can learn
from it and so guess who is the most
likely to judge himself by seeing this
footage you’re right
it seems so if I suck I’m gonna judge
myself hardcore so I have many reasons
to actually not do anything many good
reasons and teaching many many of my
students many of these reasons alone by
themselves are enough for many guys to
not do anything and rely on those
excuses and I haven’t even mentioned
that my haircut is not nice my back
hurts my shoes don’t match my shirt and
all this right the situation is simple
I’m in a bad mood the situation is
fairly uncomfortable it’s gonna be
awkward so stay until the end of this
video because after you see the approach
we are gonna talk about how to handle
these very awkward and uncomfortable
situations so here is what happened real
quick just a second I know this is weird
and you are in the middle
I thought you were absolutely gorgeous
what did you say hi Isabella
it’s like the same as my sister this is
fun yeah I gotta let you work but just
my man cool
what are you working for like what are
you doing exactly you do yoga right like
ballet ballet so all you’re doing
something like that
yeah music yeah okay cool girl like
traveling here we had like workshops so
we like people that are like producers
and actually do stuff right
intrapreneurs where you from me yeah
does it sound like I have an accent
okay can you can you guess not really
almost check yeah you got it
how did you do that your check I wish
like movies Chesky Louis Chesky this
pictures now I don’t speak your like re
Colombian it’s a lien no no please no no
what Italians are very like extrovert is
right they love all that
tell me something cool about you except
that you’re in chromoly I’ll New York so
East Coast coming visiting yeah
do dance at least what you dance
through it yes you dance that’s awesome
she can follow well listen guys I’m
gonna let you like record your stuff
sure yeah but I’m here for a few more
days gonna be awesome to connect
absolutely you leave when tonight Oh
doesn’t matter do you guys have
Instagram let’s let’s exchange Instagram
we have our own business too so there
you go I’m going to San Diego this
weekend do you know that place San Diego
yeah take a partner I’ll get you back
friend a great day you do can you do
this yeah yeah dude oh yeah now comes
the best part of this video let’s learn
something important first realize that
things are never perfect you’re not
always going to be in the mood and as
you have seen it doesn’t happen only to
you it happens to me too despite my
experience despite having been in those
situations many times and knowing
exactly what I should do and it’s
totally fine because you cannot know how
things are gonna go the only thing you
know for sure is that by not doing
anything you always lose but when you do
something even if it’s not as you wished
you still have a slight chance of
success because you might discover
strengths that you didn’t even think you
would have and worst case scenario well
you guarantee that you are gonna grow
because you will have a new learning
experience I used to play soccer at a
good level and we would never judge a
player on how he would play on the
perfect circumstances but rather how he
would play when it was not his day you
know when it’s raining when the pitch is
when he didn’t sleep well that’s where
you would see the true value of a player
on how he is able to adapt to the
situation and it’s exactly the same
thing here even if there are many things
that I don’t control and I don’t feel
super good at the moment I still managed
to build rapport with the group and take
the phone number so that later on when I
feel you know better and I can rest I
can text the right thing and keep things
going I haven’t lost anything so why do
you keep so sabotaging yourself why do
you leave amazing opportunities past
next to you just because you don’t feel
it perfectionism is ruining your life
and I know it because I used to be there
and I am still fighting against it today
I was exactly where you were so I just
got the right man
and I worked my ass off to get where I
wanted to be and if for some reason
there was only one thing that you could
remember from this video please remember
that you can do that too
have you already heard someone telling
you just be yourself that sounds great
but it’s not easy to understand there
are always ups and downs and our
emotions are not always the same so who
are we
instead I want you to see things
differently always seek to be the best
yourself at the moment of taking a
decision because being yourself is also
being okay with you not going well and
just imagine how confident you would be
if you could deeply believe that
whatever happens you are gonna be okay
then things can only go right because if
they don’t go well you’re fine so if
everything works then you’re you’re
crushing it so close your eyes just a
second and imagine what would you do if
you weren’t afraid if you had this true
inner confidence I’m sure you can do
everything that you always wanted to do
and that’s the place where you can truly
be yourself and guess what happens when
you shift to this new paradigm naturally
you stop judging yourself because you
allow yourself to not always be perfect
to not always feel good and regardless
you can always do something because it’s
just about a moment and the decision you
can always do something even if it’s not
perfect to move towards what you want in
the moment in the state you are and
that’s what I call true freedom that’s
actually being who you are and I truly
believe that this is your duty
you owe that not only to yourself but
also to do women you want to talk to
because if you don’t do anything she
cannot meet you and she cannot see if
you’re a good man for her so she might
lose as much as you if not more just
because it felt awkward to you come on
make a move and let her also decide if
she likes you or not it’s a dance so you
should at least always be inviting her
and to leave you on a concrete personal
please don’t always think that things
have to go wrong when you you know don’t
feel it or when you are not set up for
success because sometimes you can just
the exact women you needed at the moment
just by taking this first step and this
girl will light you up she will make you
all excited and so pumped that from
there regardless of what you know what
you don’t know you will just be perfect
you will get into this flow state where
everything works and you get back to the
natural state where you should be where
you just know how to do this that’s
actually how I met my girlfriend just to
mention to you to understand that it is
I met hundreds of women however the
moment when I felt the most lust and
shitty I walked up to this girl in a
club it was her and she is with me right
now and I’m super happy about that she
just lights me up as I said so all this
can happen and if you enjoyed this video
and found it useful well let us know and
give us thumbs up to help this video
rank up and touch as many men as
possible so that everyone could get
inspired from this also as I said it’s
all about taking the first step but the
journey is long if you want to do like
me and learn things fast don’t waste
your time trying to figure things out by
yourself there is a link down in the
description if you click on it you can
just fill out the form and jump on a
free consulting call either with me or
with a member of the team and we will
assess your situation and see if and how
we can help you I would like to be
closer from you I would like to hear
your story and know where you are so I
just created today a new Instagram
profile there is literally nothing there
is just for you guys I want to hear from
you let’s chat this was David vibe with
the attractive man team stop being
afraid of being awkward get out there
and get to talk to women see you in the
next video

51 thoughts on “Are You Scared Of Awkward Approaches With Women? Watch This Now”

  1. I get women to chase me all the time…by stealing there bags 😂 …I’m making a video on this technique

  2. Very excellent advice. I sometimes catch myself making excuses on not approaching attractive women because of very minuscule things like, being tired, being too busy and so on. I just have to remind myself every time that there will never be a perfect moment where all the stars align to approach women. That helps me just go for it afterwards. Plus it’s always just practice. Keep up the excellent work! 👌

  3. What are some awkward approaches that you experienced?
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  4. Amazing advice.. I just had a bad class presentation due to the fear of judgement and being awkward and this was exactly what I needed to hear👌

  5. Yeah I wouldn't be able to do what you did ever lol. Show students approaching. You're a pro lol so it's hard to relate with approaching

  6. That was an amazing approach. Very professional too. Hopefully I get a chance to do it when I am at the right place. Oh well.

  7. ok played cool… does seem like a fail all the way to me… Not what I was expecting to see. Loved the message though.

  8. I’ve tried these techniques, but none have been successful so far, but I’m still trying, and y’all’s videos always help with my confidence!👍🏻

  9. I am from Greece Europe 24 Year's Old, I Flirt only in the street I did totally 22 Thousands Approaches with 10 Thousands With woman Flirting. I go direct Hi my name is Paul, I just saw you and I like you. Or Hi girls my name is Paul I just saw you and I want to meet you. But I have a problem here in Greece Streeting is against the cultures law if the society sees a guy flirting in the street a woman, they making fun of him. And woman are stuck ups Snoodys and very hard to gets, our society is very closet I flirt mostly Instagram model's, but… They dont like streeting that much. But I don't like clubbing So…! I got only three girlfriends totally in 5 years of flirting with 10.000 Flirts…. I know Push Pull, nagging The target, Hooking the HB, approaching the set, Reframe, Backhand Compliments,. Mostly from University's, group of friends and relatives you meet woman in Greece in person is not society acceptable. You can but is hard to get.!

  10. Man that approach was super aqua somewhat difficult to watch but I do agree you must have the guts to always go for it even if it's not perfect this is what separates you from the competition. Alphas do alpha things. As always red pill down alphas up!

  11. Ok no more excuses, was feeling under the weather today and so chickened out of an approach on my way to buy my lunch.

  12. The Attractive Man I Saw all your videos, and Read Books for flirting woman.. Communicate with the young guys like me who flirt in the street exchange thoughts about it. And of course with personal experience in field..! I know even eye contact techniques that build attractions. And of course how to read woman's sociology during a flirt interaction. I know how to past all the Flirt Face Tests. And much more but still because of my country's personality I have a problem meeting woman

  13. One of the reason I hesitate with cold approaching are nosey betas, like in this videos. They’re just ready to hate. The losers ..

  14. This is one of the best videos I've seen on approaching in some time. In my opinion, this single video covers a gamut of videos on approaching. Well done David. I'm going to go out and do this even if I don't feel like it.

  15. Step 1: No talking alpha beta Gamma Blue pill like most guys today

    and get your own personality….and be the best version of that.

  16. This works bro 💯% I sat in a public transport last week with a girl I found attractive, and just when she relaxed to take a nap I tapped her and we started talking, she wasn't so comfortable though but I proceeded to get her number and we're vibing……

  17. you know this girl you approch her before and say ok look the deal is…blabla Im working on youtube blabla I have an audience and I need to show them "How to…. then you show us the "meeting"

  18. Never let the fear of failure hold you back. By avoiding a certain situation for fear of failure you are essentially living an unfilled yet safe life full of regret.
    By giving in to your fear you are in fact committing a very slow suicide.

  19. Thank god a tall, thin man with a rectangular face appreciated a really hot girl. Why is it that i never see a "older" man with a older body isn't being shown having success with these techniques? 🤔

  20. Attractive man i have a question i am going to approach one girl i think she is attracted to me she looks me and smile but she doesnot came to talk to me is she intrested in me should i approach her and she always stay with her friends.

  21. I like how you talk to the girl (who was beautiful), but also included the dudes. If you would have just talked to the girl, the outcome might have been different. Even if the guys weren't on your side, Im sure you still would have rise above the occasion. God Bless.

  22. This day i will give i try.After this video and after 1 month with excuses i feel now ready to start conversation with her.
    Wish me luck!

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